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  1. As far as I have been told.... if the CAD mentions a crime then a CRIS needs to go on. If you turn up..... no victim and no suspect then you still need to put a CRIS on...... If you turn up .... Victim doesn't want to report anything.... a CRIS needs to go on.
  2. 3 months statutory notice

    I managed to get my notice period down from 1 month to 1 week if required. But i did tell them in advance I had an application in. Luckily I found out 2 1/2 weeks before so gave that as my notice period. The HR do leave it last minute.
  3. Attestation date to starting date

    What Borough are you being posted to?
  4. Attested - But Being Ignored

    I'm a Sergeant at ZD. PM me if you need any advice.
  5. OST Handcuff exam

    Relax and do it slowly, Even when you are out on the street, you do not rush cuffing someone, I doubt you will fail
  6. Info on Croydon & Sutton (B)OCU

    I think we're number 5 in terms of crime... never bored but always busy Special Supervisor Croydon is self contained MSC, Currently 1 Special Inspector 6 Special Sergeants
  7. Info on Croydon & Sutton (B)OCU

    I'm currently one of the supervisors at ZD, it is a very busy borough with all types of crimes imaginable, but there is a very good atmosphere both as regs and specials, PM me if you have any qs
  8. Transferring from the Met - Requirements

    Hi All, I'm currently A Special with the Met and due to Work have moved into Surrey. I am curious as to the shift types in Surrey as I'm interested in working with Traffic or on Response, I've been a special for 18 months and I'm a signature away from IPS. I would also like to know the time taken to transfer and training required as I have to fit this around my day job. Thanks in advance, DJones
  9. I'm a special at Croydon and I go on response shifts as well as town centre duties
  10. MSC Ranks

    when you put your airwave on your metvest it covers the msc anyway
  11. What I Did On Duty

    Rank: SC Force: Metropolitan Police Length of service: 1st Shift Planned duty: 20:00 - 04:00 - Van patrol (times are estimate) 20:00 - book on and kit up, 20:10 - briefing and training 21:00 - 8 of us load up in the bus and off we go 21:20 - called to a domestic 2 officers jump out to deal with (couple didnt speak english so officers ended up calling a translator, that kept them busy all shift) 21:40 - called to a disturbance in a block of flats, children running around corridors making noise, (my first contact with the public in uniform) words of advice given. 22:00 - called to a missing person from a hospital needing to return for medical treatment, find them at their home address, LAS called. man taken to hospital so back on patrol 22:20 - see a man on a wall looking either ill or drunk. 2 officers jump out of bus to speak to him, man gets up and does a runner. 2 more of us jump out of the bus and a foot chase ensues. man runs down a dead end road. man is severly drunk, and wants to have a fight with the 4 of us. The bus everntually finds us and even with 6 of us now the man still wants a fight. PNC checked all clear, so we wish him good night and off we go. 22:40 - drive past a road where i thought i saw 2 men breaking into a car..... big mistake, 3 of us jump out to check as a carrier full of PCs coming back from the olympics pulls up and bail out. a bit overkill for nothing. (i felt really stupid but was reassured) 23:10 - called to a domestic outside a hospital, arrive at wrong exit and 4 of us bail out, cant find anything. other 2 officers drive to other entrance. As we walk round to correct entrace, we are passed by a woman who looks distressed with her child. luckily we have 2 females with us so they speak to the woman. get a desciption of suspect who later arrives and is politely detained. after questioning victim and child we find out an assault has taken place 00:30 - sgt tell us we are going to nick him and who wants to do it...... no volunteers, (oh look the new boy gets it) first arrest here we go. luckily i had been chatting with the suspect and he seemed quite friendly. cautioned him, he then turned around and put his hands ready for a back-to-back. this is really easy. no vans available so we put him in the bus with us. 00:50 - arrive at custody, prisoner booked in 01:20 - eab time 02:30 - eab finished 04:00 - handed over to CSU 04:20 - booked off and home time cant wait for tomorrow night
  12. No shifts

    my mistake, I'm on response for my first shift on wednesday
  13. No shifts

    No Experienced officer on response will take a brand new officer out because of the things they have to deal with
  14. No shifts

    1st shift for me is Sat night on the clubbing run
  15. I highly doubt it will be in August as everything is shutting down over the Olympic period, more likely to be september