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  1. how did you get on with your eyesight test in the end ?

  2. Possible Section 5 POA Due to Dog Interbreeding?

    Possibly, however unlikely. You would be able to tell if he was doing it on purpose by his tone and attitude.
  3. PS.Com Baby Club

    Awww, congratulations. :D
  4. New Driving Licence rule

    I think this is a shocking idea, what next? Mind control? My heart is in the right place when it comes to organ donations but I don't fancy giving someone my little man.
  5. Out Of Context

  6. Clean up of this forum - **MODS**

    Erm, if I was being intentionally sarcastic then you would know
  7. Clean up of this forum - **MODS**

    Do I also have to provide my passport so you can see who I am or complete any vetting forms?
  8. BlackBerry BBM (Messenger)

    Bloomin' cheek!
  9. BlackBerry BBM (Messenger)

  10. s.135 for some of these reporters and Daily Fail readers!
  11. Assessment Centre Thread (Day 1 & Day 2)

    And if you get the PT instructors I had, they were so funny!
  12. Vetting

    Its very basic vetting checks and its generally carried out by the cadet coordinators. Also, due to the age of the cadets (generally) in-depth vetting checks will not be carried out.
  13. Traffic Cops / Motorway Cops

    What a nose!
  14. 72 yr old florist arrested for murder

    I assumed correct. Your opinion not mine.
  15. 72 yr old florist arrested for murder

    As we don't really know the definitive circumstances I would assume that reasonable force may come into play here - could you really see a 72 year old purposely stab someone for other than the fact they were only trying to protect themselves and their property? Maybe the Job Centre should start rolling out training courses for burglars, they are already funding the rest of their habits anyway.