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  1. ? Policing your hometown ?

    I policed my home town, my station is literally 10 minutes away. Never had any bother nor had cause for concern. If anything, I was more worried about the enemies I made as a shop assistant than I was as a Special. Now though, I'm off to London so I will get to see what it's like not Policing home. For me, policing my town was convenient, I know pretty much everywhere and I was at least vaguely aware of the issues it had when I started as a Special.
  2. June 2015 PO Assessment Centre

    I have my interview on the 29th June. I am excited and nervous at the same time!
  3. Specials/Parish Constables

    The only difference is that as a parish constable, you have a radio/pava locker at home and can self deploy from home. Ideally suited to villages etc. They are more of a focused role than specials in that they will only patrol villages and that, maybe do the odd specials event.
  4. This is where mine is, has been for four weeks.
  5. Thoughts about new area policy

    We've since had a meeting on this issue. The e-mail was overly blunt, but it is not a blanket ban. What they apparently meant to say was that Specials can crew up with the approval of the duty sergeant. The line is don't turn up with another special expecting to crew up, as they might need you elsewhere.
  6. Current Recruitment Statuses

    I gave it great consideration. You don't have to live there, but you need to be living there by the time training starts.
  7. They are open again: Reference : DOHA-000892 Job Reference : DOHA-000892 Department : Department of Home Affairs Division : Isle of Man Constabulary Closing date : 21/11/2014 Salary : £22,443 - £37,254 Employment type : Permanent Hours per week: 40 hours pw Applicants should be aged at least 18 1/2, hold a full driving licence, a GCSE (or equivalent qualification) in English Language at Grade C or above, and must qualify as an Isle of Man Worker. Further information, if required, can be obtained by telephoning 631547 or 631546 between 10am and 1pm, Monday to Friday. Completed applications and supporting documents should be downloaded and returned to the Organisational Development Department, Police Headquarters, Dukes Avenue, Douglas, IM2 4RG, no later than 4pm on Friday, 21 November 2014. Click here to go to the job page
  8. Thoughts about new area policy

    I agree it seems very knee jerk but talking to a few reg skippers it is likely there may be exemptions made or fully clarified in a little while. It did say on the email that this will be reviewed once we've become experts in our fields... But I would like to know how this will be judged...
  9. response shift pattern

    It's a five week Rota with a mixture of earlies, lates and nights. It's a real mess and the turnaround from nights to earliest can be as small as two rest days. Usually 3 on 2 off 4 on 3 off and so on.
  10. No Motivation?

    The only thing that really does my head in is specials supervision not replying to emails. the only person replying to them is the chief officer, and because no one else replies I've had to go through him. Just received a snottogram telling me I shouldn't be jumping the ladder. I'm fairly resilient but I know people who will go through that and be like "well screw this" and not bother any more.
  11. Current Recruitment Statuses

    Royal Gibraltar police are recruiting. Don't know if they apply to this list...
  12. Latest Youtube video of police

    What disrespectful little gits!
  13. Challenge accepted! I've had nothing but obstreperous people recently.
  14. Hong Kong Protests - Use of Tear Gas

    There will probably be another Tienanmen Square massacre in Hong Kong. It's a shame but the Party wasn't going to tolerate such a free thinking peoples for long. I predicted this years ago, and I'm sure the Hong Kongers knew this would happen when they were handed to China.
  15. Bad situation, what to do?

    I agree with this. Dont even give him the time of day by replying, just show it to your friend and see what she has to say. Good luck