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  1. Dutysheet app

    Thank you all for your feedback. As mentioned by others on this thread, we are taking baby steps. Each time we do the app it has to be thoroughly tested. Amongst other things we're going to include in the next major version will be who is working, document library and messaging. Oh and regarding the PIN requirement, that was in there but a bug prevented it form working. This should have been fixed in later releases. Follows us on @DutySheet for updates!
  2. Dutysheet 2.5 Available Now

    You'll be pleased to know that work on the App has started. We're still very early in the design phase and don't expect it ready before the end of the year at the earliest.

    Hello everyone, Just to be clear, there is no DutySheet App for any mobile devices at the moment. One user from a force has created a "DutySheet Launcher", which is absolutely nothing to do with us. You can currently use the full website from any mobile device or if it's easier, the mobile site. Once our app is launched, you will hear about it from us, on DutySheet.
  4. DutySheet.com

    Dear Simon, First of all, apologies if we have missed your call/emails. We have checked our phone records and cannot see any missed calls over the past three weeks and nor can we see any emails from anyone called Simon. Can you please contact me via PM on this site and we will see if we can be of any help. Regards, DutySheet
  5. Remote access to systems

    You should see some of the emails we send ourselves Being users of our own system is what allows us to constantly update it with new features...
  6. Remote access to systems

    Because we are Specials as well and are always here Good call but I can assure you this is us.. I did your training and know who you are.. But as I99 says, always contact us using the email at the bottom right of your DS..
  7. Remote access to systems

    If we can be of any assistance, do not hesitate to contact!
  8. Dutysheet 2.5 Available Now

    Thank you! We post updates on recent modifications to the "Help" page. Important announcements of new additions are also announced on the homepage as pointed out by Cheetah.
  9. Dutysheet 2.5 Available Now

    Sailor is correct. Updating is now available under "My Duties"
  10. Dutysheet 2.5 Available Now

    Thank you to Javioli for bringing this to our attention. It has been added to the directory.
  11. Dutysheet 2.5 Available Now

    Dear All, Although we welcome comments on here, if you do have any specific questions regarding DutySheet, please email them to the email address that is at the bottom of your DutySheet. Please bear in mind that different forces have different set ups of DutySheet and the system may vary from force to force. Regards, Team DutySheet
  12. Dutysheet 2.5 Available Now

    You should now be able to see them. It sure is..
  13. Dutysheet 2.5 Available Now

    andituk, we are obviously able to allows officers to book retrospective duties, however, this has been rejected by forces as the idea is that officers should always book on DutySheet before they go on duty. You are now able to pre-book two duties on the same day. (As long as they are not overlapping!)
  14. Dutysheet 2.5

    Several users have highlighted the same 'issue' to us this morning. Interestingly, this is the exact same way that it used to work on DutySheet 2, before the upgrade. The reason why the system was saying that officers had to do 20 hours was that DutySheet has always calculated the minimum hours by the number of weeks between the report dates. Interestingly, for the month of September 2012, there were actually 5 physical weekends, including Sundays and hence why the system calculated it to be 20 hours of minimum requirement. We have modified the report to start counting weeks from Mondays, which has 'corrected' it for the month of September. However, if there is a month in the future where there are 5 Mondays, then this will appear 'wrong' again.
  15. Dutysheet 2.5 Available Now

    Well, it is 6 months later now