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  1. For all those of us who use Dutysheet, the new version is up and running. Some cool new features, you can look up other officers skills and duties, and see who is doing events now! Apparently there's a dedicated mobile site, but I've not worked out the URL yet.
  2. Radio Antenna Accessory

  3. 'S' division

    Not one I've heard of before, can you give us a bit of context?
  4. Changing requested area?

    Changing before you start should be really simple, just contact recruitment. That said, its not much hassle to change once you're in either, just need to request a transfer. I was a special where I lived though, and I'm now a PC where I live (and I'm moving even closer to the nick soon). So far, it's never caused me an issue.
  5. GMP warrant card holders

    You have to request one. Get the uniform order form off the intranet and forward it onto your divisional admin department.
  6. Gym at Sedgley

    In answer to the original question, yes there is a gym. You need to do an induction and then you can use. It's small and basic. The second question: Very few nicks still have them, and usually you need to be a member of the sports and social to use them.
  7. Regs recruitment has opened this morning for all serving specials/PCSOs/police staff. That application form is a bit different to the last one I filled in! I guess they're concentrating mostly on the SLT backing!
  8. Common offences as a special

    Depends what type of special you are. I got involved in all sorts, but I know specials who only ever did night time economy stuff, so only really did public order stuff
  9. Unless his mate was at risk of being killed imminently, which he didn't seem to be, I can't see how you could ever really justify booting someone round the head.
  10. Charging Suspects in Custody

    Our sgts make the charge/new decision, and they definitely make bail decisions! Also when I said never earlier, I didn't literally mean never, it'd just highly unusual.
  11. Charging Suspects in Custody

    Our sgts never charge. I've charged before because I just happened to be stood doing nothing at the time. Here, it's just a case of reading off a screen.
  12. Expenses

    It'll vary force to force. We used to get expenses for travel during training (not for food though, as that was provided). We couldn't claim back medical cost though.
  13. I'm accepted!

    Yep, it was free when I joined as an SC, but as a PC I had to pay, and we were told we had to have the 2015 version!
  14. I'm accepted!

    I had to pay for mine
  15. Locating Wanted People

    How good is your knowledge of RIPA? To be perfectly honest, if he's proving that hard to find you might struggle as an SC to really do anything new. Stick with address checks etc.
  16. I'm accepted!

    Are SCs still issued Blackstones?
  17. The Forum General Chat Thread

    It's a while since I did a vehicle pnc, but iirc, if the tax is out of date it'll display the date it expired.
  18. The Forum General Chat Thread

    Tax not held doesn't mean not taxed, same as Ins not held doesn't mean its not insured. It means the information isn't held on PNC.
  19. They don't usually tell you if you pass. You just get a phonecall when they're ready to make you an offer.
  20. Places you've been, things you've done

    Helped out training new Firearms trainers. They got to practice their practical skills, and we spent two days on the range!
  21. GMP are phasing out the connects soon apparently. They'll be switching to bigger vans. So I heard anyway..
  22. Places you've been, things you've done

    Fired a Glock handgun. Not many ways to do that legally in the UK now!
  23. PCSO bank holidays?

    Never known any INPT to work BHs, the SLT won't pay them the overtime!
  24. I remember being told stories of the officers who had to attend this RTC in which their own colleague had been horrifically killed. The van rolled over onto his head and torso, I think we can all imagine the scene they arrived to. You gain very little by not wearing your seatbelt. A few seconds earlier out of the car at best.
  25. Yes, but it's very rare we transport in cars, and when we do it's only for the most compliant prisoners, and they're always cuffed to the rear. There's more chance of being injured in an rtc imo.