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  1. I'm back :P

    They are quite positive for any re-joiners but you would have to re-do all initial training after that long out.
  2. Information on recruitment

    This intake only has the week course...
  3. Scottish Police in E&W

    Thanks, that Wikipedia link covers it
  4. What powers do Scottish Officers have when in E&W?
  5. WYP- pre-patrol exam ! implications of failing

    Why are you planning to fail? Study, ask questions and pass, then you have no concern...
  6. I'm back :P

    I re-attest tonight, then got my PST/OST refresher Mid-November and will be operational straight after that Looking forward to working at a new station (EE for those in the know) and working with a new team, but also working with my old station when staff are short (AKA all the time) I've been incredibly impressed with how MFSS have handled my re-join, I wouldn't have bothered yet if they'd made me do all the initial training again but that was never even considered so I'm well pleased
  7. Information on recruitment

    My fingers are in all the pies mate Yeh I was on the first super-intake but we did things differently to how they do them now, i think everyone on the current intake should know me after the events of Thursday night :D See you guys tonight for Attestation
  8. How many hours do you do?

    Rocket, that's exactly what's happened in Cheshire, in my year out we've gone from: 3 S/C/Supt Some S/Supt 4/5 S/C/Insp to 1 S/C/Supt No S/Supt 2 S/C/Insp not that we needed that many but it is showing... most of the above reductions are still in force, they are SCs or at most S/Sgts...
  9. Dropped kerb fir disabled access

    Not really iffy, you can claim obstruction on account of it being obstructing. Yes, I've done it and been with PCs who have done it...
  10. Information on recruitment

    Your own, you can't share summit like that, it needs to be adjusted to you personally...
  11. Information on recruitment

    Hi, my intake (not that I'm properly on it) only got the final timetable yesterday and they actually started training on Saturday so you are no where near needing to worry about anything like that. So long as you get your induction day set in the rest will follow. I got my second choice for some reason (looking on DutySheet my first choice may be full as they had some new SCs in the last intake) but that's fine as I know the S/Insp really well so already engaged with him around my plans... The major change is everything appears to happen a lot quicker. In my day it was 9-12 months minimum end to end from application deadline to attesting, and now it seems more like 4-6 months tops, it's also a lot easier to get in. They are taking 10% of applicants now, which is much higher than in the past. Your opinion on 'sleepy hollow' isn't very educated, so I'd probably not mention that when you get to HQ! I've generally worked at "smaller" stations and prefer it to my brief stint at one of the largest in Cheshire. You deal with a lot more variety and have more independence at the smaller stations. You're much more one of the team I've found, whereas can get lost in the big stations... At the end of the day everyone has a preference but don't assume that a rural station is a quiet as you think, the smaller stations have less officers so the "crime per officer" as it were is often actually higher. I actually held a case load for a while at my first station as the Regs were so busy it wasn't fair to pass it off...
  12. Restricted Hours

    Yeh you can't possibly meet the WTD, I frequently used to breach 45 hours in my day job alone, so how would I possibly even make my minimum hours as an SC if that were the case.... I'd suspect that is a misunderstanding on Otee's part as MerPol wouldn't be able to stand up a Special Constabulary at all if they took that view?
  13. Information on recruitment

    Hi, yes the only thing you have an option on is PST and you will be the first intake to be given the option I believe (the training sgt got really confused on Saturday as he thought we were having the option too). The rest of your training is Thursday nights and weekends and all of the training will be at HQ, either in the tactical training centre or the main complex, check your timetable for details... They are no longer using Padgate for some reason...
  14. Restricted Hours

    I've broken the 80h in the past, but that was before I had Rabbit and the job I do now so will get nowhere near that. My Reg Sgt was well aware of what I was doing and made sure that I was fit for both my day job at the time and to be on duty. As I was it was never an issue, and as soon as it became an issue I'm sure he would have sent me home...
  15. Information on recruitment

    Not necessarily, they seem to be doing more and more in parallel to speed up the recruitment process, they are even running training concurrently. However that said I'd be surprised if they send you the schedule before main vetting is complete, but I'm not in HR! Have you been given a training start date for the Nov/Dec intake or the following one?