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  1. Isn't this what the police do?
  2. Charge your iphone before you go :new_yawn: You'll likely be sat in a stuffy room all day and then get asked one stupid question when you finally get into court, especially if they're representing themselves. :new_doh2:
  3. DM: British man breaks French record for speeding

    Good luck with that one in a UK court. That said, £1,300 isn't much when you're not banned from driving is it? Is that only for overseas drivers, or do native French drivers not get points for speeding too? I'd imagine that £1,300 won't mean much to someone driving an R8...
  4. Urban myth and 33BHP

    As other posters have already said, the certificate is immiterial. A lot of A2 licence holders get the restrictor fitted and get the certificate then take it off again and keep the certificate as 'proof'. It proves nothing. On a CB 500 the easiest way to restrict it is to put a little hook thing under the petrol tank at the end of the throttle cable where it meets the engine, on 'naked' bikes you can actually see this mechanism. If I were to stop someone on an A2 licence I would look for it. There are other ways to do it such as putting a washer in the fuel line so less fuel can get into the engine on older bikes etc but this is the most common, and the 'official' Honda way of doing it for this model. Really it comes down to this, in your first 2 years of riding your bike you are reasonably likely to have an accident of some sort. If it's a nasty one then it is quite possible that your bike will be examined. It is simply not worth the risk for some extra power, you could land yourself in a lot of trouble. 33BHP is pretty damn good anyway, I used to have a VFR400 restricted and it went like the clappers. One note on your forth question though: Ignorrance is not a defence. 'some bloke on ebay said it was ok' isn't really an excuse. Having tested it yourself on a rolling road afterwards though as you suggested in point 3 would prevent this. Having it fitted by the Honda dealership (it should be really cheap anyway!) would also prevent this - with them being trained mechanics and you having payed for the service. On your last question: No. They are the same as any other traffic light. Law covering temporary traffic signs: Law covering traffic signs: Definition of traffic signs:
  5. Spitting at a Patrol car.

    Force policy dependent. That said I hope that no-one would do that anyway! The chat without tea & Biscuits would still stand... I'm with DaveSYP on this - Get the youth to wipe it off him/herself and give some strong words of advice. (loudly so their friends can all hear) Use the threat of a PND/Arrest if required. If they play up a bit then PND, if they play up a lot then arrest (in doing so they will likely have comitted some POA offences too, and the custody skipper will mind a lot less) These situations usually arise when there is a group anyway, the individual involved is trying to make him/herself look great infront of his peers. You could certainly not just do nothing or 'give an evil stare' as it has been suggested in this scenario. The above should make their plan backfire spectacularly and avoid it from happening again. - Spit this week, a brick next? That might seem like a dramatisation but best to nip these things in the bud whilst they are still trivial in my opinion.
  6. Trespass.

    Thanks, I knew there were some examples of this somewhere but couldn't remember any!
  7. Suspect Interviews

    Training?? very funny. I was lucky enough to be crewed with regs interviewing early in service and picked up what I could. To be honest I very rarely need to interview anyone owing to usually doing Friday nights, on the rare occasion that I do interview I flick through my own notes from when I was a probationer first.
  8. Trespass.

    R v. Howell (1981): actions which harm another person, or harm his property in his presence, or actions which are likely to provoke such harm. A breach of the peace may occur on either public or private property. If the property owner is likely to clobber him because he won't leave his house, then the trespasser can be dealt with for a BoP whilst still being passive. I would say that going into someone's house and refusing to leave is very likely to provoke harm against that person. At least that is my understanding of BoP.
  9. This is Devon: Fire and Ambulance services to come under control of PCCs

    The PCCs have already turned out to be disastrous, yet MAY bludgeons on regardless. Surely CAMERON must realise that this won't win them any votes, and it achieves nothing.
  10. Xbox one VS PS4

    First Xbox 360 elite = broken Second Xbox 360 = broken No way i am buying another xbox. I can't play my xbox games on the new xbox anyway, so there's nothing keeping me with Microsoft. PS4 have won this one by a mile!
  11. This has been banded about in the UK too.. The idea being that if you can pick up your drugs like alchol or paracetamol then you pay tax on it, and no drug dealers are in business. A huge ammount of violent and organised crime is related to drugs. Whilst it doesn't solve all of the problems like NHS strain from drug users etc. it certainly seems like it could solve a few. If I'm not mistaken, didn't Portugal leagalise Heroin and see a massive fall in crime?
  12. 'Responder Footwear'

    I've had mine for a few weeks now. Much better than the Magnums I had before. I've taken them for a good foot-chase already and they did the job. Apparently the £30 offer has ended now though, although they are still excellent value for £40.
  13. Most replies on here are less about the individual - that he is doing a bad job or not right for the job; but more about the post of PCC itself. Having an authority meant that 'conflicts of personality' like this was far less likely to happen. If an entire autority which represents a much wider demographic were to decide that a chief had to go then there would be little question of a conflict of personality. What i think most people are trying to say is not that 'this' PCC should go, but they all should. Having a single person responsible for what a group of people was responsible for previously opens up this whole can of worms.
  14. And everyone's fears about the PCC post are coming true...
  15. BBC: Hogging the middle lane

    Most forces have just gotten rid of endorsable FPNs for TORs - Surely there will just be new offence codes for the TORs and CTO will send ou the fixed penalty offer rather than an 'on the spot fine'?