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  1. OST/ELS question

    You don't get a reminder Email. It should appear as a notification in MetHR. They need to get a course sorted asap.
  2. L3 Driving Ban to be lifted...?

    Unless you know the individual circumstances it's difficult to comment. As a command RTPC have had very few advanced car courses over the last year. Given the amount of PC's requiring response training I'd be really surprised if SC's will be getting spaces on courses anytime soon.
  3. MPS Trouser type?

    Have you actually used iBuy as items arrive within 5-7 days or sooner.
  4. Driving a MOP's vehicle on duty

    MPS Policy says advanced, but response can do it with BOCU supervisors permission. The only exception is RTPC traffic officers. Their response drivers have standing authority to move vehicles without speaking to supervisor. Only authorised to drive vehicles for which your licence has full categories.
  5. Madonna in a fake police car?

    Red to the front is illegal. The other colours would be an issue if they flash except yellow/Amber as they could be warning lamps, but you would need to see the vehicle to give a clear answer.
  6. Intensive Course W/C 11 January 2015

    If it's 11/01/2015 then the course has happened.
  7. MSC Managers are coming back!

    Who says they are coming back?
  8. How are Met Training training this? I was taught that security office for S1 search is no, because it is restricted to staff only.
  9. What is the future of the MSC?

    Lots of people are waiting for driving courses, so to leave the MSC because they didn't get one would lead me to question their intentions. Hendon doesn't have the staff that it used to. I remember in days gone by when they would put out 10-12 cars on response and around 9 cars on the advanced wing. Courses ran back to back. Now we're lucky if they put out a third of that, so with respect, I'd say you're whistling in the wind if you think courses with be forthcoming. I'm waiting for a step-up/new advanced course as are at least 10 people that I work with. We're looking at around 2 years before we get a sniff of a course. Boroughs are in the same position. I'm all for developing people, but I think you've got to be realistic, the boom days of training are long gone.
  10. Met transferee Reg Recruitment 2015

    Not heard a thing, but they do appear to be desperately short on borough, although no one will officially say that.
  11. Some NCALT packages are force specific and cannot be viewed unless you are within that force.
  12. New Met Beemer

    They'll take the feedback, back ultimately they have to go with the vehicle that meets the technical specification. As it stands the 5 series has an increased payload capacity when compared to the 3 series to name but one of the issues. Yes MDT is going and therefore a weight saving, but we are carrying more kit around. There are also some other factors that will see other makes/models ruled out, but those details are not for public consumption.
  13. New Met Beemer

    Without straying into operational information, there are aspects in the area car role that the Skoda's and 3 series do not come up to the standard.
  14. New Met Beemer

    Awww bless. They could always drive an IRV if they are not comfortable with the size of the area car.