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  1. OST/ELS question

    Will - in response to your original question, it seems that you are doing it right. There is no e-mails regarding OST/ELS. I won't even trust Met HR to remind you. It's a personal responsibility thing. If you attested last March/April you would probably have been in date until OST028, which is the second half of the year, so yes, you would need to do the OST/ELS between October - March, so I hope you went the other day. Because the ELS is only valid for a maximum of 12 months, you must do your ELS refresher before the same date this time next year on OST028 if you were to remain in the MSC. Failing to do that would mean you'd need to go on the ELS 2 day course as you're out of date for ELS. However, as you're joining the regs, hopefully, your whole thing will be re-set if you do all the ELS from scratch again; I know it's a pain to have to re-do it, but that's what the system says you have to do now, so just accept it.... In terms of your mate, if they attested before you then they should have done OST027 between April - September and they also need to do OST028 before their 12 months expires since they completed ELS in initial training. It is therefore likely that they are already out of date for OST and possibly ELS. They need to urgently discuss this with their S/Sgt because if something happens on the street and they aren't in date for this mandatory training, they are going to get in trouble. There is a lot of information posted on People Pages regarding OST/ELS training.... tell them to read that and there is a simple flow chat telling them what courses they need to do if they are out of date. I suspect they may now have to do both the full 4 day OST course and the 2 day ELS again to re-qualify and get back in date.
  2. OST/ELS question

    Well hopefully not!
  3. L3 Driving Ban to be lifted...?

    I agree, that isn't a good use of resources. If you fail, you should be given one chance at re-doing the course soon after, then you need to wait a while if you fail a second time as clearly isn't not working. More than three failures is beyond a joke given the back log we have. I know that there are some people who are deliberately failing courses - one has even told me they are doing so, because they don't want a particular skill which they are being asked to get.
  4. Google Authenticator - Your Security

    Unfortunately, when you click on the password page, it automatically reverts to the account security page. On that page, all that is a message telling me to enable Google Authenticator. I've tried to post a screen shot but it won't display it. There isn't an opt out option. It's comply or don't. So, I can't get into the account security page and neither can I get into the password page, because that just brings me automatically back to account security. Maybe it's just me, but I'm only having this problem because I've got to reset my password every time I want to log-in, as the site doesn't seem to recognise me anymore, at any time...
  5. L3 Driving Ban to be lifted...?

    I didn't realise we had that many courses available. All everyone talks about in regards to driving is the chronic shortage of drivers and courses....
  6. Google Authenticator - Your Security

    You state that this is an optional feature, but I'm trying to change the password for my account. The account settings will not let me access the password page without using Google Authenticator, as it automatically re-directs me to Google Authenticator. Are you aware of this? It therefore appears that anyone wanting to change their password will be required to use this feature. What about those who don't have smart phones?
  7. Trouble Logging Into the Forum

    Did you ever raise this, as nothing as flashed up to me. Still a problem....
  8. MPS Trouser type?

    Things that are supposed to be forwarded to Borough never arrive.
  9. MPS Trouser type?

    As HazRat states, the new iBuy system is great. Things arrive very quickly. I very much doubt - hope even - that you'd be able to buy the Met trousers commercially, as they are likely to be subject to strict security controls being police uniform and very distinctive.
  10. MSC-PC Wage and Initial Training

    It's not anti-MSC, I would say it is a realistic statement from the point of view of ex-MSC, regular officers, training staff and supervisors. Too many ex-MSC officers think they know it all and they don't realise the different there is between being a Special and being a regular officer. The idea of ex-MSC officers who are in training being asked to teach on their own courses is terrible. I hope they said no. For the record, I do think that there are some very good MSC officers. There are also a lot of bad ones and I agree about low pass marks. I also agree about the training being terrible at training school at the moment.
  11. MSC and the New Policing Model

    ARC isn't really competency related pay. It's like a SOROC book.... it's not really hard and anyone can do it, just takes a little time to fill in. You were right about the LPM. What a shambles that's been. Fortunately, things should be changing soon with the development of BCUs, but that's not going to be much better from what I've heard. Hopefully the new Commissioner will have some better ideas....
  12. Pass Mark for Met, Day 1 for New PC

    Congrats on passing by the way. It's pretty normal to feel as though you haven't made the grade.
  13. Pass Mark for Met, Day 1 for New PC

    The fee is dependant upon your GP. Tell them it's for the police and some will waive the charge. Others say it's still a form to sign and charge their usual fee, which can be anything between £10 - £60 on average....
  14. MSC-PC Wage and Initial Training

    OK, there is a lot of wrong information in this thread, so lets clear it all up with the correct information..... Firstly, you do not transfer from the MSC to the regulars. You quit the MSC and you must have at least 24 hours as a non-police officer between leaving the MSC and joining a fresh as a regular police officer to ensure there is a break in service for employment law. Your MSC service counts as nothing when you become a PC and you need to keep that in mind, because if anyone approaches being a PC with the view that they are ahead of others in their class, for example, because they know stuff from being a Special, then you'll have issues in training school, with your street duties instructors and with your new team. Once you join as a PC, be humble. You're back to being a newbie again and your time as a Special doesn't count. Don't talk about your previous service as a Special. If it helps you do what you're asked, then great, but don't get too cocky as I've seen many ex-Specials be. The starting salary for all Met officers is pay point 1 plus the London Allowance and London Weighting. That's either because you're an ex-Special or you have the CKP so you all meet the previous policing experience or policing qualification criteria enabling a higher than minimum starting salary. So everyone gets the same pay. That's £22,896 + £6,711 = £29,607. Source: Those on the new payscale, so all of you joining now, get an annual pay increase, as the national pay regulations state that after 12 months at paypoint 1, you shall move to paypoint 2.... source: scales Nov 15.pdf. After that, you proceed down the payscale - which is available on the last link - at one increase every 12 months. The old payscale gave officers no payrise during probation at the end of year 1, but they did get an increase to their pay after their first few weeks initial training when the joined Borough, but that's been simplified with the new payscale. In order to get onto paypoint 4, so at the end of your 3rd year of service, you will have to do something called ARC (Assessment and Recognition of Competence), a national thing mandated by the College of Policing, which is basically like another SOROC book during your 3rd year of service. All new PCs, whether you're ex-MSC, ex-DDO, ex-PCSO, or never been a police officer before are mixed in classes together now. That is usually loosely based on which Borough you are going to, but it doesn't always work out like that. Everyone does the same training - so ex-MSC officers will re-do their OST training and ELS training, along with people who have never done it before. You're all treated the same - as newbies. Whether you're in date or not no longer matters. The reason for this is because there were a lot of rubbish Specials coming through the process, so everyone is being given the same training as a PC and treated the same way. That should tell you about some of the quality of the ex-MSC officers - which I hope, doesn't apply to anyone on here.
  15. L3 Driving Ban to be lifted...?

    No, this is very wrong. The other posts are much more accurate.