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  1. nice areas

    Apparently I live in a high a crime area. Not true, unfortunately due to the proximity to the town centre where I live (hook Heath) looks a very bad area. I think the most police involvement we've had recently is someone arrested for going door to door trying to sell stuff without a licence.
  2. 1 training day, 3 lates 2 rest days 2 earlies 2 rest days 2 lates 3 rest days 3 earlies 2 rest days 7 nights 7 rest days. I think, fairly certain.
  3. Yeah then fewer people will learn to drive because they can't afford it. Everyone suggesting that x number of hours should be taken. If we take x as 50 hours of learning... I think the average cost of a driving lesson is around £25 (certainly in my area it is... So i have to spend £1250 just to get half a licence basically... Then I have to do post test learning of Y hours... Y being 25 hours so that's £625. So I've spent around £1875 just on learning. I think your licence is around £60 for the provisional nowadays isn't it? The theory test is about £40 isn't it? To take the actual driving test is I think about £60. So to learn to drive I've got to spend over £2000. Do you know many 17/18yr old with that kind of money?
  4. Quality Idea.
  5. Facebook "tip off"

    I believe there is case law in a way for this type of scenario, if memory serves me correctly, Gentleman driving down the road, on opposite side of road sees a Police camera van (PCV), carries on driving then further down the road flashes the next car he sees to alert them to the PCV which just happened to be an unmarked police car? Gentleman stopped and arrested for obstruction, went to court and he was found not guilty as the police would have to prove someone was speeding for him to guilty of obstruction. So linking this with the above "scenario" No offences move on.
  6. Hillsborough (newest developments from #52 onwards)

    The jist of it is, If he died at 3.15pm the Police couldn't do anything so they were fine. If he died at 4pm and as reported the police stopped medical attention and or ambulances getting to victims then they are negligible.
  7. Police forces get £341,000 for 3D road crash scanners

    Surrey are getting 2 as well.
  8. Jailed for Christmas

    In a way I can understand their thought process considering the types of sentences rewards handed out to criminals. He's still not scum though.
  9. Jailed for Christmas

    I would hardly describe him as scum.
  10. How would the US know if you had been arrested and didn't declare it?
  11. A+S Chief leads from the front

    Which towards the end of the article he says.
  12. Is he or isn't she

    I reckon no man is going to be harrased, alarmed or distressed about this...
  13. Strike Action

    What I remember of the special covering day is, the regulars who were supposed to be working that shift went on a training day. Whilst specials covered everything bare area car and custody skipper. They were not made to do this but rather arranged to do it themselves.
  14. strange police vehicles?

    I know a CIO who still uses his B+T's to pull people over if he is returning from dealing with an RTC, says he gives out about 1 or 2 tickets a week.
  15. strange police vehicles?

    I reckon the first vehicle you say was a Collision Investigation van. Second probs some kind of special branch op!