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  1. Current Specials recruitment

    Well done
  2. Current Specials recruitment

    Well done India-99 keep us updated
  3. Current Specials recruitment

    Well done!
  4. Current Specials recruitment

    @india-99 good luck with it.
  5. SC to Regs

    Things are constantly changing in Surrey so maybe in the future. Obviously getting the experience is important and helps so get the knowledge by doing that way. Especially when we go to PIYN in April.
  6. Current Specials recruitment

    @india-99 how was the evening?
  7. Applications open

    A fair few from what I understand. Markdn is best person to ask
  8. Busiest day of the year

    Well apparently thats tonight..
  9. Surrey Specials Values Interviews

    I was there as an invigilator
  10. Who still has one of these then?

    On my tie
  11. The chit and chat thread

    @soap im doing tomorrow eve, but going to france for the day around 6am so need to finish on time, then might do one sat eve around 2200 - 0400 will speak with skipper tomorrow.
  12. Mac OSX Yosemite

    David, if you go to an Apple store they will allow you to use an instore usb to upgrade the OS. whilst trying to upsell you..
  13. The chit and chat thread

    haha soap yeah, we worked together on Sat but in all seriousness i do like milk and cookies Just had to settle for shepards pie on Saturday
  14. The chit and chat thread

    I heard that if you have a tac vest then you dont need to do anything as you can attach to said velcro. However this is "word on the street"
  15. Mac OSX Yosemite

    Worst case scenario is it stops working, but ive thoroughly tested it on both machines. You can run a restore or wait to upgrade to latest release when it comes public. Up to you