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  1. Interview tomorrow! :o

    Fitness is easy to be honest. Warm up to lvl 3 then back to the start and to lvl 5.4, Im 37 and if i can do it with out having done physical exercise in a year then im sure you will be fine.
  2. Interview tomorrow! :o

    Not any special. Solo patrol
  3. AS Police Ride Along Query

    Yes, as uppy said you will it may be allowed to help out PCSO with community issues.
  4. Restricted Hours

    In Avon and Somerset there are no restrictions on maximum hours but we can only work (unless in extraordinary circs) 06.55 until 02.55 or you are then classed as a night worker. The issues it causes are very annoying.
  5. Your take on SPEEDING

    But a bike going 100mph is worse than a train coming at you at 100mph you don't even knows it on you until too late
  6. Your take on SPEEDING

    Speed is an issue, take the motor bike video where the chap was hit by a car pulling in to his line, if he had been going slower the other driver would have saw him and even if they didn't he wouldn't if got there as quick and the car would of turned safely.
  7. Yeah your right, I was getting confused with the injunction part.
  8. Not really as the laws surrounding it are different.
  9. They will be gone soon anyways and replaced.
  10. Yeah that what I meant cb style crackly things
  11. I regularly go to the port of Bristol and the coppers there use an old fashion cb radio. They are not on our network.
  12. Bad situation, what to do?

    He is already trying to be controlling and I'd tell her to be honest. Your happiness also matters.
  13. Blue lights - personal vehcile

    please please please don't tell me you are thinking about this. 1. Because it's sad.2. Because it's sad 3.anybody doing this to their own vehicle has clear issues which frankly words fail me on.