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    It’s a spikey. Designed to go in drink bottles to stop your drink being spiked. It’s also useful to stop you stabbing your eye with the airwave aerial !
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    You will need to register again, should take a minute or 2 if that. https://police.community/store/?do=register
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    Hi Essex, I have looked into it but the honest truth is if we removed the news content, we would literally have no new content on the forum, actual user generated content is pretty scarce at the moment, so I can’t see how the news content is impacting upon this? Any threads you are interested in follow them and you will get notified when a new reply is added. We are always open to new ideas on how to increase user generated content, so if anyone has any, please do say. police.community is busy in all areas so if people fancy a busier forum with more user generated content, that is the place to be at the moment.
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    Valid point, will look into it.
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    I carry a second pair of force issued cuffs in my kit bag too and spot on about if you want an extra pair; just ask stores for them. And when you go to a cannabis factory during the day where the electricity has blown and all the windows are boarded up, you definitely wont need a torch. Just make sure you ate lots of carrots the night before. Besides which, those with tac-vests might not have any of that on their belt.
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    You misunderstand. I'm advising him that if he turns up on his first shift with customised kit, he will look a wally. It's like me telling you not to put a tea-cosy on your head because you'll look a plonker.