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  1. Patrol Boots

    I would look at Magnums or if you want to spend some money Lowa or Haix are the boots I always go with. Altbergs are also super popular at the moment.
  2. Police Boots?

    I swear by the Haix Black Eagle boots and the Haix GSG9-S as well. If you dont want to spend too much Magnums are always a solid choice.
  3. Big foot

    Hi, I would suggest either the Haix Black Eagle or the Magnum Classics very different prices but both have supple soles which allow for easier driving. Hope this helps.
  4. Patrol bags

    Unless you are going to be carrying a ton of kit I found this bag was spot on
  5. 5.11 Jacket Sizes?

    Hi, I find I am a size smaller than normal so I went with a Large coat and it was spot on.
  6. Female boots

    Other choices are Lowa - all lowa boots under a size 6 are a womens fit and also these -
  7. Boots, Boots, Boots

    COmposite toe caps are considered the same as steel toe caps. the best bet is if there is anything anti steel it will be the same for composite. I was told not get toe caps as it was not needed unless issued PSU gear. Best to stick with force policy.
  8. Peter Jones CS Holder

    Surrey Issue the Peter Jones Baton HOlder and Cs HOlder, I swapped from the PWL Cuff HOlder to the PEter Jones Cuff Holder all brilliant pieces of kit, you cantell they thought about the use of the PPE when designing.
  9. What do I need?

    Boots, and a cheap digi watch, with the cuff keys go with the ZT brand ones from the likes of Patrolstore or the other shops. I found the Viper ones broke as they were hollow where as the ZT is really sturdy. Thermals will be a good idea if you are going to be out over the winter too
  10. Nitrate Gloves.

    Just wear two pairs and if you're worried about sharps use the biro trick
  11. A useful bag?

    I use this bag, perfect for duty use and is sturdy enough to stack in the boot of a patrol car
  12. New PC - Boots

    My Haix are over 2 years and are still going strong, I have a set I wear every day too and they are so comfy.
  13. New Boot Waterproofing

    Either Grangers G-Wax or clear Leder Griss are the products I use
  14. Boots, Boots, Boots

    Haix GSG9-s all the way or the P6 Haix, But Haix are by far my favourite for fit and quality.
  15. PNB (Pocket notebook) cover

    Pwl do notebooks covers to fit most -