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  1. Doctor cars

    Sorry to burst your bubble but as I'm currently sat in the royal London I beg to differ. Outside are 5 hems cars, 3 being vrs's and the other 2 being scouts. All hems cars are kept at the entrance to a&e ready to go.
  2. Doctor cars

    they aren't doctors cars, they are ambulance cars that are crewed with a doctor and as has already been said they've not been scoobies for about 3-4 years. Its a mixture of Skoda Octavia vRS's and Skoda Scouts. Oh and a big loud red thing that flies
  3. The perils of facebook for PCSO

    Ultimately this chap has made a comment on a public forum (facebook) which has potential to bring the force into disrepute. That's misconduct. Unfortunately Warwickshire take a very hard line on things like this, There are a number of ex members on here who fell foul of warwickshires policies about social networking sites
  4. Shouting armed police

    its also a high level use of force which you have to justify
  5. Detaining for mental health assessment

    Just had a proper think. Rather release them from custody, send them up the hospital while still in police custody in order for the MH assessment will enable to the clock to be stopped
  6. Detaining for mental health assessment

    I'm pretty sure 136 is out, considering when you came across them despite it being a public place you didn't have the concerns for their well being. I would think the best thing to do would be to pop them in a van and run them up the hospital, and await the MH assessment there. Personally, charging and remanding for the purposes of assessment would be an abuse of process, especially if you plan to cancel the charges should they be found to be unfit, failing that, are you able to apply for a warrant for further detention form the court?
  7. Police Have Fun On Zip Wire

    I hate to say this, but he kind of has a point
  8. Short film season

    I was scared that sky movies would only show danny devito movies for the next month
  9. Is it simple theft?

    by not understanding the mechanism you are reckless as to whether your actions could cause damage to it. How do you know that by pressing one thing you might free a spring, or putting too much pressure on something else you might cause a cog to seize, or disconnect a cable? "Hotel tango, ambulance message, male adult, admission to RLh under 136"
  10. Is it simple theft?

  11. Is it simple theft?

    you might want to sit down
  12. Is it simple theft?

    Thats not a defence to theft in this case To satisfy the "belonging to another" component of the offence you have to show possession, ownership or control. At the time, the machine was in possession and control of the money. In this case the fact that the machine had attemted to dispense the note would satisfy me that the machine had passed the ownership of the change to the customer, by initiating the return of change. As for the criminal damage, the lock hasn't been broken, the internal machine mechanism has and you can also cause criminal damage to your own property
  13. Is it simple theft?

    Ultimately, I would say that there is no theft, however he would commit criminal damage. He his owed £5 by the machine, he has paid £20 and the machine has not returned his change. The mens rea would be to retrieve his change, he has not thought "while the machine is pen I'll help myself to another fiver compensation". The problem is that while he has had the machine open he has acted in a manner, assuming he is a normal customer, with no knowledge of the self checkout system he ought to know that by trying to remove the cash and aimlessly fiddling with the machine he would be likely to break it that by breaking it he has recklessly caused criminal damage. As for the keys, it would be hard to prove any dishonesty in appropriating them, as he has taken them to eventually return to the customer service desk and has not permenanty deprived them (tesco) of it. The fact that he lied about where he found them is largely irrelevant
  14. Hampshire plans to cut 1,400 jobs

    Its not misleading it talk about police officer cuts. but not about police officer redundancies. The number of police officers cuts is achieved by regulating natural wastage, ie retirement, resignations and discipline. All it means is that they don't replace what they lose. A completely different kettle of fish to full scale redundancies
  15. Hampshire plans to cut 1,400 jobs

    and yet the decision to stay focused on the bygone days of dixon of dock green isn't? Take a look at the MPS since the new commissioner took over. We spend so much time focusign on bringing one mans ideal to the forefront of "modern" policing that we have caused more problems than ever before