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  1. Special run over and in hospital..........

    Mmmmm. Zero responses in any form, doesn't look like I'll be posting here again!
  2. In case it hasn't already been posted.......... http://www.bucksherald.co.uk/news/updated-special-police-sergeant-thrown-into-the-air-after-being-deliberately-hit-by-quad-bike-left-with-broken-leg-1-8165836
  3. Stop and search - hat question

    It says on the gov.uk website as well as many others that if searching someone in a public place " A police officer can ask you to take off your coat, jacket or gloves". I was trained that to remove a hat the person had to be out of public view, for instance in a police van. How were /are others trained?
  4. How old were you?

    49 when i started, 55 now. Did a duty last month with another officer and it turned out i was 11 years older than his dad. :0)
  5. Statement Writing

    Doesn't everyone get formal statement taking training!!??
  6. Handcuff Key Lanyard

    i would've thought a lanyard would make a handcuff key even more fiddly to use!
  7. http://www.renfrewshire.gov.uk/specialconstable
  8. A Knock at the door

    It's on Sudden Death but includes death messages, search "Sudden Death"............
  9. A Knock at the door

    Don't underestimate the effect the whole process that it may have on you, as well as on the people receiving the awful news. See http://www.mind.org.uk/news-campaigns/news/one-in-four-emergency-services-workers-has-thought-about-ending-their-lives/?utm_source=Mind&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=7016420_Blue%20Light%20Champions%20e-news%20emergency%20services%20April%202016&utm_content=Survey&dm_i=CZC,46DWK,KWJUGB,F72O9,1#.Vxn6utQrIUS The NCALT package on this is very good.
  10. Traffic Stop - Showing No Insurance

    The fact that his phone was connected to a supplier of insurance for a while does not prove a policy has been taken out. On the basis I don't believe the vehicle's insured I'd seize it. There's no way I'd let an uninsured vehilce drive off. If he was able to take out another policy there and then on a smartphone/tablet online and I was happy it'd been paid up and was valid I'd let him keep the car and drive off. I'd still report him for driving with no insurance though as he would still have committed the offence prior to taking out the new policy.
  11. Everyone's different, but if I thought being in the police damaged my relationship with my wife in any way, even a minor one, I'd hand my badge in like a shot.
  12. Young Specials

    I didn't start specialling until I was 48 :0)
  13. Woman with a knife

    In that moment I'd believe they were delusional. Speaking to them afterwards I could well change my mind.
  14. Woman with a knife

    If she's said to me "You don't understand, I have to kill my sister before she kills me and all of my family" I would believe that she's probably delusional and needs to be detained straight away so needs to be taken to a place of safety immediately where her mental health can be assessed. As far as the development of the scenario goes the priority would be disarming her so she can't hurt herself or anyone else, and how that process went would affect which route I went down. For instance, if I turned up and she was holding the knife by her side and I said "drop the knife right now you're scaring people" and she did and burst into tears it might unfold quite calmly, if she started lunging at people or screaming threats it would unfold differently again as might her arrest for the selection of criminal offences available but if someone makes that statement I'd want to get the mental health issue flagged up as soon as possible......
  15. Woman with a knife

    S136, and I would hope that taser equipped officers were there before I was!