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Another joing the Essex Specials

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    Learning the Ropes

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Posted 13 August 2007 - 10:05 AM

I've been reading these and found them realling interesting.


At school when I was 15 (I'm 24 now) I thought it would be cool to be a Police Officer so when I left school I did a Public Services course and learnt about the Police, Army, Fire Bridgade etc. Whilst on the course I started to learn more and more about the Police and discoved how much of a harsh it can be and thought it was not for me so I quit half way through the 2 year course.

Current Day
Since then I have gone on holiday to various places, seen and experienced many things and have worked at the same company sine I was 17. I was watching something on TV and it made me think I wouldn't mind being in the Police and when I started thinking of the reasons why I didn't want to join many years ago I realised with all my world experience that it was not as bad as I thought. Also with the experience I have now I could make a good Police Officer as I was still immature and naive 16/17 year old.

I decided to apply for the regular Essex Police but I got rejected for my Competencie answers :p
At my work someone mentioned there was people trying to recruit Special Constables so I thought lets give this a look, the gentlemen I spoke to was cool and made it sound great and that there was an open evening the next day at Southend Police Station. I attended the open evening and found it to be very informative, the guys that spoke to us where very open about the job so you felt you could trust what they where telling us.

I applied and passed the paper sift and in time I got a letter giving me the date for my interview and PIRT. I studied as best I could and went though my answers for the interview with my sister which helped greatly. The interview went well but my answer for resilience was no good and had to think of a different answer on the spot and did well. Before the PIRT there was 5 of us sitting around and could not stop giggling as we having a laugh chatting before our test. I wasn't too sure how everything went so I just waited and on the last possible day I got the letter telling me a passed :saint:

I got my letter for the medical and went along and everything went ok like I was expected. I was slightly nervous about vision without my contact lenses but it was the second from top row on the chart you have to read which was easy.

I got my letter on saturday inviting me to training and cannot wait to go along, I only told a couple of friends but I have pretty much told everyone now that I am starting training to be a Special Constable. We had a glass window broken in my house that looks like vandalism so my mum called the Police and when th officer turned up I stuck around to look at the uniform and see what they did, the crime report was very detailed for a piece of broken glass. :whistle:

I can't wait and will read my induction pack. If you want to say anything or got words of advice please feel free to pm me. :lol:

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    Learning the Ropes

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Posted 10 September 2007 - 11:37 AM

Yesterday I completed day 2 of training and thought I would give some information on how it has gone so far.

The class was originally about 24/25 but have been divided into 2 so as make training easier I imagine. There was 4 of us out of 5 that where from when I had my interview and PIRT which was nice. We taught various things and had to do some signing of forms, one of them being the official secrets act, we also watched a video on data protection. We where given some material to learn and was told to memorise the Police caution.

The second training was going through some of the things that we have read, one of the points we discussed was diversity and it is amazing how many different examples where given. We discussed the whole process of Police. We also watched a BBC documentary on racism in the Police that was not very nice to watch. During the class random people where asked to say the caution and where all able to say the caution without problems, I was one of the random people asked :whistle:

So far everything is going good and can happily say that everybody in my class is cool and eager to learn and will help make the learning process easier. Also out teacher is a very good teacher in my opinion and easy to ask question if you have any.

I never thought I would say this but I can't wait for every sunday :saint:

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