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  1. Drivers should have compulsory eye tests every 10 years, the Association of Optometrists has said. One in three optometrists say they have seen patients in the last month who continue to drive with vision below the legal standard, their association said. Motorists must read a number plate from 20m (65ft) in the practical driving test, but there is no follow-up check. The Department for Transport said changes to eyesight should be reported by motorists to the DVLA. "All drivers are required by law to make sure their eyesight is good enough to drive," a spokeswoman said. Data from the Department for Transport shows seven people were killed and 63 were seriously injured in accidents on Britain's roads last year when "uncorrected, defective eyesight" was a contributory factor. 'Outdated laws' Nine out of 10 optometrists believed the existing rule - that put the onus on motorists to report themselves to the DVLA if they develop eyesight problems - is insufficient. When drivers pass the age of 70, the emphasis changes a little. Drivers must actively make a declaration every three years that they are fit to drive. As part of that they must confirm that they meet the minimum eyesight requirement. Brenda Gutberlet, whose 28-year-old niece Natalie Wade was killed in 2006 by a 78-year-old driver who was blind in one eye, says she wants the "outdated laws on drivers' medical fitness" changed. 'Blind' driver kills bride-to-be Thousands drive with 12 or more points Drivers aged over 90 top 100,000 Ms Gutberlet, from Canvey Island, Essex, said her niece died just months before her wedding and that she does not want other families "to go through what we have". Optometrist Dr Julie Anne-Little said Britain "falls behind many other countries" because of the initial number plate test and the self-reporting of eyesight problems. "Because sight changes can be gradual, often people won't realise that their vision has deteriorated over time," she said.
  2. A police officer has been suspended after being charged over indecent images of children. PC Martin Harris, 37, who is based in Brighton, has been charged with possession of indecent images of children and making an indecent image of a child. The Sussex Police officer has also been charged with misconduct in public duty. He has been released on bail and is due to appear before Brighton magistrates on 30 November.
  3. The boy declared his support for the Islamic State said he had seen beheading videos on the internet A nine-year-old London schoolboy stood up in class to declare his support for the Islamic State after watching execution videos online, the Home Office revealed today. The boy was among thousands of British children - including more than 500 girls under the age of 15 - identified as a potential extremists, the Home Office revealed today.
  4. A brazen thief who hid a Poppy Appeal collection pot down his trousers has been captured on pub CCTV. Police are investigating after footage of the incident at The Dickens pub in Cleveleys, Lancashire, reached almost 100,000 views just hours after it was published on Facebook. WHAT A SCUMBAG HOPE THEY FIND HIM.
  5. A police officer has been stabbed in the grounds of a college in Edinburgh. The man was stabbed in the back at Edinburgh College in West Granton Road at about 09:30. Police had been called following reports of a student threatening to harm himself and others. The police officer was taken to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary with a non life-threatening injury. A man has been detained in connection with the incident. An area behind the canteen has been cordoned off by police.
  6. More than 4,000 drivers in England have been caught committing offences over the last two years, following a special operation using a lorry, police say. Since April 2015, officers from 28 forces have used an unmarked lorry to film examples of dangerous driving. One man in the East Midlands was seen steering with his knees while eating lunch and using his mobile phone. Highways England, which funded the vehicle, said it would continue to use the HGV to catch offenders. The position of the cab in the lorry allowed police to see inside vehicles on motorways and busy A roads. Lorry driver caught snapchatting Teeth-cleaning lorry driver on film Mobile phone users made up around two-thirds of those pulled over by officers. Other offences included driving over the speed limit, not using a seat belt and not being in control of the vehicle. In Surrey, one driver was caught attempting to put toothpaste on a toothbrush. While another person - pulled over by Devon and Cornwall Police - managed to send 10 text messages in an hour while behind the wheel. Image copyright PA Some 4,176 people were reprimanded during the initiative, with about 400 receiving verbal warnings, and more than 830 being given fixed-penalty notices. More than 100 cases resulted in prosecutions. Highways England said footage of one driver with his foot on the dashboard while travelling was "particularly alarming". Head of road safety Richard Leonard said: "I dread to think what would have happened if he had needed to brake suddenly. "We will continue to use the [HGV] cab to tackle deaths and serious injuries and to encourage people to improve how they drive." The National Police Chiefs' Council said the HGV is "an important element of our intelligence-led operations against dangerous driving". Chief Constable Anthony Bangham, NPCC lead for roads policing, said: "People have to think about the consequences of their actions. A moment's distraction can change innocent lives. It is never a risk worth taking."
  7. This is the shocking moment fireworks were shot at police officers in a south-west London park. Dramatic body-cam footage shows officers approaching Lavender Park in Mitcham before fireworks are fired in their direction.
  8. New plan sees 37 police stations facing imminent closure Sadiq Khan has announced radical plans to close all 24-hour police stations, save one, in every London borough Alex Lentati Sadiq Khan today confirmed that more than half of London’s 73 remaining police front counters are to close. The Mayor announced controversial plans to keep just one 24-hour police station open to the public in every borough. How dare they close so many police stations in London Mr khan it is time for you to go NOW.
  9. A MET firearms expert killed himself in a stand-off with police after blaming himself for the fatal shooting of Mark Duggan, an inquest heard. Sad news the man took his own life .
  10. Crackdown: The Met revealed tough new tactics deployed in the fight against moped gangs Alex Lentati Scotland Yard today unveiled new tactics in the battle against moped thugs rampaging across London, including deploying officers on scrambler motorbikes to chase down suspects. Nice to see the Met are doing this trying to stop Bike crime .
  11. The Mayor of London predicts police numbers could fall to 27,500 by 2021 under current funding arrangements The Met Police will have to "scale back" services if officer numbers decrease due to a predicted funding squeeze, Scotland Yard has warned. Police numbers could drop to 27,500 by 2021 - the lowest level in 19 years - according to a report by City Hall. If numbers were to drop, the Met Police may have to "become less proactive" Deputy Commissioner Craig Mackey said. A Home Office spokesman said: "There are more officers for each Londoner than anywhere else in the country. "The Government has protected overall police spending in real terms since Spending Review 2015, and has also announced additional funding for counter-terrorism policing." The Met Police's budget will be flat in cash terms from 2016/17 to 2019/20, under the current Spending Review. But the Mayor of London's team calculates the Met has had to make £600m of savings and will lose a further £400m by 2020 due to rising costs. Image copyright Jack Taylor/Getty Images Image caption Deputy Commissioner Craig Mackey warned the Met Police will have to "scale back" services if staffing is reduced to one officer per 326 Londoners Their projections predict police numbers in London could fall to one officer per 326 Londoners - a 26% decrease since 2010. Mr Simmons said: "If we do face a scenario of 27,500 officers by 2021, we will have to reduce or stop some things. "We may have to scale back our response - both on the phone and on the ground to concentrate on the biggest emergencies." While performance "hasn't always been better when we have had more resources" there is "a limit to how much we can save without impacting the front line", Mr Simmons added.
  12. Crime: Police are trialling a chemical spray in a bid to crack down on moped crime in London City of London Police Police are trialling a chemical spray that sticks to clothes for months in a bid to crack down on a worrying spike in moped-enabled crime in London.
  13. A disgraced Met police officer who raked in £150,000 as a cowboy builder while leaving behind a “trail of destruction” is facing jail today.
  14. This is the dramatic moment police stormed a house to arrest a terrorist who had plotted a bomb attack in the UK. Nice to know the Police got this scumbag before he done any damage.
  15. Terror plotters who devise plans for vehicle attacks will face tougher sentences under new proposals drawn up in response to a recent surge this year.