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  1. April intake

    How are you lot getting on? I've FINALLY been given the green light, and have an offer to join onto the November intake.
  2. April intake

    Thanks guys, I'll be out there in no time, don't worry! Beaker, I think when I do eventually get out there, chances are I'll be stationed in Blackpool so I'll be sure to try look out for you!
  3. April intake

    Damn n' blast! I'm now on medical hold due to worsening symptoms of GBS/CIDP. Good luck to those going onto the April intake and i'll hopefully see you out there in a few months! ~ ScottishFox
  4. April intake

    I'm an Ill specimen... (Been in and out of hospital)
  5. April intake

    Nope, Nada on this front as of yet. I'm still waiting for my physical...
  6. Force launches drone unit

    Totally jumping on this if it makes it up to Lancs Constab!
  7. December 2016 Recruitment

    Wahey! Good Going! I'm in the same boat, Interview on Monday! Nervous as hell! Stay calm and collected, Don't do what I did in the assessment and get worked up thinking you've failed Good Luck Pal!
  8. December 2016 Recruitment

    Hey Foster, Just noticed this, You were on the same as me I believe then! You may, or may not of spoke to me How'd you get on?
  9. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas Techie!
  10. December 2016 Recruitment

    Afternoon Foster, without giving too much away (Not sure what we can and can't legally post) I would try and check your application ASAP as its an early January assessment! Good Luck
  11. Specials driving matrix

    Yeah I think a new sheet may be in order as I think quite a bit may of changed since this was made, notable example may be things may of changed since the migration of scottish forces into Police Scotland.
  12. December 2016 Recruitment

    So, Who's applied to this then? I did, and I've got my assessment in January at Hutton!