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  1. Searching people for ID

    Hi all, not posted in a while but recently have come into contact with my local force (I'm BTP) more and more and have seen a worrying trend where their officers are searching people for ID PRIOR to arrest or even telling them they're detained. Big no no in my book, complete abuse of power much like getting "hands on" with people before telling them "you are detained" Just wondered if anyone else had seen this? PS: Don't even get me started on not saying GOWISELY before a search!
  2. Sleepy BTP

    Arrests......really not the be all and end all of policing guys. I had 1 (yes ONE) in 4 (yes FOUR) years as a special before joining as a PC. Did that make me a rubbish special? No. Could I think outside the box Arresting someone is such a small part of the job and really is the LAST resort. Taking away someone's liberty is a big thing and with the changes to PACE Code G there are so many other ways of dealing with offenders. Arrests don't make a competent and effective officer, if you think that way then you've been watching too many TV shows and have clearly joined for the wrong reasons imho. Keep up the good work. I still value the work of specials and will never forget where I came from.
  3. BTP Application Process

    Good luck. If its at the same place my 2 previous ones have been at there's a bout 3 tube stations near by, best one is Gt. Portland St which you can get to from Kings X. If you're from N. Cambs have you got in touch with your local office for a "ridealong" at all? Well worth it - I did so 6 years ago before I joined the specials and I'm now a PC
  4. BTP recruiting transferee's

    Just saw this on our twitter feed...
  5. Non-Police Warrant Card Holders

    Aye, I would lad :new_shades:
  6. Non-Police Warrant Card Holders

    How are people when you ask them SBG? I imagine if I started to be more "robust" it could cause people to get mardy and think I was being an overbearing PC acting above his station. I'd like to do it more but at a barrier line at Rush Hour you'd soon get a queue forming!
  7. PCSO to Regs

    Agreed. Well said. Enjoy the PCSO role whilst you can matey. If you want to be a PC that badly you could become very frustrated very quickly. I've met alot of people who waned to be a PC but either joined as a SC or PCSO and got bored very quickly with the PCSO role. I was a SC as a means to an end (being a PC) and didn't expect to be one for very long. 4 years it took me to get in a PC and I was frustrated for about 3 years of that! Not having a go but so many PCSO's come through wanting to be PC's, it'd be nice to hear someone actually say "I want to be a PCSO" rather than using it as a stepping stone. Good luck
  8. Non-Police Warrant Card Holders

    well ACPO were made aware and wrote to the relevant people pointing out the likeness and what it may open up the wearers too. At first it was withdrawn from sale but has come back on the market. I think its just a bit sad really, if you want to be a cop join the police rather than be some sort of Walt :new_shades: like this guy... Pun pardoned :new_hmmm:theres nothing wrong with people walking round with Pseudo Police badges? Its dangerous and whilst I agree it does say SIA on it how many know this is the security industry body and not some government agency? And NO I'm not saying the Police are the only people allowed to wear tactical kit, see my post above for what I think about such types :new_shades:
  9. Non-Police Warrant Card Holders

    With the amount of different forces travelling to and from London from the home counties you could have Met, MOD, Essex, CoLP, BTP, Herts, Beds etc etc and with the Brunswick Star emblem which is associated with the Police I'd say it could be mistaken and probably have. Put yourself at a barrier line when a London train empties out with almost a thousand people passing through and a load of people flashing leather wallets with shiny badges and and it can be quite easy. It must be an individual thing then as we all know there is alot of Mitty type's out there that would love a badge, and like you said its supply and demand.
  10. BBC;Norfolk and Suffolk police control room merger: PCCs disagree

    I don't buy the whole "they don't have local knowledge" argument, its quite small minded and when backed into a corner will always be used in situations like this. This is my neck of the woods so I do have an interest in this but we are heading towards a regional policing model and working for a national force I can see the benefits. There is a human side to it with inevitable job losses which is the sad side but things change and life goes on.
  11. Non-Police Warrant Card Holders

    Indeed...boxes and boxes worth of latex gloves and plasters I imagine (without being cruel)
  12. Non-Police Warrant Card Holders

    Good on you. Maybe the same result from the recent Equine clothing that closely resembles police uniform could be in order? ACPO listened and acted so bravo to them
  13. Can we keep the whole Stevenage thing on the QT please? The subject about when it does open shouldn't be discussed on here. Its operational info as far as far as I'm concerned. Sorry to be a party pooper. :new_shades:
  14. As a BTP officer I regularly see people "badging" it through railway barrier lines. This topic hasn't been started to debate the rights and wrongs and the do's and don'ts of this practice. All the Police Forces have their own rules as do the various train operating companies (TOCS) so we'll park that one for now. I have heard via the grapevine about instances where staff have questioned people or let them through with "Pseudo Warrant Cards" and badges that looked like a police badge "but didn't recognise the force" type scenario. I've always wondered what they meant but whilst surfing a popular online auction site I found the following:- Now you'd really have to look hard to realise this is NOT the badge of a Police Officer and if I was manning a barrier line and this got flashed at you you'd have a hard time distinguishing. SO...the question is:- Is this another example of security officers adopting a Quasi-Police approach? Much like the whole magnum booted, duty belt, tac vest & ear piece wearing guys do where people actually think they are Cops? Or is this simply a snazzy leather wallet to keep your accreditation nice and tidy? Image source
  15. Home Office: Police workforce tables 30th September 2013 (Updated March 2014)

    8.4% rise in (FTE) officers with BTP, good too see ;-)