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  1. A London police officer accused of taking a colleague's tin of biscuits has been cleared of gross misconduct. PC Thomas Hooper, based at the Kingston Operational Command Unit in south west London, was also alleged to have applied to cancel a Fixed Penalty notice against him. It was claimed he gave false accounts of both incidents.
  2. A moped thief who almost killed his friend as he sped around London stealing mobile phones from pedestrians has been jailed for seven years. Harry Wright, 21, crashed head-on with a BMW as he drove a stolen Piaggio moped towards oncoming traffic on a one-way street, critically injuring his 18-year-old passenger.
  3. Moped thugs armed with acid and swords bragged that swiping mobile phones from commuters in the capital is so easy it is "like stealing candy from a baby". In a shocking new BBC documentary, gang members from north London revealed snatching £700 iPhones from "stupid" people waiting at bus stops was "easy pickings".
  4. A transgender beautician who pushed an off-duty police officer onto a railway line has been spared a jail sentence by a judge who said she has “special vulnerabilities”. Paris Valeta Bregazzi, 30, had drunk four bottles of prosecco on a night out when she shoved Pc Sam Chegwin onto the tracks at Hanger Lane station in Ealing.
  5. It has always been seen as one of the most innocent of childhood pursuits, a rite-of-passage physical challenge fondly recalled in adult life. But now killjoy councillors in London are threatening a clampdown on tree climbing in dozens of public parks - with the threat of a £500 fine to back it up. Going a bit OTT in my mind we have all done it in our time and it wont stop kids today .
  6. This is the shocking moment a crazed killer ran through the streets in his underwear after stabbing a French tourist to death. Nicholas Foy, 39, was seen running through the streets of Eltham on August 11 last year after a 24-hour drink and drugs binge. The father-of-three murdered a random stranger while suffering a paranoid delusion that there was a bomb planted in his foot has been jailed for life.
  7. This is the moment a car reverses into a police vehicle during a dramatic chase through narrow country lanes in Kent. Dash-cam footage shows the black Ford Mondeo racing ahead of a police car which pursues it with sirens blazing. The Mondeo comes to a sudden stop, before reversing and smashing into the police car as an officer exclaims: “he’s going to ram us, he’s going to ram us”.
  8. A man has died after two vehicles crashed on the tarmac at Heathrow Airport. The Heathrow worker suffered a cardiac arrest when two airport vehicles collided on a taxiway near Terminal 5 on Wednesday morning.
  9. A major shake-up of the way London is policed was announced today as the Met warned that its officer numbers will drop to 30,000 within two months. The main change will see the current 32 borough commands — under which each area has its own police team — merged into 12 larger units covering up two or three boroughs each. Scotland Yard says the reform will save management costs, remove inefficiencies and allow more officers to be deployed with young people to tackle problems such as knife crime.
  10. Counter terror officers swooped on the Houses of Parliament after an envelope containing white powder was discovered in an office. Armed police were seen outside the Palace of Westminster at around midday amid reports that a "suspicious package" was being investigated. The Met later confirmed that they were dealing with reports of an envelope containing white powder.
  11. A banker dressed in an old police uniform and rode an ex-police motorbike on his commute to work as drivers made way for him. Darren Emanuel, 46, wore a former police hi-visibility jacket and used the bike on dozens of occasions during his 60-mile round trip to and from work. But he was pulled over by police, who accused him of “undermining confidence” in the emergency services just weeks after a terror attack at London Bridge.
  12. Smart CCTV technology should be used to scan public spaces in London for knives and other weapons in the battle against youth violence, a report says today. The study by a Conservative London Assembly member says artificial intelligence technology could be used to monitor police-run CCTV cameras and detect knives being brandished in public.
  13. Sinn Fein's policing spokesman has sought legal advice after he was filmed apparently using bolt cutters to remove a clamp from his car. Gerry Kelly removed the device after finding his car had been immobilised while he was at a gym in Belfast city centre on Friday morning, the party said.
  14. A teenager who suffered serious injuries after being pushed from his bike by a police officer was innocent of any suspected crime, a watchdog said today. Terrell Decosta Jones-Burton, 15, was knocked unconscious after he was “slammed” off his bike in a police stop near his home in Bermondsey. Police suspected the schoolboy of being involved in a mobile phone bike robbery 20 minutes earlier. IOPC examining police officer's use of force
  15. Police officers arranged for the victims to meet the Duchess of Cornwall and visit 10 Downing Street Three elderly siblings with a combined age of 260 told of their terror after armed thieves raided their home twice in just over a week. Cruel thugs threatened Mary Dowling, 88, sister Alice, 81 and older brother George, 89, with a screwdriver before stealing money meant to their life savings, police said.