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    I am a very active individual who is very positive as well as conscientious.

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  1. Radio Antenna 'Cones'

    They increase the signal [emoji85] Sent from my E5823 using Tapatalk
  2. Spare room

    Hi all. Is there any officers that have a spare room to rent in the Reading area? I am a serving officer myself, not TVP, but work a distorted shift pattern as it stands. Just a place to get my head down and i would head home up north on rest days. Thanks in advance. Sent from my D5833 using Tapatalk
  3. NDM. National Decision Model.

    CIAPOAR in sort Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
  4. MDP Qualifications

    Look up ministry of defence - police on Facebook. Look at their last posting as someone else has asked this. I believe the reply was you can. The recruitment team are really quick to respond/helpful. Goodluck
  5. Essex PC Recruitment 2015

    Right behind you mate! Just now wonder how long till the in-house interview, i emailed them two days ago. HR state there is a timescale, but wouldn't elaborate any further... Stay safe
  6. Detention Officer

    Do Essex do mandatory drug testing aswel for trigger offences? Thanks
  7. House/flat share

    Sorry Chelmsford be ideal but open to offers . regards
  8. House/flat share

    Hello Ladies and Gentlemen. Ill keep this short as poss. Basically i am in process of becoming police staff member with Essex Police. I am looking to see if anyone knows of anyone (preferably in the force) that needs a house/flat mate OR that is renting out a one bedroom property. My max allowance for this is £700 Per Calender Month (PCM) and i would like to move in end of May if all goes to plan. I would like this to include: Simple furnishing Car Parking Include bills I thank you for any reply. Stay safe out there!
  9. Detention Officer

    Same here! It's a shame you start on 6 on 4 off and then they going to 6 on 3 off. Any idea behind that?
  10. Detention Officer

    Hi All. Anyone on here applied? Regards Stay Safe
  11. MOD Police

    Are the MOD continuing to recruit? Thanks
  12. Convictions

    My advice, Put everything down!
  13. ** Private Forum **

    Please send me password. Thank you
  14. flatshare in London/surrounding areas

    Gillies88 sorry busy not had chance to reply. I love the job mate, just hot to past the final hurdle now :-/ ie PC. Any luck on the housing hunt?