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  1. You will just get a start date
  2. Warwickshire Assessment Centre

    Keep it tidy. I'm sure you've got enough about you to know what would be acceptable and what isn't
  3. West Merica Student Officers Recruitment

    September course is filled
  4. What actually happens in a AC?

    Group exercise - listening and contributing ideas within a small group to produce an end result Report writing exercise. Basic writing and grammar
  5. West Merica Student Officers Recruitment

    Think there will be some very disappointed applicants. You have done the right thing, good luck.
  6. West Merica Student Officers Recruitment

    Wise man, how did that work out ?
  7. West Merica Student Officers Recruitment

    If I were you lot, I'd really start thinking about transferring your application now, before the 12 month validity of your assessment centre runs out. West Mercia have said they would honour it if the recruitment process runs over, other forces won't.
  8. West Merica Student Officers Recruitment

    So that's 163 signed off and 105 training places 15 X 7
  9. April 2nd Wellington

    Altberg P1 Aqua, best boot by far. Had 2 pairs. £139!!! They did do 25% discount for police, so they would come in less than the £100 allowance. So comfy, and believe me I've done my share of foot patrol!!
  10. April 2nd Wellington

    From experience, and those of colleagues, DO NOT buy boots with the zip on the side. The Zips break far too easily. Once the Zips broke its the end for the boots.
  11. Make sure you have a different example for each question, don't try to make the same situation fit all 4 questions, if that makes sense
  12. April 2nd Wellington

    Ask at your induction- that's what it's for ??😂
  13. April 2nd Wellington

    Recently changed to £100 every 2 years and mileage is charged from force border @ 36.8 pence per mile. If you're unsure of the force border from where you live, I would err on the side of caution and contact payroll, as they may take a dim view of over claiming. You will need to provide the receipt for your boots.