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  1. St John Ambulance

    The Last event I attended we did are not allowed to drive on blue lights on public roads under policy but we are on private land so we can. Becomes useful to get from onside of the event to the other.
  2. Costs to police

    But what happens if that make and model have a problem with them and need to be taken off the road? You are kind of stuffed then!
  3. Public's favourite 999 service.

    It seems to be that everyone thinks the ambulance service are full of ambulance drivers and sit around drinking tea most of there 12 hour shift. Dont get me started on the fire service and sleep while on duty.
  4. St John Ambulance
  5. There are positives and negatives to such a thing. SJA ETAs are moving up with skills and have much more knowledge than they did before.
  6. Look the paramedics are here :new_doh2: Said by a police officer. I might be in a ambulance or on a car but I am not a paramedic and I am way way off the skill! But good post Deek :new_yes:
  7. What I Did On Duty

    If this is the case they could of be dealt with in one of the many First aid post/ medical units around london. My night was just non stop, drugs, booze and fights. Are Medical unit treated over 60 pepople, and that was just medical treatment not cumfort and let them vomit.
  8. Best Pictures Of Police Cars

    You cant say that and not post pictures
  9. fun day at work

    What on earth are you doing? You are going to get people in ALOT of trouble!
  10. Hatzola Ambulances - London

    I was talking in genral about the comments. You will be surprised at the ammount of PAS that respond to 999 calls with there own paramedic crew. I understand where you are comming from from they are not phoning 999 but if this system is not broke? There avrage responce time is 3 minutes, better than LAS. If they are all busy then I think (I dont know) that they would call 999 and get and ambulance from LAS. To be a paramedic you must complete and minumum of a 2 year Diplomia Higher education paramedical science and must register with the HCPC.
  11. Hatzola Ambulances - London

    :new_doh2: It has been said before, they are PARAMEDICS and EMTS. They are not 'trying' to be a paramedic as THEY ARE ONE. They provide ALS to the jewish community and I think it is a good idea, as I know some things that a LAS paramedic will do might clash with the jewish relegion, hench the Rabbi. A very ill-informed post :new_no: How do you think Private Ambulances work and how they cope? They know what Hospitals to go to as they will have links with them by phone or radio. And DGP most if not all paramedics, know what type of hospital they need such as a PPCI centre for a MTC. Most ambulances can request help from LAS or Hems if needed, and remember what has been said that LAS paramedics say Hatzola have more equipment than they do. Please read before making very ill-informed posts :new_no:
  12. I am sorry but I dont think it is right to talk about it while there is still an investigation into the matter. So I say it is very bad timing and really should not of been asked as it is disrepectfull to the PC's who laid down there lives and we aslo again dont know there full facts.
  13. Best Pictures Of Police Cars

    I like the air intake lights aswell.
  14. Basildon Recorder: Police having to cover for ambulance cuts

    Crews dont get breaks as unlike police we dont self dispatch so cant get a break when we like, hardly ever go back to station even for food! Keep going to the silly little calls of colds and stubbed toes. The ambulance service is pushed to the limit at the moment and its getting worse by the day, CFR getting asked to go to more 999 calls. It is the public putting a stran on the ambulance service as we get expected to do more for less and we just cant!
  15. Paramedic Cycle Squad

    Most Cycle responders work a 4 mile area around the city and they should get there in 4 minutes going flat out and maybe 3 if your down hill with your legs working the hardest! But if you think the bikes are light think again! they weight a fare bit. And with the responce times it is just getting there, for a cat A call it is 8 minutes to arrive and press on scene.