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  1. Force Re-structure

    It's all on the intranet, what specifically do you want to know?
  2. Yeah LPT in our area is called SNT safer neighbourhood team. Generic week consists of handover prisoners,diary car and managing your crime queue. Being new you get all the handovers so you struggling to balance dealing with your crime queue as well. All scenes and bedwatches etc are done by response.
  3. Policing is the only job where...

    You get introduced at friends parties/social events as "this is W50, he's a copper"
  4. Tutor Issues

    Don't be afraid to make mistakes or leave jobs thinking "I could have handled that better", especially when you're just out of incompany. Just remember colleagues are only a P2P away.
  5. I started off on a LPT and hated it, had every handover going as I was the new probie - got all the rubbish jobs etc. thought about quitting a few times. Moved onto response 8 months ago and love every minute of it. Coming up to my 2 years probation and still on response and dread the thought of going back to a LPT.
  6. "I want your number!"

    We have epaulettes with our full name on which is great when every idiot prisoner starts calling you by your full name
  7. Tutor Issues

    As above, you'll not feel fully confident, you only truly learn once you go out on your own. My tutor was alright but had a very different style to policing compared to what I have developed in my 2 years probation. Once you're on your own you'll crew with all sorts of officers who will have many different styles. In relation to your PDO just remember anything you say whether you think it's off the record will be logged.
  8. They don't get first priority, they do however skip the paper sift when leicester recruit again. Still then have to go through the whole assessment day again like everyone else.
  9. Potential Warning after Vetting

    Were you given any type of paperwork? What the officer said sounds to me like he's given you a TOR, he doesn't give you a fine or points however his paperwork is sent to an admin office where (within two weeks) they'll send you a letter offering a driving awareness course (if first offence) or fine/points/court.
  10. PS.com Fitness Thread

    Injured my leg so had to have 2 weeks of no exercise, it was the longest 2 weeks of my live. Not sure I would have coped any longer.
  11. Good first dates?

    Having read through this thread I'm intrigued to see what updates there are.
  12. Think he was joking (hopefully), no offence was committed by saying that anyway
  13. TSG/TAU/CO15 etc.

    What was the application process like to join TSG? It's about time SCs were able to join other departments,I would have loved to have had the opportunity when I was one.
  14. Promotion

    I'm assuming so seeing that he stated the course was 3 weeks. In my force it's 24 weeks training before your 12 weeks in company period. Not likely to get put on a standard driving course until the 2 year probation point is completed. Personally I don't think SCs should be made to SOs so soon, there is so much to learn regarding the job.
  15. PS.com Fitness Thread

    I use optimum nutrition 100% gold whey protein, highly recommended, works out 50p a day if you only have one a day.