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  1. BBC: When was the last time you used a phone box?

    Must have been about 20 years ago. Since I have had a mobile I don't use
  2. New Torch

    A match works well
  3. radio sign on

    Always booked on with C&C and we had 'hit key 8' where control would come back to you.
  4. I spent many happy days in Cumbria. Love the region went to college in Carlisle and always visit the area when in Dumfries.
  5. Green Lights on a tractor

    It was the Scottish Horse???
  6. Provisional licence driving questions

    The person supervising you must be over 21 and held a full licence for three years. The supervising driver must remain in the vehicle.
  7. Green Lights on a tractor

    You must have been my divisional training officer?? I transferred to the 1st Battalion the Shetland Ponies
  8. Green Lights on a tractor

    Thanks for the update this was driving on the road. Might be a good idea to fit these to all vehicles then we can tell if the seat belt is being worn. Bart are you of the goat brigade?
  9. I was driving on the A1 and I saw a tractor with an amber and a green flashing light. I thought however, could be wrong that only Doctors can display a green light in their vehicles.
  10. How old were you?

    I joined at 35 and retired at 50 and enjoyed being a special spent time in three different forces.

    Well done and good luck
  12. Belfast Telegraph: Dry your eyes

    People seem to forget the old days and what it was like My old man was there in the 70's and it was no picnic? That's why they, the Royal Ulster constabulary received the George Cross from the Queen. Least we forget
  13. He's paddled his last canoe