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  1. January training start

    Best wishes for tomorrow, it is a full course assuming that everyone turns up so you won't be on your own ! ! ! even though no one else has said they are going.
  2. Although you've not had a response on here I do believe that your course is full which will mean there are 19 others attending, I'm sure you will get along with them and you never know you might know some of them if they attended the same assessment center.
  3. Training starts 30th july

    Good luck for tomorrow
  4. What actually happens in a AC?

    In addition to Jonno Just remember they are not exams they are exercises, the group exercise looks at how you work together as a group, the written exercise you will be given a scenario that you need to write about.
  5. 2nd time the charm

    Well done, November will come around quite quickly
  6. retake

    Just remember the clue is in the title, it's a group exercise listen to the views of others make sure you put your views across with reasons and if you notice someone not saying much ask them for their views. Good luck for tomorrow
  7. retake

    Good luck Kibster89 Have you got to do all of the bits again or just one part ?
  8. 21st May start date

    If you have any doubts just phone HR and they will be able to update you one way or another, If it is going ahead there can be up to 20 on a course but it seems that non of them seem to be on here. I know there is a SC OST weekend also taking place 21st/22nd so you should have plenty of time to meet other experienced Specials too.
  9. West Mercia SC training @ Hindlip March 2016

    I'm pleased to say, I have to hang my head in shame I was wrong in my previous post, I was amazed and impressed to see that your uniforms have arrived for the start of your course. Good luck on your course and I look forward to seeing you on duty
  10. West Mercia SC training @ Hindlip March 2016

    The uniform usually will not be issued until about half way through the course.
  11. As a Droitwich SC you will be attached to a Worcester Patrol Team working from Worcester until you gain independence patrol status, however on your first evening of your initial training you should meet the Specials in charge of South Worcestershire, highlight to them your situation and there should be no problem with you being posted to Worcester in place of Droitwich if you still want to.
  12. The Alliance has move away from the PR24 side handled batton to the friction lock "straight" one that was used in Warwickshire. We don't get issued the Tac vests yet and you should have been asked for your preferred posting so unless that is a good reason why not, you should get Worcester
  13. Warrant card for travel

    As a SC you are only able to claim back out of pocket expences for travel to & from duty, Force policy states that you must travel by the cheapest option and you can only claim from the force border if you live outside the area.
  14. Fitness test

    The pass mark is 5.4 however the gym staff will encourage you to continue up to level 6 when they stop the test if you only reach level 5.4 it is a pass