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  1. Section 50 Police Reform Act

    I agree, I wasn't being exhaustive. Railway Byelaws are irrelevant in that there's no specify Byelaw relating to filming or photographing, however a railway official could use other Byelaws to move people on if they've got no valid reason to be on the premisses etc. It is perfectly legal to film anybody on railway property, but it's when the filming becomes intrusive and anti-social that it becomes a problem.
  2. Section 50 Police Reform Act

    Not necessarily just public places either, but places the public have access to count. For example the railway. Railway staff get hit up all the time about being filmed, but there's nothing illegal about it. Staff can move those filming from station property if they've not got a particular reason to be there, but if they have a ticket or are even awaiting somebody from a train, you'd be on a sticky wicket to move them on for filming or photographing etc.
  3. "On the buses"

    Not sure if they still do, but the Met used to patrol buses as part of Safer Transport Teams, teaming up with RPIs etc.
  4. Vectras,Astra's or Golf's?

    Cost is probably a big factor. If you ignore Roads Policing cars (because they're obviously more expensive, and in some cases prestigious!), standard patrol vehicles are usually Focus', Astras or the like. The new price of a Focus is around 13k for a bog standard one, with Golfs costing around 18 or 19k for a standard one. Also, depends on the relationship forces have with manufacturers, as I know some brands 'give' certain forces cars are either a margin price or on loan (Surrey had a Jag XF for a while I believe, fully marked up?). Also leasing costs differ a lot, as do repair costs.
  5. Level Crossing Offences

    For pedestrians miss-using automated level crossings (jumping the barriers or even darting through when the barriers are raised but the lights are red) used to be dealt with contrary to s55 of the British Transport Commission Act 1949 (Trespassing on a Railway - Lineside trespass basically), as this was deemed a running line and no longer part of the highway (when the barriers are down or coming down, the road is effectively closed to allow a train to pass, thus making it a railway). However this was outlawed in 2012(ish) and it's now not a trespass offence as a level crossing forms part off the public highway, irrespective of whether it's activated or not. You could interpret railway Byelaws to take this kind of miss-use in to account, or if it's a vehicle, the RTA is obviously still okay to use. Of course it would still amount to trespass if a MOP went off the end of a platform and on to a level crossing to leave a station etc, as they've clearly gone trackside.
  6. I'm 5'6"(ish) and weigh about 14-stone. Now although obese medically, I feel that if I weighed what the doc says I should (about 9-stone!) I'd look ill. My weight has helped before whilst restraining people....Mainly because the technique we're taught doesn't bode well with people who lack that sort of coordination
  7. I meant members of the public rather than fellow officers, although there's a fair bit of banter with them too...
  8. Bit Off Topic, but you say 'in the emergency services', but the Fire Service do still have an upper height limit.... I'm not a Police Officer, but in a similar role to that of a PCSO, and at 5'6" I'm one of the shortest....I feel people take the mick a bit more with the shorter officer, and as such this presents a challenge. Having said that, I've never had an issue with this.
  9. Status of people using this forum (a new poll)

    I'm under "other". I'm an Accredited Person under the Railway Safety Accreditation Scheme and have been for around 8-years.
  10. Clapham and Raynes Park are all short train journey from you from Hampton Railway Station. From Feltham Railway Station, Richmond is a short train journey. All of these are not back in terms of driving either.
  11. NATO Phonetic Alphabet

    For the sake of professionalism and not wanting to sound like a muppet, the NATO phonetic alphabet is obviously best to use, but the whole definition of phonetics is so that you're understood and each letter represents the word well. Therefore S for Sugar would work....whereas saying X for Xylophone, wouldn't...
  12. Bit Off Topic here and not one to judge, but why would a former coms officer take home a radio? It's not as if they'd be intrigued as to what is said on them....
  13. The check will show on your file but isn't one that affects your score at all in the same way that applying for credit numerous times can (creditors can't see this entry, only you can. Much the same when insurance companies show up on your credit file after using a comparison site). I read your question in that you were more worried about this aspect of the check, rather than how your file will look to the Vetting Officer? Even if concerned about the latter, you'll be fine as you've been accepted for a mortgage and any financial checks are to establish whether you're under any pressure from defaulted debt etc. And if you were, you'd probably not have been accepted for a mortgage. Mine showed up as 'ACPO Police Vetting'....But as I said, it will always show up, but will be invisible to everybody bar yourself as it's an 'unrecorded enquiry'
  14. Music in the street

    Local Government Byelaws often cover this more specifically, much like Railway Byelaws. Because of the nature of the music, could a s.5 POA offence have been proven as an alternative?
  15. Information On Social Media.

    One also needs to be careful what they 'like' and comment on using FaceBook, seems like common sense, but you'd be surprised! (For example the likes of Britain First and other groups that often border on racism on FaceBook and similar). Not sure on the exact protocol with Police Forces, but they obviously have more investigatory powers when it comes to vetting their officers etc so can check FB accounts than other employers, no matter how 'private' accounts are. I have friends who regularly comment on these groups, which I can't do anything about, but I never like or comment myself. I'm not a Police Officer but work closely with them as part of the 'wider policing family' so am just overly cautious/OCD about these things.