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  1. Accents

    Can't beat a welsh accent :lol:
  2. Do women find police uniform sexy?

    Yes most definitely!
  3. The dog thread

    Who do you think trained the dog??!!!!
  4. Blood Donation

    Yes they do
  5. Blood Donation

    I've been giving blood for years and have made more than 25 donations. I've set myself the target of getting to 50! The best advice I can give is book an appointment time. It makes life sooooo much easier, I'm usually in and out in 30 mins.
  6. David sings

    Yes David, I think you should sing a Christmas carol!! O Come O ye faithful............
  7. David sings karaoke, oh dear! Nooooooooooo...........
  8. Ahh the smut-meister is rubbing off on you too eh :p

  9. Hello hunny, you know Neal can hold his own (as 't were)!!!! And as for giving him a hard time......xx

  10. Alrite missus long time no see, hope your not giving neal too hard of a time, hes a very gentle innocent young man you know......

    Aww who am i kidding lol

  11. wow love your pic just saying hello :)

  12. I suppose I'll have to try!!!

  13. Congrats!! Does that mean you'll be sensible now??

    Naaa!! :)

  14. Thanx Jen, and good luck with the move x