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  1. MSC-PC Training Course

    Put Camden as my 4th choice and got Camden. QK was first didn't get it. Strange.
  2. MSC-PC Training Course

    This is for the regulars not specials.
  3. MSC-PC Training Course

    Is it possible to change borough after you handed in your paper slip
  4. MSC-PC Training Course

    1- How long since Day 2 did you receive your conditional offer and how did they contact you with the offer (email or phone call)
  5. MSC-PC Training Course

    Received our day 1 three and a half weeks later... Passed!
  6. MSC-PC Training Course

    Yeah no one has received their result (I don't think ) who did theirs during our week.
  7. MSC-PC Training Course

    Internal candidates who have applied haven't even received their results it's been 2 and a half weeks. No response from the HR team.
  8. MSC-PC Training Course

    I'm internal... Interview date was 14th June
  9. MSC-PC Training Course

    Anyone heard if they have passed their day 1?
  10. Hello All, Does anybody know how you go about in organising a community engagement event with students. Something like this - http://content.met.police.uk/News/YouTube-Diary-of-a-Badman-star-visits-school/1300000817565/1257246745756-title=YouTube ?
  11. Photocopying warrant card?

    You are NOT to photocopy warrant cards. The End.
  12. Framing Someone

    Let's say the item was a wallet retailed at £70 from a department store and it was placed in a bag, which person B has purchased, without them knowing and they leave the store.
  13. Framing Someone

  14. Framing Someone

    Are there any laws out there with regard to Person A placing objects in the bag of Person B without their knowledge?
  15. Hi Viz

    I wish they just ask Operational Officers what they would like and give them a selection and the one with the most votes would be rolled out. Simples.