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  1. Assessment Centre 4th May

    Hi stoneman, I was there for the PM session and have passed to the next stage - did you make it through?
  2. Hi, is anyone attending the familiarisation meeting tomorrow night, Monday 8th Nov at Trinity Road police station?
  3. Avon and Somerset Recuitment Timeline

    Thanks for info. How did you find the tests, and did you get much practise in beforehand? Bristol no mate???
  4. Avon and Somerset Recuitment Timeline

    Lounge Lizard I'm applying in the Bristol area. Plodder Are you applying in Bristol? And is the interview the next stage in the process or have you done anything else?
  5. Avon and Somerset Recuitment Timeline

    Hi all, My first post on the forum. I recently registered my interest and got a date for the next familiarisation evening session in February 2011!! I have however received my application form and about to return it. Has anyone been recently recruited and were the timelines similar to ones posted in 2009? Seems like there is a huge amount of demand!