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  1. New tattoo rules ?

    That's what I have been told too. I have a tattoo covering my left forearm. They asked for photo's and 20 minutes later they said the application form was being sent. There are quite a few Police Officer, Special Constables and PCSO's with tattoo's, and I have been told its never been a problem. Hope this helps.
  2. Police Officers and depression

    Hi guy's. At the moment I have applied for the Met (also have app form for Devon and Cornwall). The only drama I can see me failing is that I am suffering from depression. I have the depression well under control with medication. I have acted on suicidal thoughts in the past, but obviously haven't succeeded. I this going to be a problem in the medical? Cheers, GD
  3. OMG!!! I passed. Im really surprised. Congrats guys and well done. Looking forward to the rest of the process now! GD
  4. I have heard nothing so far. Keep checking my emails. Getting nervous! GD
  5. I can still log in. Everyone stop worrying! The system lets you know thorough email anyway. No dramas guys! GD
  6. I was talking to a PPO (Surrey Police) and he said he seemed a bit odd that they were asking questions about policing when most of the applicants have no experience of. I think it was just to see what we would do. Just waiting for the results!
  7. Just done the situational judgement test! Again it wasn't to bad. Got a bit of mixed feelings about it. I think it just measures you common sense or more about 'what would you do.....' Anyway, good luck to everyone! GD
  8. If you check your spam, that's how I found my results.
  9. At the moment I live in Surrey. I grew up in Devon (Near Dawlish) my family still lives there. It seems kind of right coming back down! I passed as well with 73%. As someone said still a long way to go! GD
  10. I wouldn't worry about it. The test asks for honesty, so if you were honest you did the right thing. (I have no doubt you were honest). What will be, will be. Are you from Devon or Cornwall or elsewhere? Cheers GD
  11. Just did the test. It wasn't to bad, and as someone said above it certainly does get you thinking. There is going to be a lot of competition! Wishing all of you guys and gals the best of luck.
  12. Mental health

    I am in the same predicament. I have recently self harmed only a few weeks ago. I have my Day 1 assesments this month. Are there any of you that can give me advice. By the way. About 70% of the UK has, will or has mental health problems.