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  1. Trafford Specials

    It always has been based on demand but they generally place you in at least one of your choices. Speak to the S/Insp who looks after training, he will most likely be the best person to help you.
  2. Just posted on your other topic - what were your choices, which division do you live and where have you been posted?
  3. Trafford Specials

    That's very unusual. Also I'd confirm that as Wigan is L division and the K division is Bolton. What were your first, second and third choices?
  4. Unfortunately not but welcome to GMP!
  5. Amusing jobs

    Another job the other day. After spending a few hours on foot, it got to about 10pm and we decided to get refs, return to the nick, have refs and see if any vehicles were available. We returned to the nick and found 3 regs and a Sgt in the refs room who were discussing crewing a carrier (which we call 'team policing' on weekend nights). As there were so few of them, we asked if they wanted us to come along so we planned 2 regs, Sgt and 4 specials on a carrier and another 2 regs in a van doing curfew checks. We finished our refs before we jumped on the carrier and went out to a few jobs. We were sent to a domestic called in by a neighbour where a female could be heard shouting. There was previous history and the male we suspect could be involved is on court bail not to contact the female. We rock up at the house and all jump out. 2 scale the fence and go around the back whilst the others waited at the front for her to open the door. As we were standing there, a dog in the corner of the garden who nobody had spotted stands up and walks over to us. There was a long delay in the female opening the door and in such time the dog had ran off and a reg had gone after it to call it back. He manages to get the dog back before the female opens the front door. She eventually does and we all pile in, sending the dog in the house. After speaking with the female for a few minutes she says 'Why are there so many of you and why have you brought a dog?' Queue us looking at each other before realising we had chased, collected and let a random dog run around in her house. Awkward few moments as we find the dog in the kitchen and kick it out of the house.
  6. Uniform stores contact number

    The policy of the forum is that information like that doesn't originate here. If you can find the extension number publicly on the GMP website, let me know.
  7. Uniform stores contact number

    Andi, They will put you through but they won't tell you the number as not to make it public. Owen
  8. Uniform stores contact number

    Phone 101/0161 872 5050 and ask to be put through to stores.
  9. Advice for Plain Clothes Patrol

    For me it's to make sure that you know what you are doing it for, the aim etc. Once you reveal your identity to someone in certain areas, most people will know and you may as well be in uniform. For example, if you are tackling theft from/of motor vehicle, don't take alcohol of someone who is walking past drinking on the street! Hope this makes sense?
  10. Heathrow Terminal 5

    It should be as normal - just make sure your electronics are charged up should they be checked!
  11. Carrying warrant card 'off duty'

    I also always carry my warrant card in a separate wallet. I keep that and my normal wallet in the same pocket but I will separate them and pull out the right wallet so my warrant card rarely leaves my pocket.
  12. Do any cadet forces get identification cards?

    Cadets in GMP don't get any ID cards. It isn't too much of an issue however as the weekly meetings are held at a school rather than any police premises.
  13. I'm hoping that my flight to San Fran will be on a 787! We have been told that Virgin will have 787's then for some flights to USA but they aren't sure which ones yet..
  14. Regular Recruitment

    Well done mate!