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  1. Routine Arming of Officers

    Yes routine arming should be phased in now
  2. Self Defence Against a Home Intruder

    You can disagree all you want, but I don't see how you can claim instant arming with a knife when you were in a different room and you cannot say that just because someone is shouting that at that time you feared imminent violence, unless he did something else that made you believe this? I cannot see how you could have justified using a knife, even more so as there was no suggestion the intruder had a weapon of any sort. There would also have to be some understanding of what else you could have used as its difficult to believe that there was nothing else you could have used in the room that would have been less likely to cause significant injury. I will take the offensive weapon reference on the chin for not reading properly. A reservist drill night, unless undertaking field duties doesn't warrant a knife being carried, I have never seen any Army recommendation a knife be carried beyond a field phase, in fact most regular units have orders to exactly the opposite effect and the Army do not make any suggestion you should carry a knife to and from duty in any manner. Most reserve units have lockers etc for you to store military kit. Maybe you were conducting field exercises and thats why, maybe you don't have any storage space at the reserve centre, I don't know, I just can't see the relevance to a reservist drill night. You make the comment "I understand that it's not the best thing to arm yourself with, but it's all I could have used. I was essentially backed into a corner. Short of bludgeoning him with my boots, there was nothing else I could've done if I were attacked" and it reads like there was no actual attack, maybe at the time it felt different, thats the beauty of the subjective and objective test in relation to such defences. I just don't see it as instant arming as allowed in law. In truth only you can say if you felt it necessary from the subjective angle, but as an objective person who may have been assessing this, I wouldn't be content you needed to arm yourself in such a way. With all that said, I don't envy you. @HMService raises very good points, you brought a deadly weapon to a situation raising the risk far beyond what the intruder was presenting. There is no winner to a knife fight and anyone who tells you they are skilled in knife defence is either overconfident or a liar, because you fight a knife and you will always get cut, that includes if you bring the knife. PS: Thanks for the debate, we may not see eye to eye but I still respect your interpretation and opinion.
  3. BBC.Police 'may have to' break mosque footwear rules again

    Taking shoes off isn’t a religious thing, it’s about social norms.
  4. Self Defence Against a Home Intruder

    Just to clarify, you took a knife to an incident, you had it in your hand (out of sight)? Keeping in mind that the MoD do not authorise any service person to carry a knife in public or on a military establishment, any defence in relation to that is inaccurate. Instant arming is permissible, but thats not what you describe, given the fact you woke up had nob idea what was going on and decided to arm anyway doesn't justify that action. You can own many weapons, just not in a public place. Any use of force must be reasonable in the circumstance, it doesn't favour any side.
  5. We only pay for a policing service, doesn't entitle us to make use of it. Ridiculous discrimination that wouldn't be accepted in any format.
  6. Welcome to the world of Government procurement, nothing is compatible with anything. We all spend our life driving around dropping files or disks off.
  7. May just be better off letting natural selection sort this one out.
  8. Videos on handcuffing and restraining suspects

    That used to be taught in OST, not sure if it was ever in the manual.
  9. Videos on handcuffing and restraining suspects

    Should gain full control before removing your cuffs in theory. Not always achievable
  10. Drugs and buyers - who to stop

    I think it confuses them too
  11. Drugs and buyers - who to stop

    Ah now I get you. Yes they do. But custom and excise officers are not there for screening passengers prior to flights and have the powers to arrest and search.
  12. Drugs and buyers - who to stop

    C&E? A right to search anyone? Under what power? There are no powers I know of for civilians beyond that of by consent
  13. Drugs and buyers - who to stop

    Not to my knowlaged, given that airport staff are civilians and not accredited I fail to see how they would. Thats not to say if you had RGB as a police officer you couldn't stop search.
  14. Videos on handcuffing and restraining suspects

    This is so true, having to reach across to someone else's cuffs because your tangled up.
  15. Drugs and buyers - who to stop

    An airport screening search is a condition of carriage but is a search most certainly by consent, otherwise you would need a legal power to conduct it.