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  1. Blue lights...

    While you are right, I believe that is specific to statuatory lights i.e. side lights and head lamps. They must be white, if they're not you can FPN. However when it comes to those little annoying things up on the bonnet, as much as I would love to fine someone for them, unfortunately you can't. At least that's my understanding of it Hope it helps :D
  2. Unintentional stabbing

    Breach of the Peace for the "I'm going to kill you" - causing fear, alarm or distress. Possession of an offensive weapon, and serious assault by the doctrine of transferred intent. What a happy little tale by the way :D
  3. day 1 of the recruitment process

    Guys, a friendly word of advice, I know it can be frustrating when you want to get your application etc moving along swiftly, but it's maybe not the best idea to go throwing those kind of comments about recruiting around when you've only just got your foot in the door. You've also got to be a bit more understanding about how busy recruiting is, Tayside is a big force after all. By the way, you'll learn in training that Professional Standards keep tabs on what gets posted on here, just to reiterate my point. :D
  4. Begging

    In relation to begging, unless the beggar is doing so aggressively, you have no powers, unless there is a city/council bylaw in force, certainly for Dundee anyway
  5. One I've wondered about

    I interpreted your comment as implying that a breach of the peace was just another form of assault which it is not. I'd be more than happy to jail this boy for an indecent breach and gladly justify it to the charge bar sergeant. Any other scottish cops/specials care to comment on my opinion? (Of course everyone is free to, I'd just appreciate another Scot's opinion too)
  6. One I've wondered about

    Indecent Breach of the Peace. "alarm, annoyance or disturbance of the lieges" He's making improper remarks which I would think most people would find annoying and or disturbing, well that's my opinion anyway Feel free to tell me I'm wrong Sorry, but if you are putting someone in fear of being assaulted, then that is an assault in itself, not so much a BoP, a breach can include shouting and swearing, making rude gestures, attempted suicide, engaging in a stand up fight, peeping toms etc, it's not purely putting people in fear of assault.
  7. Tulliallan Training

    Sent my letter back the other week too, and already got the time booked off work, so all going well will see you all down there
  8. Youth's On A Bus

    Similar type of thing happened to me, although it was a bigger group and they all had open bottles of booze, I just waited until they got off the bus, called in on non-emergency to make them aware of the group and that they seemed likely to cause trouble, and that they had been abusive to one male passenger who (stupidly) shouted at them as he left. (What he hoped to achieve I'll never know) Either way, there's no way I'm saying anything to a large group of aggressive drunks, far too dangerous.
  9. Not sure in terms of the law, but for my intake, we were given our uniforms towards the very end of training, and told we shouldn't wear them at all until our swearing in ceremony, and even then, we should go there with a civvie jacket over the top. Same now goes if were on route to the station, I think the term is "half blues" *edit* Just noticed that this question is under England & Wales, so apologies if my info doesn't apply.
  10. First shift

    Lol, well the theatre doesn't give me many hours, and despite firing CV's in everywhere, there doesn't seem to be work going anywhere, might as well keep myself busy specialling. Had one or two things, saturday was mostly noisy parties, but was still good. Had a OD call which turned out to be a false alarm, possible fire raising which was a prank, and a couple of disturbances. Sunday night was deathly quiet though. Just wondering, have you tried to log in yet, because whenever I try it won't let me, might be the case that IT are too busy at the moment with the boundary shifts.
  11. First shift

    Last exam of 1st year is this Thursday, so I'll phone Darren tomorrow and ask if I could go full time over summer as of next week, otherwise I'd just be sitting around the flat bored, might as well be out there. Not sure if I'll be able to make the game, I've got work at the theatre on sunday evening, but hopefully I'll see you both there
  12. Video campaign man avoids prison

    Just sounds a bit like Catcher in the Rye to me ...
  13. First shift

    Yeah that's what I did, though at the time I didn't know the number to call, so phoned non-emergency and got point to pointed through to the sergeant.
  14. Sec 5 Homophobically aggravated?

    I physically cringe whenever I hear or see that word. I honestly have no idea why it bothers me so much, I don't have nearly as strong a reaction to any other derogatory term as I do to that one.
  15. First shift

    Hey guys, I was Lochee originally on friday, but got put to Downfield instead, was really good. Had Ryehill last night 9-7, was also really good, and I've just booked on for the same shift again tonight, again at Ryehill. I'm hooked already!! Happy policing all