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  1. MSC-PC Training Course

    Ah well were all in the same boat eventually, but yh hopefully will be posted either at SX preferably or either QK or QA but who knows may bump into each other im sure with the ever increasing aids etc.
  2. MSC-PC Training Course

    I had my original day 2 all the way in Feb but had to do fitness test in March as I was advised not to do initially as I had a bout of the chesty cough and was told in no certain words we have an ambulance nearby if anything happens but would rather not take the risk lol. Gotta love the MET and its back covering. I assumed then I was being vetted however the following happened. They lost my initial submitted vetting forms submitted October 2016 so I had to resend. Lost my fitness test results which had to be clarified via email by MET Physical Education and then just general delays without an explanation from May to August 07th and then out of the blue got a Conditional Offer. I think it's pot luck honestly.
  3. MSC-PC Training Course

    Thank you all for contributing to the post. Just received a Conditional offer for August after a lengthy and troublesome vetting period but have had to push back for 2 holidays plus current work notice which will run into the training period. So will be starting January 08th 2018. It appears from other posters that vetting issues seem to be delaying the process for all which i guess can be discussed in feedback to the MPS once you join as opposed to before (SODS Law). However good luck to all fellow officers both MSC and Civvy wishing to join and if you happen to be on the January 8th Course, please don't hesitate to say hello.
  4. Hi All, Just wanted to get some advice from fellow staff/members alike. I have been having a multitude of issues with MET HR (recruitment and staff) with my MSC-PC Application. Applied in October 2016 and submitted my vetting forms and other required items accordingly was asked a few questions to confirm details. Delayed my Day 1 till Mid January as I had Surgery's which meant I couldn't attend initial Day 1. Passed my Day 1, did my Day 2 on the mid February however was not advised not to do Fitness test due to severe cold. Did my rescheduled fitness test on the mid March 2017. Passed successfully. At this point I sent an email requesting whats next as I assumed my vetting had been done since I handed it in, in October. However they messaged back saying I am now in the process of vetting. I messaged back Mid April to request progress, they informed me that they had no vetting form on hand and to progress i would have to provide everything again. I did this the next day with a few grumbles. The day after received, an email stating I needed to do my fitness test as they had no record of me attending a fitness test. I emailed back immediately stating the day and time i did it again with a few grumbles. However, I have received no response as of yet from last week. Today i have sent an email stating all the issues i have had to all relevant HR mailboxes and have requested a voice conversation with a member of staff who can assist as this has become unacceptable as I have completed all required competencies but appear to be going backwards due to clerical mistakes. Please could readers advise of any further suggestions in terms of actions. Also is there a number to contact as i am struggling to find a voice conversation with a human being who can help. Please PM me if necessary. Rant Over sorry for the grammatical errors.
  5. MSC-PC Training Course

    Thank you so much for the extremely detailed reply. I really appreciate it. You have cleared up any questions I had and then some!!! :).
  6. MSC-PC Training Course

    Hi All, Just a few questions, any advice would be appreciated. Finished my Day 2 Successfully so awaiting conditional offer and start date. Just wanted to ask a few questions regarding the actual training course. I know these questions might be obvious e.g. OST and a positive non arrogant attitude etc but would like a heads up from people who have done it or have knowledge of it. 1. What does the training course entail. in terms of segments. 2. As I am a MSC officer I am aware that I will have to resign and join as PC. Will I lose certifications such as L4 Driving and L3 PO which would require re-doing as a PC. 3. My Current Uniform as an MSC officer, will I have to hand that back in including formal Uniform or will i Keep it and just change what is required as some bits of kit no longer fit or are missing e.g. formal White gloves etc. Or will I receive everything again remeasured etc. 4. How does the Examinations work in the training course and if you fail, is that it, are you off the course. 5. What are the hours of the course - Monday-Friday 9-5 - Will it be based at Hendon? 6. Upon passing where will the Parade be at Hendon? 7. Any personal advice or comments to assist me at the start Sorry for the long winded points and punctuation, just trying to get as much knowledge as possible. Thanks
  7. MSC-PC Wage and Initial Training

    I completely agree, with last poster i joined MSC in 2010 and due to build up of Olympic Requirement. I was amazed to see how many Specials were attested some of them I wouldn't have trusted with a lemon forget PPE and some of them which went on to become excellent as PCs. However needs were different back then and have changed during BHH era. I am approaching my pending career as a PC with optimism and keeping my head down and get stuck in come what may.
  8. MSC-PC Wage and Initial Training

    Thank you all for the advice. I didn't realise total pay packet had dipped below 30K after training. A bit depressing really considering how much Ive done as a special doesn't account for more in terms of pay but hey ho. Will definitely have to be more prudent in terms of cashflow. Amazing to see how many like me have jumped or looking to jump the Boring but well paid IT Bandwagon to greener pastures.
  9. Hi all, Did my day 2 recently and i believe all went well. So should be receiving all info regarding next steps in due course. Just wanted to get some advice regarding the following. 1. What is the current starting wage for a PC who has transferred from MSC including London allowances etc. 2. What training will be next etc as im assuming it wont be CKP due to being MSC. Apologies if this information is elsewhere as in previous MSC-PC Campaigns the info was more readily available locally. Regards
  10. Hi, As above in the same boat again. I emailed Graduate HR today with regards to receiving an application form and that I have not recieved a confirmation that I have passed all 3 tests even though it says completed on the assessment tab on Apollo etc, and received a response a few hours later with the below Dear Candidate, Thank you, received successfully. We shall be in contact regarding your Graduate application in the beginning of the new year 2014. Kind Regards. Hope this helps