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  1. Which Boots to buy...Hmmmm?

    Hey all, Which boots are the best to buy? and can I use Dr Marten Police Boots? Any Advice would be fab! Sammy :-)
  2. Which boots are the best to get? I was looking at Dr Martens police boots...what do you all recommend?

  3. Failed Gateway exam!... so sad

  4. Has anyone else failed it? I feel gutted as I needed 60% and got 45%! (18 questions and needed 24) I can take it again, but wanted to know if anyone else has passed the second time ....feeling really thick.....;-( Any advice is greatly appreciated. :new_doh2:
  5. Recruitment Advice Needed

    I think I am just going to apply again in October, That's the next recruitment date. I will declare everything next time and if it still doesn't work then i'll take my second option of teaching..... Thanks for all your comments! Sammy
  6. Recruitment Advice Needed

    On my first application to the Specials I recieved high scores on all the tests, including fitness. I got through right to the end until my personal vetting was done. Over one year ago, I had an argument with my husband, decided to have some time on my own and left off for the day. My husband got worried and reported me as a missing person; I was only gone for an afternoon!!!!. Consequently, because I did not state this on my application ( really did not think about it!), recruitment informed me that although it was not an offence, it was still on my notes!!!! I was stunned that this affected my application and she advised me to try again in six months. Does anyone have any advice about how long incident notes are kept on a persons file and whether it is worth applying again? Kind Regards Sammy