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  1. Torches

    hey, I've got a p3d and i'm a little fed up of spending a fortune of the batteries, anyone got rechargeable cr123's? or can advise? I was looking on the fenix website £30 for a set and charger but wanted some advice before i plunged in! cheers
  2. Polishing boots

    Noticed you had decided just to pull the toe cap anyway - but the best bet is to wear you boots in for a good few weeks - to create the natural creases! The boots aren't designed to be polished just below the tongue to a shiney standard but a bit of polish just to help keep the boot, and make it last longer! If you dont wear it in for a good while you will find the polish will just crack off! Just a bit of a heads up on the 'melting' technique - It wont last - looks good for a while but give it a shift on the street and there will be alot of tears and tea drinking! Not much chance of getting the bull back on them after they have been scrapped along the road while wrestling with someone! The old water, polish, cloth, circles and some effort makes it alot easier to get the scratches/scrapes that come with the job out of the boots! and your Best bet is just to use some good old elbow grease! Melting the polish just destroys it and your boots, cuts the life of your boots in half if not more, trust me, been there done it and seen it happen way too many times! and if you put in a wee bit of effort your boots can go from this - to this even after 3 years of heavy service! :D just proves that magnums can be bulled -- and thats after a shift on the street!! Oh and as for getting the micky taken? Nah they will prob just think your a probbie - that or ex forces. The force is pretty big on standards of dress atm so will only be looked at favourably
  3. Praticals

    Well Joe your not going to be making Cid anytime soon! I am the one who is covered in bruises and has a broken toe :O! Hmmm I probably must admit that the first time around (minus Ross) was far less painful!! Although Ross did steal one of your quotes/actions :O! Yours legs are as wide....!
  4. Praticals

    I would have liked to see you try lock Nicole up, she wasn't coming quietly
  5. Torches

    Right I have well and truley got the torch collecting bug! with 2 surefires, a couple fenix's and a handful of tesco cheepo's under my belt - i fancy getting something more weighty - a maglite! any suggestions for what to get are the led ones far better that the normal ones? which size - wheres best to buys and also where to get engraved etc! thanks in advance!
  6. Torches

    Hey, eventually ended up getting myself a fenix p3d ce - and i love it highly recommended! I tried the old link for the CR123A batteries at 7dayshop.com but unfortunately they have stopped selling them, anyone have any good links for a cheap but decent lot of them, bit dubious about getting some from eBay thanks
  7. Torches

    The other half is getting me a new torch for my christmas, as he lost my surefire! So been looking at the Fenix ones, Cant decide between a tk10 or a P3D Any suggestions? thanks! p.s also is there anywhere in London that stocks Fenix ? At all? Heading down for some Christmas shopping. edit - p.s
  8. Restricted Occupations

    Gather it would be the same for the OTC then? Another thing, I read you can not be deeply involved in politics/have to abstain from an active part? Sort of confused me a little at reading there are 2 MP’s who are?! Just got me thinking would that count as being involved in a student politics society? Or does anyone know if they are ok with them?
  9. PS.com photography club?

    Hi Yea i like to play about on photoshop aswell you could spend hours on it and still be finding new things! love leaving just one colour in a photo, especially if its something that is bright and stands out. I dont know if you guys are still on trees, but here is a couple of treeish pictures i took not so long ago. D