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  1. Not much :( Had the weekend off work tho so its not all too bad :p xxxxxxxx

  2. Hey Im good thanks you ?

  3. jus the usual babe work work work lol how out u ?? xxxxx

  4. Not bad hunny :) You been up to much? xxxxxxxx

  5. hey babe hows you been xxxx

  6. hi bsbes got my email sayin i be gettin some pre-course work stuff so def in

  7. march babes so scared

  8. hey hows you been xx

  9. hey my lovely am fine fanx xxx

  10. i have to re-submit an application again then it should be Feb or March as it was that wuick last time (i hope i pass the paper sift again and nail the pirt this time :)

  11. not to sure either this year or next!! not too long till you retake your PIRT tests is it??

  12. I bet you cant! when are you thinking of applying to the regs?