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  1. Police "Walt"s

    I have a list but sadly I can't share it, it would certainly get people talking. People can't keep up the act for too long, eventually they all slip up.
  2. Police "Walt"s

    I'd call them mini-walts, relatively harmless just economical with the truth. We get lots who don't say they are officers but imply it, with usernames, avatars, the way they post, many ways. We also get those who went for the interview, fail, and then forget to tell everyone, so they just carry on as they were and people assume they are officers. I must admit, I have a bit of a confession to make. I was out with my brothers a few years back, in a club thats inside a hotel, it was about 12 ish. I went to the bar to get a drink, most people were dancing so I just stood there with my drink for a few minutes having a break from the noise. Suddenly the doors fly open and a dozen women burst in to the club dressed as police officers. By that I don't mean government approved uniforms, I mean Ann Summers approved uniforms. They were very drunk and very loud. I suddenly found myself telling them I was a copper. They were all from out of the area on a hen night and were staying in the hotel. They didn't want to stay in the club they were going into the hotels lounge and insisted I went with them. I couldn't really refuse, they had cuffs and stuff, it could have turned nasty. So I went with them, the club shut, but as I was now a guest of these woman I was allowed to stay with them and carry on getting drunk. They paid for all the drinks and we just had a party, I was the only guy there. We went up to one of their rooms as it got later, room service kept on bringing the drinks. They went to bed at 7am just as people were arriving for breakfast, I got a cab home with a very big smile on my face. I went to see Dangermouse that day, he will confirm I was very much the worse for wear and talked of little else for the rest of the day! So yes, I guess I'm a 'Walt', call me what you like though, I will always have one of the best nights of my life to remember
  3. Thanks for your excellent post in the 'Beliefs' thread! I can honestly say that I wholly agree with what you have written, and it was very well put.

  4. Police "Walt"s

    No, I think its funny too. I gave Luke several chances to give it up, I told him quite clearly that if he didn't give up and go I would make sure everyone knew. He didn't stop instead choosing to deny any knowledge of what I was talking about, but I didn't have to tell anyone, in the end he was outed by many people who had collectively become bored of his lies. To those who think its stupid to be sucked in, you would be too, at least at first, these people don't just tell a small lie and then make a mistake, thats easy to spot, the people we are talking about take it to extremes, I'm sure they really believe their lies in the end. I guess its sad in many ways, many would probably benefit from some mental health support, and we have to remember that they start this off because their lives are so dull and meaningless that they need to inject a little excitement. He had many other guises, myself and a few other mods met him years ago when he was playing out a different role. I don't know if I can share any of that with you as I don't know if his case has been heard yet, so I shall say no more and just leave that tease for you! I know of a few others too, I think I have met at least a further 3, and a few online too.
  5. Wigan police brutality

    had - surely you mean have
  6. Met's knife crime policy attacked

    I think what she is saying is valid, she knows more about it than most and isn't saying 'stop doing that', she saying 'do this too' - it has been proven that target known individuals is very successful, though intense and expensive, but it can make big differences. As '90% of knife offenders are know to the police' and I would guess the many would have flags in their profiles to show they were likely to carry then why not target them? No, I don't think the police should just be left to get on with it, if somebody knows more about a situation then they should be heard, and afterall all the Met had to counter the argument was that they 'had the support of the community' - well thats good then! Stop and search can work, but it does need to be one measure among many, not the main weapon used in the war. Yep, but they want the right things done, no point just saying 'shut it, we are doing lots' if actually what you are doing is the wrong thing. I guess if you take the 'we' hat off and don't look at it as a police officer it might be clearer, nobody is attacking the average officer here, they are saying that if you do it differently the results just might be better, no one person is to blame and I'm sure the Met want knife crime 'sorted' as much as everyone else, its not as if they are trying to let the situation get worse, but not listening to good advice and sticking to your plan is not always the best way of doing things.
  7. Hire a bobby for under £60 an hour!

    So can I hire one for 10 minutes once every few days for a tenner a time to look menacing outside my house and scare the kids away?
  8. Police arrest man for photographing them

    Isn't this the case for pretty much every story we read though? There will always be a fact or two missed out, there will always be an element of doubt, but does that mean we shouldn't report it? Add to that, should we take an officers word for something? An officer arrests someone for something and the only evidence they have is they saw them do it, why should we believe them? Is the word of an officer any more or any less valid than that of anyone elses? Does wearing a uniform mean someone is more honest and more trustworthy than the average person? I know the answers, no need to reply.
  9. Police arrest man for photographing them

    Nobody is saying all officers are corrupt, but many officers think that every other officer in the land is an honest law abiding citizen, which is simply not the case. The fact is the officer was wrong, yet people immediately try to spin it so the other guy looks like the guilty party. Yes two sides to every story, however we don't question the police side of the average story when someone gets arrested, we assume its as they say. Just because a member of the public hasn't sworn their oath and done a few months in training college does not make them a liar, there is indeed every chance the situation unfolded exactly as the newspaper article suggests. If you are wrongly arrested you are entitled to ask for compensation, you don't know that the guy isn't genuinely suffering, it takes a lot less than an incident like that to push people over the edge. If the officer had to stay off work because of a traumatic incident many would be rallying round sending their 'best wishes for a speedy recovery'. Ask your force if there is some kind of mental health awareness course you can attend or maybe contact you local MIND branch and have a chat with a counsellor, they will be able to explain things a lot better than I can in a few words.
  10. Police arrest man for photographing them

    The Officer was disciplined and made to apologise and the guy wasn't charged with anything, thats enough evidence I reckon. Quite. We get this often, people think that every single officer in the country is whiter than white and what they say is gospel, still wearing their blinkers I guess.
  11. Name Change

  12. Erection

    Thread cleaned up, and I mean CLEANED up, with strong bleach and a scouring pad! There is no reason to close the topic, some of you are obviously not capable of talking about certain subjects without sniggering and making pointless posts, if thats the case stick to the locker room. Its a genuine question, yes its a funny topic but I have just deleted nearly 40 pointless childish posts, and yes I do have better things to do! By all means join in but keep to the topic, and no that doesn't mean its ok to post knob jokes
  13. So calling someone names is constructive? I find it more suited to playgrounds, its pretty obvious everyone is going to be disgusted by what the guy did, I doubt there is much in the way of sensible conversation you can have to be honest as there isn't much to say, I just don't find name calling helpful or beneficial.
  14. 50,000V Tasers for every cop

    That may be the case, can't say I have paid much attention to their posts to be fair, but if anybody has an issue with a member there is a reporting system, every report is looked at whereas simply jumping on them tends to stop the flow of the thread and may lead to a new argument starting up. I do understand people finding some posters annoying, as long as people are removing pure opinion and simply going on the facts if someone is posting for effect rather than to get involved I am only too happy to take some action as long as its reported properly
  15. You don't have to call him anything and we don't have to run a book on how long until he gets a good kicking. If you want him to or not you can keep the thoughts in your head and out of the forums, they are not particularly constructive.