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  1. The beginning...

    After years of wanting to become a Police Officer (it was a childhood want), I finally took the plung and enquired as to how to go about this amazing career. I was slightly disheartened when I was told that, unfortunatly the police are not recruiting at this time - though their are a number of Volunteer roles I may be interested in. So I checked the info on the police websites that I had gathered during my online search for info on joining the police force. Comming across 'Special Constables', I was intrigued so I gathered all the info I could regarding this role - the more I read, the more I liked. I contacted the relavent depertment and soon received my application form for Special Constables. Filling in the form was kind of a long process, trying to remember previous address' as I have bounced around a bit. I sent this form off (via Email). In the mean time, awaiting any correspondence I started to read through the forums here at I received my success of paper sifting in the begining of November, which content stated I was to await a further letter with a future date for the next Assessment Centre process. Upon reading further on these forums I noticed that I had been too late for a assessment on the 12th and 13th. I called HR and was told they person I needed to speak with was not available and to call back later next week. Its now the next week and I will be calling them tomorrow. I hope the next assessment is soon - I can not wait to get started!
  2. Next assessment day 12th-13th November

    Hi Dean, Yeah thanks, I was planning on calling again tomorrow infact. It was a shame but I must have just missed the sorting for the 12/13th November assessment. I recieved my letter begining of november to state I was to wait for a letter for an assessment centre. I'll post if I hear any news, in case others are wondering too. Cheers, -Andy
  3. Next assessment day 12th-13th November

    Congrats to you all that passed! I am awating my letter for the NEXT assesment. I did call HR but they didn't have any dates - that was last week, but the girl I spoke to said the lady I needed to really speak to wasn't around at the time of my call. Hopefully it will be soon, I am really looking forward to the training (as long as I pass the assessment that is) Anyways, congrats again to you! -Andy