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  1. MSC and the New Policing Model

    I know I am resurrecting an old thread but it's been interesting reading back. I posted on this thread in 2013 and was very critical of the LPM and how Specials were being dumped onto LPM teams..... seems I was proved right. I guess quite a few people posting on this thread have since become regulars, one post by PC-Norff (who in 2013 had a week in as a regular was interesting), I wonder how he's doing now. Especially as officers with that length of service would I believe would now be in play for Competency Related Pay in the form of "ARC". I feel really sorry for the younger in service regulars and am really surprised but respectful of anyone still trying to do their bit for the greater good as a Special.
  2. Stepping Down in Grade

    I was a Special 9 years ago.... and really enjoyed it (as my early posts here will testify)..... but 8 years in as a regular and seen quite a bit of differing policing I am not at all surprised to hear that you feel this way. 9 years ago I felt as a Special I was appreciated but I would just feel like I was plugging huge gaps in the front line now. Like regulars you are nothing more than a number and for every genuinely appreciative more senior officer there will be another 10 who see you as nothing more than a number, a commodity, unimportant in the greater scheme of things. So the fact you have even come to this realisation suggests to me that you should be standing down, you should question your suitability as a Special and you should do something else that gives you satisfaction but doesn't make you feel used. It beggers belief to me that forces still get keen, wide eyed Specials, I guess many in the hope of becoming regulars and believe me that's not it's cracked up to be. Anyone thinking of becoming a Special and especially a regular should think very very carefully in my opinion.
  3. MSC and the New Policing Model

    Not posted here for ages but will try to be brief.... I'm a regular on a LPT and was a Special.... Firstly LPM is not working... as said quite a few pages back... Response Teams are still struggling, 4+ S grades outstanding is common. Many Response officers remain abstracted due to Level 2 or are sick/injured and LPT officers are then having to man up. In the meantime the LPT's are having to pretty much mop up everything else (constant watches, crime scenes, hospital guards) in a completely disorganised, disconnected way. In the meantime many of the old often unseen SNT type tasks are still needing to be done and then on top of this we have investigate routine screened in crimes (often griefy time consuming harassments). The LPT's have to put out 3 reporting cars on an early and a late turn further limiting our numbers. Add to this that the vast majority of LPT officers are probationers or have been sitting in offices for many years. Then there is the shift pattern which is UTTER poo.... mostly late turns you can say good bye to your social or family life... last week for example I barely saw my family for 4 days! I think that the LMP is doomed.... but of course it will be sold as a massive success and then quietly changed perhaps when the current leadership get made Sirs and are given golden handshakes. In my opinion SNT as was is well and truly dead now, the days of PCSO's are numbered and the only way to rescue this situation is to parade all uniform officers as "Responders" working a 24hr response shift and each day assigned a role/task dependent on the requirements of that day. As far as Specials go we've had 3 just turn up over the past couple of weeks... having seen available shifts on MSConline.... this just doesn't work. For starters we may have had limited numbers of available PC's who themselves may have had other plans. Also each of these Specials, as keen as they were, were not IPS. I think the Met more than ever is just using Specials as fodder... to bolster LPT's in an attempt to appear to have more officers on the street. I've tried to be helpful, supporting and positive with these Specials but I ultimately have to ask "Why".... and they concede that it's because they too want to be Regulars. It really frustrates me that the job wants me to develop and mentor probationers and Specials (just as I was) at the same time as they are stopping many of us from moving to roles that we've wanted to move to for our own develop or progression. Add to that the Winsor stuff and even a helpful, dutiful person such as myself thinks.... I've had enough. I really enjoyed being a Special but things have changes, the goalposts have well and truly moved.... in the same position now I would not join the MSC and most definitely not contemplate being a regular....
  4. Shift Changes

    Ben, have a look at this... http://www.lancashirepolfed.org.uk/what/faqs.htm#20 Assuming exigencies apply (and it has a slightly different interpretation to what I have seen before), then they can change you as long as you are warned at the latest the day before.
  5. Shift Changes

    You must have two days rest in any 14 day period I believe... although those days of rest can be at either end of that period.... you might be able argue that one if it now means you are working more days before a break.
  6. Shift Changes

    Looks like it was the Olympic Hotline.... have you tried it anyway?
  7. Shift Changes

    I'm not sure to be honest Ben... but I have definitely noted a move to just changing individual shifts around on a whim... usually to satisfy BHH's lust for Big Bird Of Prey days! I won't email our Fed reps... I think you would be better of calling the Fed hotline... I found them quite helpful.... The eleven hour thing is quite clear though.... so always insist on that unless exigencies apply.
  8. Winsor Report - Part 2

    I think I'd have to make a fair few assumptions.... and perhaps focus on NPPS first as it is the simpler scheme to compare against.... If I get time tomorrow I'll have a stab at it.
  9. Winsor Report - Part 2

    Hi all... just wondered if anyone has tried putting together their own spreadsheet (CmdKeen perhaps)... that better illustrates the losses/benefits... I personally think the Home Office calculator is unclear... deliberately so.... I want to see a comparison of what I could have got and what I will now get... also taking into account increased contributions... I might have a go at this tomorrow... but don't want to re-invent the wheel if anyone else has already done it.
  10. Winsor Report - Part 2

    On the PO thread there is this link... https://www.policeconstables.org/news/a-message-from-the-chairs Unbelievable that they can't even communicate with us... sign up now...
  11. Winsor Report - Part 2

    Labour did a lot of wrongs during their administration... we know that... the Tories keep reminding us of that... but the Tories if anything more so than ever are on a mission of social re-enginereering in their favour. It all about the haves and the have not's, seen and not be heard, know your place, have greed will prosper! The Tories run down public services in the 80's to then sell them off, they also introduced a internal market and PFI into the NHS (which is really suffering now because of it). I was foolish enough to think policing would be immune.
  12. Winsor Report - Part 2

    As expected we have been well and truly shafted... only the few with less that ten to go etc. are saved the execution. I wish I had never joined four years ago.... and I want this government to rot in hell... with the previous squandering government.
  13. Family finances when starting as a PC

    You also need to factor in pension contributions at 10.5% and rising each year until 2015... At that point it is uncertain what will happen around pensions although a career average... pay more get less scheme is likely. I assume you have looked at the Winsor recommendations.... these significantly affect pay and conditions.... when I joined I did the sums and thought it would be OK after a few years despite taking a 10k pay cut... I was very wrong. Obviously our circumstances are different but if you are looking for a well paid job (relative to impact on life or home/work life balance) then look elsewhere. Sorry to be negative but if things might be tight then expect them to get tighter... I would hold onto that policy just in case.
  14. Paying for courses

    I have no idea who you are talking about! :new_hmmm:
  15. Paying for courses

    As I say I didn't hear this for myself so perhaps there is some kind of sponsorship involved, but the way it was mentioned to me is that said Specials would use their own money to get an IRV course. Presumably as a skill for use in the job but also to improve their driving, I guess in the same way as doing an advanced driving course as a civilian. The issue with the bicycle thing is not I believe the courses, but the kit so it follows that if the Special pays for the kit he will get a course. On the topic of sponsoring, I and my colleagues before have tried to get community sponsorship for a car.... absolutely no interest whatsoever... I know that some boroughs have been successful with this though. Be interesting to see how the vehicle fleet is shared with Response, CID, BSU, etc... when LPT's are implemented.