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Follows a Glossary, an excellent idea from one of our members 5874. Click here for details. Please bear in mind that some might be unique to certain Forces though most cover the majority.

5x5x5 - The National Intelligence inputting model

ABH - Actual Bodily Harm
ABC - Acceptable Behaviour Contract
ABI - Association of British Insurers
ACC - Assistant Chief Constable
ACPO - Association of Chief Police Officers
ACPORP - Association of Chief Police Officers Road Policing Committee
ACR - Area Control Room
ACR - Automated Crime Recording (crime/offence data entered onto computers which allocate Crime Numbers and available to all officers with access to that particular sytem)
ACS - Access Control System
ACU - Area Crime Unit
ADASB - Agricultural Development and Advisory Service
ADO - Area Development Officer

A/DO - Acting Divisional (or District) Officer (Special Constabulary equivalent Inspector)
ADP - Automatic Data Processing
ADS - Accredited Document Set
AEA - Approved Enforcement Agency
AEAC - Atomic Energy Authority Constabulary
AFO - Authorised Firearms Officer
AFR - Automatic Fingerprint Recognition
AIS(M) - Aeronautical Information Service (Military)
AIU - Accident Investigation Unit
ALSAR - Association of Lowland Search and Rescue
ALTARIS - Command and Control System
ANPR - Automatic Number Plate Recognition
AP - Aggrieved Party/Person
APA - Association of Police Authorities
APS - Accelerated Promotion Scheme
APS - Acting Police Sergeant
APSG - Accelerated Promotion Scheme for Graduates
AQOA - All Quiet on Arrival
ARCC - Aeronautical Rescue Coordination Centre
ARU - Armed Response Unit
ARV - Armed Response Vehicle
ASB/O - Anti Social Behaviour/Order
ASNT - Area Searched - No Trace
ASP - The extending steel baton which replaced the traditional wooden truncheon (Armament Systems Procedures)
A/SO - (Special Constabulary equivalent Acting Sergeant)

ASU - Air Support Unit
ATO - Area Training Officer
ATS - Automated Traffic Signal
AVLS - Automated Vehicle Location System

B&E - (Now) Break and Enter (in progress)
BC - Basic Check (vetting)
BCU - Borough Command Unit
BCU - Basic Command Unit
BID - Burglary in a Dwelling
BIU - Business Information Unit
Black Mariah - prisoner carrying van
Black Rat or Gutter Rat - Traffic Officer anyone know why?!
BO - Bound Over
BOB - Breach of Bail
BoP - Breach of the Peace
Bridewell - Custody office
BTP - British Transport Police
BVPI - Best Value Performance Indicator

C&C - Command and Control
C&U - Vehicle Construction and Use Regulation
C&YP - Children and Young Persons Act
CAC - Charged and At Court (custody term)
CARMS - Computer Aided Resource Management System
CBM/(O) - Community Beat Manager/(Office[r])
CCC - Central Command Complex
CCRB - Central Command Complex
CCU - Computer Crime Unit
CDO - Civilian Detention Officer
CESG - Communications - Electronic Security Agency
CHC - Call Handling Centre
CICB - Criminal Injuries Compensation Board
CID - Criminal Investigation Department
CIS - Criminal Investigation System
CIU - Collision Investigation Unit (same as AIU)
CJA - Criminal Justice Act statement
CJU - Criminal Justice Unit
CJX - Criminal Justice Xtranet
CLI - Call Line Identification
CMS - Casefile Management System
CMU - Crime Management Unit
CMU - Criminal Monitoring Unit
CNC - Civil Nuclear Constabulary (formerly UKAEAC - The UK Atomic Energy Authority Constabulary)
CNCD - Consignment Note and Customs Declaration
COG - Chief Officers Group
CoLP - City of London Police
COMAH - Control of Major Accident Hazards
Comms - The divisional and/or communications room
CPA - Child Protection Agency
CPA - Crime Pattern Analysis
CPIA - Criminal Procedure and Investigations Act
CPO - Crime Prevention Officer
CPS - Crown Prosection Service
CPU - Child Protection Unit
CRISP - Cross Regional Information Sharing Project
CRB - Criminal Records Bureau
CRO - Criminal Records Office
CRR - Community Race Relations
CRT - Custody Reception Team (also see PPU & PHT)
CS - CS spray, from initials of developer
CSB - Community Safety Bureau
CSI - Crime Scene Investigator (also known as SOCO)
CSM - Crime Scene Manager
CSO - Community Support Officer
CSP - Communications Service Providers
CSR - Confidential Source Register
CSU - Court Support Unit
CTO - Central Ticket Office
CTS - Counter Terrorist Check
CVRS - Contract Vehicle Recovery Scheme
CVU - Commercial Vehicle Unit
CYP - Child/Youth Protection (generally a form to be filled in when having dealt with children/young people conceivably at risk)

D&D - Drunk and Disorderly
D&I - Drunk and Incapable
DAAT - Drug and Alcohol Action Team
DAF - Data Acquisition Facility
DAHCU - Domestic Abuse & Hate Crime Unit
DCC - Deputy Chief Constable
DCI - Detective Chief Inspector
DDI - Direct Dial Inward
DDO - Designated Detention Officer
DHQ - Divisional Headquarters
DI - Detective Inspector
DIC - Driver Improvement Course
DIC - Drunk in Charge (of a motor vehicle)
DIO - Divisional Intelligence Officer
DIO - Drugs Intelligence Officer
Disqual - Disqualified (from driving)
Div - Division (also see BCU)
Dizzy - Disqualified (from driving)
DL - Driving Licence
DnC or D&C - not Devon & Cornwall but Discipline & Complaints Dept (or to some, drunk in charge) - see also PSD
DNP - Detected (with) No Proceedings
DO - Divisional Officer (Special Constabulary equivalent Inspector)
DOA - Dead On Arrival
DOB - Date Of Birth
DP - Detained Person (i.e. someone under arrest)
DPG - Diplomatic Protection Group
DPA - Data Protection Act
DPP - Director of Public Prosecutions
DPR - Detained Person's Room (generally for juveniles where room is not as austere as cell)
DRS - Driver Rectification Scheme
DSS - Department of Social Security
DTLR - Department of Transport, Local Government and the Regions
DV - Developed Vetting
DVC - Domestic Violence Coordinator
DVI - Disaster Victim Identification
DVLA - Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority
DVLC - Driver and Vehicle Licensing Centre
DVU - Divisional Video User

EAH - Early Administrative Hearing
ECHR - European Convention of Human Rights
EGT - Evidence Gathering Team
EHO - Environmental Health Officer
ELO - Explosives Liaison Officer
ELVIS - Easy Link Vehicle Information System
EMDS - Electronic Messaging Delivery Service
EO - Enquiry Office
EO - Equal Opportunities
EOD - Explosives Ordnance Disposal
EPIC - Emergency Procedures Information Centre
ESE - Electronic Security Environment
ETA - Estimated Time of Arrival
ETD - Estimated Time of Departure

F&A - Finance and Assets
FBO - Football Banning Order
FBOA - Football Banning Order Authority
FCC - Force Communications Centre
FCOU - Force Crime Operations Unit
FCP - Forward Control Point
FCR - Forward Control Room
FEC - Force Enquiry Officer
FEO - Firearms Enquiry Officer
FI4 - Force Intelligence Report
FIB - Force Intelligence Bureau
FIM - Force Incident Manager
FIO - Force Intelligence Officer
FIS - Force Intelligence System
FIT - Field Impairment Tests
Fitech - Fitness & health assessment undertaken during police training
FIU - Force Intelligence Unit
FLINTS - Forensics Led Intelligence System
FLO(T) - Family Liaison Officer (Traffic)
FLO - Football Liaison Officer
FME - Forensic Medical Examiner
FMIT - Force Major Incident Unit
FMT - Forensic Management Team
FOI - Freedom of Information
FP - Found Property
FPN - Fixed Penalty Notice
FSM - Firearms Scene Manager
FSS - Forensic Science Service
FSSL - Forensic Science Service Laboratory
FSU - Family Support Unit
FSU - Firearms (or Force) Support Unit
FTA(B) - Failure to Answer (Bail) (Bench Warrant for arrest is then issued)
FTA - Fail To Appear
FTC - Fatal Traffic Crash
FTS - Fail To Stop

GBH - Grevious Bodily Harm
GCHQ - Government Communications Headquarters
GEO - General Enquiry Office
GIS - Geographical Information System
GMP - Greater Manchester Police
GMT - Greenwich Mean Time
GPMS - Government Protective Marking Scheme
GSB - Gold Silver Bronze Command Structure
GTA - Government Technical Advisor
Gutter Rat (or Black Rat) - Traffic Officer

H&S - Health and Safety
H2H - House to House
HA - Highways Agency
HA - Home Address
HCO - Harassment Contact Officers
HF - Fire Brigade (now replaced by JS)
HGV - Heavy Goods Vehicle (now LGV, Large Goods Vehicle)
HMIC - Her Majesty´s Inspector of Constabulary
HMIC - Her/His Majesty's Inspectorate of Constabulary
HMP - Her Majesty´s Prison
HO - Home Office
HOLAB - Home Office Laboratory Form
HOLAB - Home Office Laboratory form used when submitting forensics to the labs
HOLMES - Home Office Large Major Enquiry System
HOPD - Home Office Prison Department
HORT/1 - Home Office Road Traffic Part 1 (form issued at the roadside for the driver to produce stated documents at driver nominated station when the HORT2 is completed and returned to the officer)
HQ - Headquarters
HVP - High Visibility Patrol

ICJS - Integrated Criminal Justice System
ICPO - International Criminal Police Organisation
ICRP - International Commission on Radiological Protection
ICT - Information, Communications and Technology
IED - Improvised Explosive Device
IHC - Incident Handling Centre (Control Room)
IIO - Initial Investigating Officer
IIU - Information Integrity Unit
ILET - International Liaison and Enquiry Team
IM - Information Management
IMS - Information Management System
IMU - Incident Management Unit
IND - Immigration and Nationality Directorate
IO - Investigating Officer
IP - Injured Party
IPA - International Police Association
IPCC - Independent Police Complaints Commission (replaced the PCA - Police Complaints Authority)
IRT - Incident Respose Team (Force specific, here it refers to rapid response vehicles)
IR Car - Incident Response Vehicle
IR - Immediate Response
IRIR - Incident Requiring Immediate Response
IRR - Ionising Radiation Regulations
IS - Information Systems
ISB - Intelligence and Security Branch
ISO - Information Security Officer
ISU - Information Services Unit
IT - Information Technology
ITSG - Information Technology Steering Group
ITTU - Information Technology Training Unit

JBB - Joint Branch Board (Police Federation)
JCC - Joint Central Committee (Police Federation)
JDQ - Job Description Questionnaire
JIC - Joint Intelligence Coordinator
JNCC - Joint Negotiating Consultative Committee
JS - Fire Brigade
JSSCC - Joint Support Staff Consultative Committee

KEE - Knowledge Evaluation Exercise - Paper Exam
KH - Keyholder
KPI - Key Performance Indicator

LALO - Local Authority Liaison Officer
LAGLO - Lesbian and Gay Liaison Officer
LAN - Local Area Network
LCN - Low Copy Number
LGV - Light or (though more commonly) Large (Heavy) Goods Vehicle
LIO - Local Intelligence Office

MACC - Military Assistance to the Civilian Community (such as in flooding or even, theoretically, rioting) - the origins of the two letter MACC code that each for has e.g. MP (the Met), CK (GMP), BD (Lancs)
MAFF - Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (merged in 2002 into DEFRA)
MAIB - Marine Accident Investigation Branch
MAN - Metropolitan Area Network
MAPPP - Multi Agency Public Protection Panel
MAST - Mutual Aid Support Team
MAST - Mobile Armed Surveillance Team
MCA - Maritime and Coastguard Agency
MDT - Mobile Data Terminal
MEG - Merlin Editorial Group
MEMS - Merseyside Police Enquiry Management System
MFH - Missing From Home
MFH - Missing From Home (same as a Misper)
MFS - Merseyside Fire Service
MIA - Management Information & Analysis
MID - Motor Insurance Database
MIR - Major Incident Room
MIRSAP - Major Incident Room Standard Administrative Procedure
Misper - Missing Person
MLH - Multiple Licence Holder
MO - Modus Operandi (Method of Operation- the way the crime has been committed)
MODACE - Management of Disaster and Civil Emergency
Modplod - Ministry of Defence Police officer
MoE - Method of Entry
MoP - Member of the Public
MOPS - Manual of Protective Security
MOT - Ministry of Transport Test
MOWP - Make off Without Payment (also known as 'Bilking')
MP - Member of Parliament
MPS - Metropolitan Police Service
MRT - Mountain Rescue Team
MST - Management Support Team
MSX - Message Switch
MV - Management Vetting

N/T - No Trace
NACRO - National Association for the Care and Resettlement of Offenders
NAFIS - National Automatic Fingerprint Identification System
NAI - Non Accidental Injury
NASS - National Asylum Support Service
NCEC - National Chemical Emergency Centre
NCF - National Crime Faculty
NCIS - National Criminal Intelligence Service
NCS - National Crime Squad
NEBR - Nuclear Emergency Briefing Room
NFA - No Fixed Abode/No Further Action
NFA - No Further (police) Action
NFIU - National Football Intelligence Unit
NIHHS - Notification of Installations Handling Hazardous Substances
NIM - National Intelligence Model
NIREP - Nuclear Industry Road Emergency Plan
NISCC - National Infrastructure Security Coordination Centre
NMIS - National Management Information System
NO(I)P - Notice Of (Intended) Prosecution
Nominal - A person with a [usually criminal] record on a police computer system eg. Mr Jones is a well known nominal
NOK - Next of Kin
NPT - Neighbourhood Patrol/Policing Team (Force specific, here it refers to foot/cycle patrols as opposed to motor patrols)
NPPV - Non Police Personnel Vetting
NRPB - National Radiological Protection Board
NSPIS - National Strategy for Police Information Systems
NSY - New Scotland Yard
NVC - Non Verbal Communication
NYK - Not Yet Known

OAP - Offences Against the Person Act
OCU - Operational Command Unit
OHU - Occupational Health Unit
OIC - Officer In Charge
OIOC - Officer In Overall Command
OJEC - Official Journal of the European Communities
Open Door - Organisational Personnel Management System
OPL - Over the Prescribed Limit (drink driving)
OR ATT - Officers Report Attached
OSC - Office of the Surveillance Commissioners
OSCE - Organisation for Security and Co operation in Europe
OSIS - Operational & Strategic Information System
OST - Officer Safety Training
OSU - Operational Support Unit
OTD - Other Than Dwelling

PAA - Police Athletic Association
PACC - Police Authority Community Consultation
PACE - Police & Criminal Evidence Act 1984
PACE - Police and Criminal Evidence (Act)
PBE - Pocket Book Entry
PC - Police Constable
PCSO - Police Community Support Officer
PCV - Passenger Carrying Vehicle
PDA - Personal Digital Assistant
PDO - Potentially Dangerous Offender
PDP - Personal Development Plan (Record to be kept of progress until signed off as complete)
PDP - Personal Development Portfolio
PDR - Personal/Professional Development Record (for non probationers)
PEA - Public Enquiry Assistant (As SEO [Station Enquiry Officer], font desk staff)
PEACE - interview trained/training. Planning and preparation Engage and explain Account Closure Evaluation
PER - Prisoner Escort Record
PFR - Police Federation Regulations (1969)
PHT - Prisoner Handling Team (also see CRT & PPU)
PI - Participating Informer
PI - Performance Indicator
PII - Public Interest Immunity
PIM - Post Incident Manager
PIN - Personal Identification Number
PIO - Public Information Office
PIR(T) - Police Initial Recruitment (Test)
PITO - Police Information Technology Organisation
PLG - Private/Light Goods (referring to vehicle)
PLO - Proscribed Limit Offence/Offender - a drink-driver also known as OPL in some force areas
PM - Post Mortem
PMAS - Police Mutual Assurance Society
PMS - Police Management System
PNB - Pocket Note Book
PNB - Police Negotiating Board
PNC - Police National Computer (officers' use ONLY, for person check etc)
PND - Penalty Notice (of) Disorder (similar in operation to FPN but for different offences)
PNLD - Police National Legal Database (Intranet based Police Law guidance covering every legal topic they can think of with comprehensive guidance on and how how to apply that law)
PO - Public Order
POA - Public Order Act
POLAC - Police Accident (one where a police vehicle has been involved)
PolSA - Police Search Advisor
POP - Problem Oriented Policing
POT - Prevention of Terrorism
PPE - Personal Protection Equipment (CS spray, ASP, cuffs)
PPU - Prisoner Processing Unit (also see CRT & PHT)
PPU - Public Protection Unit
PR - Personal Radio
PSD - Professional Standards Department
PS - Police Sergeant
PSDB - Police Scientific Development Branch
PSP - Personal Safety Programme
PSSC - Police Support Staff Council
PSSO - Police Skills and Standards Organisation
PST - Personal Safety Training
PSU - Police Support Unit
PSU - Professional Standards Unit
PSV - Public Service Vehicle
PTC - Police Training Centre
PTI - Physical Training Instructor
PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
PTT - Press To Transmit (button on radio)
PVA - Police Vehicle Traffic Accident
PVC - Police Vehicle Collision
PVI - Police Vehicle Incident
PWITS - Possession With Intent To Supply (relating to illegal drugs)
PYO - Persistent Young Offender

QA - Quick Address
QGJM - Queens Golden Jubilee Medal
QGM - Queens Gallantry Medal
QPM - Queens Police Medal

RAF - Recovered Assets Fund
RCC - Rescue Co ordination Centre
RDL - Rest Day in Lieu
Redcap - Royal Military Police officer
Refs - Refreshments
RID - Review Initiation Document
RIDDOR - Reporting of Injuries, Diseases and Dangerous Occurrences Regulations
RIO - Rail Incident Officer
RIPA - Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000
RIPSA - Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act (Scotland)
RMP - Royal Military Police
RMS - Records Management System (computer system)
RMU - Resource Management Unit
RNC - Released (with) No Charge
RO - Recovery Officer
RO - Regisered Owner (ie a vehicle)
ROSH - Risk of Serious Harm
ROSPA - Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents
ROTI - Record of Taped Interview
ROVI - Record of Video Interview
RPU - Road Policing Unit (what used to be Traffic)
RRD - Re-rostered Rest Day
RSI - Road Side Interview
RSO - Registered Sex Offender
RSO - Road Safety Officer
RSPCA - Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
RT - Radio Transmission (frequency)
RTA - Road Traffic Accident (seldom heard now, see below)
RTC - Road Traffic Collision (seldom heard now, see below)
RTI - Road Traffic Incident (current thinking is that there is never an accident or crash, there is always a cause/blame)
RTRA - Road Traffic Regulations Act
RV - Recruitment Vetting
RV - Rendezvous/Meeting
RVP - Rendezvous Point

SA - Specialist Advisor
SAMM - Support after Murder and Manslaughter
SAR - Search And Rescue
SARA - Scanning, Analysis, Response and Assessment
SB - Special Branch
SC - Security Check
SC - Special Constable
SCC - Senior Command Course
SDD - Strategic Development Department
SEE - Skills evaluation Exercise - Roleplays
SEO - Station Enquiry Officer (front desk staff)
SGLR - Senior Government Liaison Representative
SIA - Security Industry Authority (mandatory licencing system for door staff)
SIO - Senior Investigating Officer
SLA - Service Level Agreement
SLP - Self Loading Pistol
Snowdrop - RAF Police officer
SNT - Safer Neighbourhood Patrol/Policing Team (this does vary and will be Force specific but here relates to foot/cycle as opposed to motor patrols)
SO - Section (or Sector) Officer (Special Constabulary equivalent Sergeant)
SOC - Scene of Crime
SO - Section Officer (Special Constabulary)
SOCO - Scenes of Crimes Officer (also known as CSI)
SOCPA - Serious Organised Crime and Police Act (introduced Jan 1st 2005 with big changes to arrest etc)
SOE - Sexual Offences Examiner
SOEv - Statement of Evidence
SOIT (officer) - Sexual Offences Investigative Techniques (officer)
SORN - Statutory Off Road Notification (pertaining to not displaying valid VEL [below])
SOTO - Sexual Offences Trained Officer
SOU - Special Operations Unit
SP - Seized Property
SPOC - Single Point Of Contact
SSMS - Scientific Support Management System
SSP - System Security Policy
SSU - Scientific Support Unit
SUDI - Sudden Unexpected Death in Infancy
SUFJ - Speaking Up For Justice
SVS - Stolen Vehicle Squad
SYPOS - Guidance & Instructions for Information Security

TA - Tactical Advisor
TAG - Tactical Aid Group (a permanent PSU)
TAU - Tactical Aid Unit
TCG - Tasking and Co ordination Unit
TFT - Tactical Firearms Team
TFU - Tactical Firearms Unit
TIA - Tactical Interview Advisor
TIC - Taken into Consideration
TMV - Theft of Motor Vehicle
TPT - Territorial/Tactical/Targeted Patrol/Policing Team (Response Teams - this does vary and will be Force specific but here relates to motor as opposed to foot patrols)
TRV - Traffic Response Vehicle (multi purpose Traffic/Area Car type thing)
TST - Tactical Support Team (PSU level 1/Special tactics team)
TWLA - Taken Without Lawful Authority (motor vehicle)
TWOC - Taken Without Owners Consent (motor vehicle)

UDT - Unarmed Defence Training/Tactics
UKAEAC - The United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority (Constabulary) - Now known as the Civil Nuclear Constabulary
UKCA - United Kingdom Central Authority
UKPIA - United Kingdom Petroleum Industry Association
UNIRAS - Unified Incident and Reporting Scheme
UTMV - Unauthorised Taking of a Motor Vehicle
UTMV - Unauthorised Taking of a Motor Vehicle

VASCAR - Visual Average Speed Computer And Recorder
VCT - Volume Crime Team
VDR(S) - Vehicle Defect Rectification (Scheme)
VEL - Vehicle Excise Licence (road tax disc)
VES - Victim Examination Suite
VMI - Vehicle Management Information
VODS - Vehicle Online Descriptive Search
VRF - Volunteer Reserve Forces
VRM - Vehicle Registration Mark
VSS - Victim Support Scheme
WAN - Wide Area Network

WCO - Wildlife Crime Officer
WCLO - Wildlife Crime Liaision Officer
WDA - Waste Disposal Authority
WLO - Wildlife Liaision Officer
WMP - West Midlands Police or West Mercia Police
Woodentop - uniformed officer (pejorative - seldom heard now!)

XX - Drunk Driving

YCA - Youths Causing Annoyance
YLO - Youth Liaison Officer
YOT - Youth Offending Team

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