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  1. June 2018 Intake

    Hi. Is there anybody here that are heading for the June intake for Special Constable? I was successful and interview and passed my medical today. I have got my biometric on Monday and my Fitness on Wednesday. If all goes well, I am hoping it be based in Lincoln.
  2. Interview

    Thanks Driver233. I am hoping to get into Lincoln, West Parade station.
  3. Interview

    Thanks +rep. Are you in the lincolnshire police?
  4. Interview

    Yes, I'm applying for the Lincs Police force Thanks for all the good lucks I so want to be in the police it will be a dream come true. Ever since I was 10
  5. Interview

    Hey. Thanks for the reply This has really helped. I was just hoping it wasn't going to be an interview with like 10 people or more. I dislike them lol. +rep :D
  6. Interview

    Hello guys, I am applying for the role as police special and wondered what happens in the interview. Is it a group or own interview and what gets asked or what do you do? Thanks