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    Retest of both eyes? I suppose for both, it should be called an 'eyes test'...
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    Do you also wear a cape and use a Police Call Box/Whistle instead of a PR?
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    The met are still buying Monadnock batons, if anyone has been issued a deanside one you can just go into your shared support and ask really nicely if they'll swap yours out. There's a thing on twitter asking everyone who has one to submit a "near miss" everyone it fails to open/close...
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    Mine has; Lightweight waterproof hi-viz jacket. Waterproof hi-viz trousers. Waterproof black trousers. Hand sanitiser Sterile wipes. Spare breath-test tubes Local A-Z FPN holder (with tickets in, obviously) Sunglasses is a sturdy case A pair of slash-proof gloves. A pair of leather gloves that actually fit me. A load of various sized knife tubes. One large knife tube containing a load of sterile swabs. A large evidence bag containing small, medium, large and extra large evidence bags, neatly folded to fit. Spare pens. Spare/old torch A snood. A proper face mask for mouth-to-mouth (not one of those crappy face shields that come in a little packet like a napkin). Tape measure Tyre depth gauge Type pressure gauge Clipboard A copy of Blackstones Operational Handbook Hughes Traffic Guide First aid kit. A large A4 document wallet thing with all my paperwork (DASH books, RTC books, statement papers, burglary packs, CCTV forms, etc etc) Usually a half-drunk-and-now-flat bottle of Lucozade in there somewhere too.