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  1. Regular Recruitment

    I have been offered an interview, and I was in first batch of assessments, a friend of mine who was in the second batch hasn't been contacted yet though! Also I've not yet had feedback through the post, only an email confirming I was successful. Anyone else in the same boat?
  2. Introduction

    Does anyone know if we get a choice/preference as to where we get posted ?
  3. Introduction

    Ah right fair enough yeah thanks.. I emailed too and they said they would email me tomorrow.. Have you got your kit yet then? All pretty exciting now!
  4. Introduction

    How did you hear about your security clearance? I turned up at the uniform fitting having been told in an email that we aren't going to be allowed to take uniform home until we have our clearance.. When I turned up for the fitting I was given the box of kit and told that I had passed the clearance.. Will I be receiving a letter or an email about this does anyone know? And if so how come we haven't already? cheers
  5. Assessment

    nice one! i passed yesterday! which force?
  6. Hi all!

    ok cheers.. all good things come to those who wait :new_doh2:
  7. Hi all!

    ahh dear.. did they give you any idea of timescale as to when the fitness test would be? is that the only stage left do you know?
  8. I passed....

    i passed also.. looking forward to training with you all !
  9. Hi all!

    so did I :new_doh2: you know it said the intake was likely to be end of 2012/early 2013.. do we train and stuff before that do you know?
  10. Assessment Centre

    everything will be explained to you thoroughly on the day so theres nothing to worry about! you get to do practice questions first, just make sure your prepared for the day! good luck :D
  11. Introduction

    I'm not too sure yet if i'm honest mate.. i just want to concentrate on getting in and then maybe think about that.. i live in gloucester so maybe gloucester central.. or possibly hesters way as i have a cousin that works there who is a reg and says that they are very flexible with specials there, ie you can ring in at 5 saying you are free and by 7 you could be working! where do you serve?
  12. Has anybody recently had Interview and SJT?

    Yeah i had my assesment centre yesterday, and i agree that the 20 minutes wasnt really enough, as i didnt get to finish it, also they didnt seem to make it clear as to what we were being marked on.. the content or our punctuation and the way it was written? Oh well, i suppose we'll all find out when we get the results!
  13. Introduction

    I was at the same one.. the next 20 days is going to be the longest 20 days of my life i reckon!! good luck!
  14. Losing your handcuffs

    So if you lose them and dont have another pair.. what happens?
  15. The next intake

    yeah yeah around the same time! see you at the AC!