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  1. Police forces get £341,000 for 3D road crash scanners

    Kent are getting two
  2. RPU Hi-Viz load vests

    I only can't have one as funding issue. if i offer to pay, won't be a problem...will raise it with co-ordinator. Thanks
  3. My boss just told me in my PDR to stop asking if he's state 12 for disciplinary matters... never even realised i was... not that he would understand it anyway!! I am liking pisticuffs a lot!! I have one controller who responds ovarrrrrrrrrr, and we have a competition during nights to see who can get to the longest and highest pitch ovarrrrrrrrrrrrr. I remeber one particularly busy night when the controller thanked us for attending yet another immediate and i hummed the Superman tune down the radio to her...cue much laughter from said controller followed by coughing fit so she couldn't broadcast anything!!
  4. RPU Hi-Viz load vests

    Good point, however Turner Virr don't supply them, and the co-ordinator said only traffic get them. However if i can get them through the official supplier, as they are the force choice, it should ok the insurance issue.
  5. NCALT

    Loving the new look NCALT! Finally something easy to use and look around!! It's even encouraged me to learn some completely pointless topics!!
  6. RPU Hi-Viz load vests

    Hey all, Does anybody know who the supplier is for the HV load vests that RPU use? I want to get one for cycling duties as they would be better than the full on cycle jacket we get issued. Fair play i may have to pay for one. Thanks!
  7. "Hmmmm, this wasn't in the job description..."

    Holding a shih-tzu in my arms on a traffic point that had escaped from a house and a kindly member of the public dumped in my arms and having the Chief Inspector drive past, pull over, wind down his window, raise his eyebrow and ask "Is that official issue?"
  8. Christmas phonetic alphabet!

    A - B - Bauble C - Christmas D - E - Eggnog F - G - H - Holly I - J - K - L - M - Merry N - O - P - Prancer Q - R - Rudolph S - Stuffing T - Turkey U - V - W - X - Y - Yuletide Z -
  9. Police Specials

    Good Luck!
  10. nKPM

    Morning folks. Just wondered how you were all finding nKPM and whether it has made a great difference to your policing? Any good or bad experiences of it? Cheers!
  11. Home Visit

    I can assure you knowing of these things from my day job and holding said DV, not many people within the police service will hold it. I am higher cleared than the people who were doing my vetting which felt slightly odd. Dv is a highly intrusive vetting, and one which the police could not sustain due to the high cost of all that is required, perhaps only highly specialist departments cleared. I won't go into detail as to what it involves, but when i originally started the day job with simple SC (as is required by police), there was no home visit involved. Probably Kent being weird again
  12. A10

    I get the feeling Gareth doesn't do compliant... it must be a Medway thing!!
  13. A10

    Can i just say to you guys, whoever the male was with sc scaramamamamamamama... you were both superb and are welcome to watch my back any excellent use of OST, even if you haven't done it yet, Gareths never had to draw a condensation smiley face with his nose before!!
  14. A10

    See you all at Stop/Search tomorrow folks, i am the nice smiley assessor
  15. Blackberry Anonymous

    I'd feel lost without my Baby, sorry BB...