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Atrades Diary

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Posted 28 August 2005 - 10:10 AM

Welljust a top up for you today.....

SOCO came to see me at work yesterday to take photo's of the injuries sustained by the assualt from my prisoner the other day.

I have also being contacted by the other OIC support to inform me that the prisoner has been 47/3 to us for further evidence gathering.

We are taking odds on wether the prisoner does a vanishing act on us or not.????????

Unfortunatley I have to goto work today and tommorow, I am fortunate enough that I have managed to squeeze a day in this week doing public order so I am doing a late turn with the team :) ;) :lol: :lol: :D :whistle: :D :blu: :blu:

Then I break up for my holidays(yes yes yes yes yes)

4 days in paris and 4 days on duty can you ask for a better holiday.

Ok I gotta go and train some new staff today and do some real time work (yawn yawn)

See you all later

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Posted 01 September 2005 - 08:21 AM

Well just a top up today...

I am off on Patrol later today for some duties in Leeds City centre, then I am doing Public Order later tonight.

I have a rubbish week at work so now I am gonna do what I want to do....

Karl is getting stressed out because he is trying to organise our holiday, all I wanna do is get out on my patrol. (O, the simple life)

I will try and post before I go on my Jollys so you know what I have been upto.

Just to let you know I transferred this to WORD format and it is 35 Pages long WOW, you dont realise just how much you actually type on here....

OK See you all later, Im off to play out :lol:

:whistle: :) :D

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Posted 02 September 2005 - 09:42 AM

Well a very good morning to you all....

Hope you are all keeping safe out there in the big bad world.......

Well yesterday as promised I went out and did some public order and Patrol
What a day.....

I took some Tea & Coffee in for the team so I was making my contribution to the team and not always drinking there tea & Coffee so I added biccies and chocolate as well... Figured as much they liked that.

I then got paired in a response vehicle for immediate's with a regular...

We first off all went and tried to lock up a Warrant but as usual to no avail, we cruised on down to the areas that we have to Patrol (Obviously can't tell you, Don’t want any nasty little people knowing the areas we specifically target)

We did that for a couple of hours.

Then halfway through the evening we got called to a person doing naughty things in a public house, so we turned up and ended up locking the person up for D & D when we got back to the cells they ended up getting Monitored then to really do my head in they tried to create a ligature out of there paper suit, then they got that bad the D O's then had to remove there clothing to prevent them trying to self Harm, after they got bored with that they then decided to attempt rude things while naked in the cell to themselves while trying to sleep.

As you can understand I was not very chuffed and I ended up stuck with them until around 2am when they finally woke up I said ok are you going to behave and get dressed then we will get you sorted out and booked out of here.
They said yup, and that was that... - Can you belive it.

I didn’t mind doing the POL1 as I was expecting to have to do it rather than just been dumped with it.

About an hour after I got there some regulars brought in a prisoner who had to be monitored constantly by two officers in the next cell and they stated that they were not prepared to monitor mine as well to my colleague.
So about an hour later the Inspector came down the corridor to check the prisoners and told me that cover was been sorted for me to go, but then in mid sentence it was changed by the Duty Sarge to wake the prisoner if possible and process them.

Then just as I was walking down the corridor the Custody Officer turned round and said to the two officers "by the way you are here all night, from Supervision until SOCO can get here for your prisoner, which will not be until the morning"

I had a big grin on my face as if to say "Touché"

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Posted 04 September 2005 - 06:44 PM

Well good afternoon everyone are you sitting comfortable......

My Diary today is goanna be a bit brief as I am going for my flight to Paris soon.

I was out on patrol in Leeds on Saturday during the day it started off as a bloody awful day I was left standing around for 2 hours doing nothing and the duty Sarge wingeing as to why I hadn't let them know I was coming in when in actual fact I had and if they had checked the duty sheet they would have noticed my book on.

The first call that I got called to was a general domestic between a family wich we managed to sort out pretty quickly, then we did some general stop checks.
We got called to a house were a person for months had been giving kids a jump start and then decided all of a sudden to stop so now the kids had turned to taunting.

What made me larf though when I got there was that the old lady at least 80 years old screamed to the other person "o' the coppers are here, go see what they f*****g want" the fact they called us escaped me, we ended up giving the person some friendly advice about giving youths a jump start for there motor bikes.

We didn't find the elusive youths.......

We then got called to a general domestic wich ended up turning as usual into a bit of a nasty situation, the family was accusing one of the people in the house for screaming at a child and been aggressive, so as per situ we separated all parties and as I was taking one parties details and my colleauge was taking the other parties details the person with my colleauge leaned over and spat at one of the people in the room with me twice nearly hitting me (Shame assault on a police officer charge on it's way) but thank god they missed me and they got themselves locked up for Breach of the Peace, on route to the station we got called every name under the sun, I smiled when he decided to call me a f*****g Queer on numerous occassions, I thought "how ironic, sticks and stones" we eventually got then to bridewell they stated "I pay your f*****g wages, you know" I replied "actually sir, No you don't I do it for free" and walked off with my head hung high and my colleauge a big grin on his face....

I then got broken of from that team to go to briefing with an Inspector as there was no Sarge on duty.

I was paired with another officer and we went out on Patrol then the funniest situation happened ever in my life.

We stopped a kid of about 14 at the top of an hill and he was carrying a BB Machine Gun I took it off him and took his address and told him to go and get his mum, as I wished to speak to her, he gave his details and ran down the hill as we were driving down the hill about 20 youth came around the corner all just wanting to have a (person check) so as my colleauge gets out of the car I get out the other side to go and talk to this kids mum, then 20 kids go white as a ghost and you could have heard a pin drop, as I got out of the vehicle with what looked like a machine gun all we got from the kids was whats going on, and at the same time my colleauge was saying come here we want to speak to you now.

I walk off without saying anything towards this house carrying a (imitation firearm) BB Gun and next minute the whole main road has people out, I walk into the house and I am chatting to the kids mum explaining about carrying a BB gun in the street. then it suddenly dawns on me as to why there was the whole street outside waiting to see what happens next, at the same time I am pointing out to this kid that there is a helicopter above his head and Firearms carrying out an operation at the moment so it wouldn't look too good if he was stood there looking down the barrel of a real gun crapping himself......

We then got called to a real firearms situation were three people had been discharging a firearm in a locality so Firearms were called, when we got called to the property we spoke to the Firearms unit and things had calmed down by then we had to escort three people to the charging office.

I managed to get Escorting officer on 2 of the lockups so that as made me look good on my records......

I then decided to call it a day as while I was at the charging office a POL1 came in and I knew that I would have got shonked looking after the prisoner, and apparently it was a real nightmare as they had to be placed in restraints and a padded cell...

OK I am off on my holidays and I will see you all in a few days time, hopefully I will have some piccies of my hols for you....

:lol: :D :whistle:

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Posted 09 September 2005 - 09:01 AM

Well everyone here is a few pics from our trip to Paris the Gendarmere were Brilliant was chatting about our respective forces and we got the usal "No Guns"
We had a fantastic time all round.

I have shown you the picture of the last supper my Leonardo Da Vinci in the Notre Dame Cathedral (from the Da Vinci Code), I have also shown you my talents at taking a picture of the Eiffell Tower

Attached File  DSC02020.JPG   116.82KB   54 downloadsAttached File  DSC02085.JPG   139.35KB   133 downloads
Attached File  DSC02023.JPG   116.55KB   87 downloadsAttached File  DSC02054.JPG   126.22KB   58 downloads
Attached File  DSC02078.JPG   117.9KB   40 downloadsAttached File  DSC02096.JPG   156.46KB   109 downloads
Attached File  DSC02100.JPG   118.95KB   44 downloadsAttached File  DSC02101.JPG   109.46KB   49 downloads
Attached File  DSC02102.JPG   152.79KB   53 downloads

I will post my Diary from yesterdays duties as soon as possible.


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Posted 11 September 2005 - 08:15 AM

Well good morning all....


Today I was based in the City centre working with the NPT Team doing Patrol with another regular as usual we tried to effect an arrest warrant and to no avail yet again.

I got a couple of 117 checks in the city with the usual people, then as if by look a street robbery fell into my lap as I was having my lunch.

A kid went running past us carrying an item (unfortunately cannot say as it was quite unusual) and was chased for a while through the city we managed to get the goods back and a bag with a nice letter from there doctors in it........

Then we was called up to effect an outstanding warrant in the city centre called up by a PCSO so as we was collecting that I got a Shoplifter at a local store near the arrest, so I got the lock up on the shoplifter.

Which brings my arrest rate to 8

My partner finished for the day then so I decided to do some foot Patrol in the city with a regular officer for a couple of hours and it absolutely belted it down, I mean the heavens opened.


Well today I had a change today as a friend was on duty at another station I went and did a shift with her at Morley.

As soon as we got in we got called to a burglary that had happened during the night at a house with the resident still in the property.
Then we got called to a alarm call and as usual it turned out to be a false alarm.
We then got a 3 x9 call to a house were there was nobody speaking, we got there and it turned out to be a mischievous little boy that was 1 year old and had wheels to manoeuver around the room with and decided to play with the telephone.

Then I got a very sad call to deal with wich took over 2.5 hours to deal with unfortunately I cannot discuss it as it is too risky on an open forum sorry.

A little later we was called to another alarm call and this time we had to sit and wait until the alarm respondent got there for security reasons but there again appeared to be no signs of a break in.

I managed to get a few vehicle checks and 117 stop checks in as well so that chuffed me as I managed to get my rates up.
I then get called to a suspect alarm at a premises that is classed as a priority, when we get there we eventually found the MOE and as it was full of both locked and unlocked vans we decided to get the Dog Section there but they couldn't make it.
So it was down to me and my colleauge so Baton drawn and b***s in my throat I search the premises and they had long gone so we filed a crime and I asked for a couple of items to be added to the log that needed checking for anything suspicious.

Ok thats you lot I am off to a Parade in Leeds City centre today so I may make a posting later on today for you I will see what I can do.

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Posted 12 September 2005 - 03:47 PM

OK another posting for you today


Well today I guided traffic for the women’s international Police force parade in Leeds and they were all taking my photo as I was in uniform.

I was also chatting to a lot of Superintendents from other forces,,,, GULP,,,,,

Then I did a runner as soon as I could....

I was also surprised how some of the specials that have been in longer than me are asking things of me, e.g. how to get on the systems etc... As they still didn’t have access and other things like that. Surprisingly really, but I try t get them sortd as quickly as I can to help them.

Anyway as soon as the special duties were completed I skedaddled over to the Team for a while but they ended up coming back inside as it was too quite so I got bored and went over to NPT but the problem there was there was nobody there that they could pair me up with.

So I got a bit deflated then, until I realised which team was coming in next it was my regular team next so I was flipping for joy as it meant I was goanna get to have a laugh and get some serious policing done and get some of my competencies completed as well, as one of the reg on the team tell's me as soon as I team up with him the first thing he will say is that we will base the tour around your competencies and try and get some of them signed off for you.

So off we go on tour and start having some fun we decide to do ticketing first off and in a space of 1 hour we got about 10 offenders from running red lights to Parking illegally, surprisingly we didn’t get a No Seatbelts offence Pity !!!!

Eventually we got a call to a burglary alarm so I was told to take the lead in questioning and answering and deal with SOCO and the MOP, the Reg gave me a real hard time asking me difficult questions along with the MOP and it was a real crime I eventually worked out what I had to do from previous knowledge and then I got told that I aren’t getting off that lightly it was my crime so I had to respond to the ACR with the result and file a crime report with the CIS, which I did peachy perfect and for my good behaviour I got to give some more FPN tickets and E-FPN tickets out.

Once I had dealt with that crime the calls started to get a bit weirder we got called to some kids messing around and then we got called to a roaming Rottweiler on the loose no collar trying to bite everyone that went near it, so we went to it but we tried to shonk it as quick as we could but ACR wouldn’t have it we had to go, would you want to put up with a vicious dog en-route we realised that the person we knew on the radio was stifling the laughter and we as been stitched up thankfully we got redirected pretty quickly to another call after the laughing settled down but now we no that revenge will be best served cold.

We managed to get a couple of 117 person checks as well into the bargain, so it made my day finish off rather good and I managed to clock up some good hours.
I just have a training course on Monday to go to; unfortunately I am back at work now and as usual went you come back off holiday you have all the rubbish to deal with and sort out but we just get on with it.

Ok that’s your lot I am getting off to relax for a while and then I am off to the training course so speak to you all later.

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Posted 13 September 2005 - 07:49 AM

Well nothing too exciting yesterday all I did was have training on computers systems and doing a handover package got to meet some new attestees as well a big welcome to them from me, I hope they settle in well.....

Ok nothing else tosy today except that I am going to organise a goody bag for around 200 people conaining Fair Trade. WOW the excitement

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Posted 15 September 2005 - 08:00 AM

Well Hello

Yesterday I went into to welcome some new probationers we got three in the Leeds city centre.

They appear to be really nice people an I hope they settle in well in there new roles.

So this post is to wish them luck rather than anything else.

But just to keep you hungry people happy :

I booked on at 3.30pm and self breifed, then I gave all three newbies a tour along with the SLO we sorted out there PNB's and CS lockers.
I then gave them a breifing on the systems and showed them what they can access.
Just to make them laugh the whole system went down on me just as I accessed it.
so I couldnt get on the system either.

Anyway I stayed with one of the new people for an hour and then left them to do there first shift on the helpdesk.

Ok there will not be a post for a few days as I have to go to work and it is the Co-op's AGM in Leeds City centre this week.

So I will be tied up all week with the Co-op if I get chance to go out I will be doing :lol: :whistle: :D

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Posted 19 September 2005 - 07:19 PM

Well Good evening everyone

Time to make an entry

I have been on Duty today in Leeds City centre doing Patrol with a team

I was called to a Burglary first thing in the morning were over 50k worth of gear was nicked so I am obviously unable to discuss that and suprisingly I got another Burglary again.

I also managed to get a Shoplifter that I processed and to finish off my day I managed to get 2 Breach of Bail.

It as been a really strange day today as I have got loads done but I have achieved nothing at all, OH well not to worry I am doing really well on my competencies at the minute I have managed to get loads of the signed off I have to look at crime scenes and taking statements a bit more detailed and traffic offences.

I will be out again on Wednesday but I think I am going to do Morley for a change have a change of scenery.

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Posted 22 September 2005 - 08:30 AM

Well good morning everyone

I thought it high time that I come and do a posting on my diary as I have been at work all week.

I decided after all to go out on shift on Wednesday for a change, I decided to go to Morley as opposed to the City Centre it would give me a chance to do some policing rather than mainly just processing prisoners.

The day started as usual rather casually with nothing much happening, until we got our first immediate, then they said “let the games begin”

I tend to think that kids are an absolute blood nuisance and they are the problem with taxpayers money.

You spend all day chasing after them due to some whingeing member of the public because they sat on there wall and talked amongst themselves not causing any “Alarm, Harassment or Distress” so as a courtesy we come along an move them along again and low and behold you get called back because the kids are giving the original resident abuse for calling the bizzies.

We got a call to a house were kids were jumping all over a van, when we got there the kids had got off the van but were in the vicinity so we took one of the home back to there parents and the second one lived next door to the van so we took the child’s details and warned the child about there behaviour, then the child’s mother came home and she kicked off, she decided to call us racists and give us abuse over the doorstep so she was given a warning by me that if she continued then I would arrest her for inciting Racial hatred in a public Place as all the local residents could hear the conversation going on.

Eventually the lady calmed down and we managed to get away from the situation escalating any further.
It later turned out to be a dispute between neighbours her been the neighbour from hell.
Once we got going again we managed to smooch around for a while looking for a few problems but I turned out to be a QUITE night.
We eventually got called to a misper after searching the surrounding vicinity the child turned up.
Following some friendly words of advice not to go missing again we trotted off on our merry way.
We then got called to an immediate at the other side of Leeds and we ended up doing around 115 mph on the M62 legitimately (I can assure you I was not crapping myself) just tight cheeks he he he he he……...

It turned out to be somebody firing a BB gun out of some bushes; unfortunately they had done a runner by the time we got there.
Other than that we had a reasonable evening, I managed to get off on time as well so I was rather pleased.
Ok I have got a training course on Saturday so I may not post until next week but if anything exciting happens in my course then I will let you know.

Atrades :D :lol: :whistle:

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Posted 27 September 2005 - 07:15 AM

Just a top up today.....

I was supposed to attend a training night last nigt but it had to be cancelled at short notice.

So some new probationers that attended the course got to be sorted out pretty quick for a change.

I have decided to go out today on patrol with either the NPT on foot patrol or Response at about lunch time, I will have to wait and see.

Had a quite time at work we just had another stocktake to complete which we managed to do with ease.

OK see you all later

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Posted 29 September 2005 - 01:30 PM

ok Time to update you as to what is happening in the big bad world

I have been on shift on Tuesday 27th September 2005

I booked on duty at around 11 in the morning with a view to staying on until late in the evening as there was a new probationer booking on at 6 and I wanted to make sure everything was organised for them.

I want to take the opportunity to welcome all of you, You know who you all are.

So when I booked on everting was running pretty smoothly I had to deal with a prisoner that I cannot discuss for obvious reasons in the early part of my tour then I only had a small problem with waiting around for a while waiting for my Partner to get free from the Bridewell with a Shoplifter, then he had to transport a prisoner to the other side of Leeds.

But luckily I wasn't waiting around for too long, then we was straight out on Patrol
we got called to a problem in a block of flats were kids were carrying on and misbehaving but when we got there it was all quite and nobody was at home.

We then got called to a well known hostelry were a person decided to self harm themselves with a glass so when we got enroute they had decided to vacate the premises but we decided to call anyway and low and behold they walked back into the hostelry just as we did, after I had administered basic First Aid it appeared that it was a superficial cut so we persuaded the person to get in a taxi and go home (I admit I was bloody amazed they agreed with me and went home)

We then got called to the river were someone had tried to throw themselves in and had been stopped by a member of the public, so when we got there we had to take the person into custody for there own protection as they would have self harmed had we left them.

When we eventually got them to the Charging office it was decided to call an ambulance were they were transferred to to the hospital for other reasons related to the attempted taking of there own life.

***** I find it somewhat painful having to deal with people in this situation as I find it difficult to respond to emotions, and no I am not a robot I just ain't a very emotional person, I don't think I can respond tactfully sometimes I try and be the support that they need at the time it is happening and I think it makes me more detached from the situation but then I get upset later when I am at home and I struggle to cope with it some times, I come home and tell my partner how I feel and I know it prays on his mind sometimes worrying how I am what I am doing.
The time I was attacked by a prisoner, I knew he was at home panicking wondering if I was alright and, when I did get home he saw the bruises and it didn't go down too well lol.

You think that we all have a low ebb but having to see someone else having to go through the pain of attempting to take there life makes you start to feel for them and think what could possibly let them get to such a low.

I know I harp on sometimes but that is what my diary is for my benefit just as much as for you to read so you will have to put up with my ruminations sometimes.*****

So what is happening in the real world, well loads at the moment actually I am having a brilliant time at home with Karl we are both going out today to do a bit of shopping and have a look around Halifax and visit my mum.

I was at the Co-op AGM last night in my capacity as Members Committee Member and I was asked loads of important questions like why are you a Special Constable for the Co-op, do you only patrol and arrest people within the branches (Dohhhh)

So I had to be polite to the old dears bless them and enlighten them to the office of a Special Constable.
Then all I got was can you do something about my next dorr neighbor as they are really noisy, but I happen to live in Sherburn (after this story took 30 min I pointed out it was actually North Yorkshire Police that she wanted) lol

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Posted 02 October 2005 - 08:02 AM

ok you Dangerous people out there

It is Sunday 2nd of October 2005 and yesterday I was out on a operation with about 10 other specials in the City centre.

We were running a little machine called a ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) Unfortunately to those in the know will know what I am talking about and those that don't will have to ask someone else about the technology behind the machine, all you really need to know is that it checks your licence plate.

When we got there we closed of two lanes in a one way system so as to block vehicles in a alleyway system were they had to pass this little machine and within three seconds we were informed by the Radio operator to pull the car over and check the occupants.

I got one that was involved in a RTA (road Traffic Accident) 3 weeks previous and I got one that had been involved with drugs and the trafficking so I was required to search the vehicle.

It suprised how many decided to blatantly pass us while not wearing there seatbelt in the vehicle or a child just sat in the back of the car.

The only word I could think of is what a group of numptys they were that were not wearing there seatbelts.

Hopefully I will have some pretty good postings for you this week as I have a few tours ready lined up.

With one I am taking a probationer out with me and another serving special who as 12 months service tucked under his belt so we can get this probationer used to foot patrol and meeting the public.

So how are you lot at the moment I got a message from kev999asking me to keep up the diary as he was enjoying it, (Cheers Kev) I am absolutely amazed by the amount of hits that I have received nearly 2500 since I started the Diary so that is good going.

If anyone wants a chat or just to keep in touch then send me a message and I will respond as soon as possible I am online most of the time.

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Posted 04 October 2005 - 07:06 AM

Well good morning all

As I promised I was out for the day yesterday, I decided to spend the day with the NPT team at Millgarth doing foot patrol in the city centre.

I was suprised how long it was since I did a fair bit of walking, my legs are killing me now lol, but I enjoyed it very much.

I got to wander around with a regular we did some 117 person checks on the Headrow then we had a wonder around the car Parks.

I was quite pleased as I got to work with a regular that has been in some years and enjoys working with the SC's and as we both enjoy Motorbikes and Star Trek we Spent the day chatting about that.

I finally got finished about 5pm for meal (Fish & Chips again) then I decided to update my briefing and prepare for the visit of Goldeneye.

When Goldeneye arrived we spent the whole evening chatting about the rudimentaries of Powers of Arrest and going through different scenarios surrounding Powers of Arrest.

Of course the evening wouldn't be the same if we wasn't chatting about war stories which I explained that in 6 months in the nick you will have your own.

It was nice to have a light moment for a change and it was a great refresher for me to have to think about Powers of Arrest and translate them to someone.

Anyway I am going out today with another SC we are goanna do some Foot Patrol in the afternoon and then some more in the evening but with some probationers.

So until then enjoy reading all.........

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Posted 05 October 2005 - 09:20 AM

Well as promised here is a update on yesterday.......

Wow what a day it turned out to be, It was one of the best days on the job.

I started at 2pm with another SC in the City Centre targeting the Hot Spots in and around the city centre walking the beat

Getting Loads of intelligence as I kept bumping into local known miscreants, it amazes me every time I work with this other SC we just appear to attract the local villains.

We eventually decided to head down to the bottom of the city to do some foot Patrol in and around the local Prostitution area as it is good for gathering intelligence in the area, as we were on route I got my first ever immediate I was instructed to proceed to the Burger King at the Bottom of Briggate were a group of youths were hanging around and one of them was carrying a Knuckle Duster threatening people.

After I had run across the bottom of the city centre to get there as an immediate I got there and the persons had done a runner so we carried out an area search using CD1, PCSO's and ourselves to no avail but these mysterious youths were goanna dog my day all day.

I then resumed my Patrol and started patrolling down in the local red light area which was significantly quite, until I was P2P and told to switch to another channel and then I realised that something was going on in the area.
So we decided to switch our Foot Patrol upto the City centre and low and behold I get asked to search behind the Hilton International Hotel looking for youths who had just skipped off from a PCSO with the same description that I had before.
As we hadn't found the youths we decided it was time to meal for a bit, so we radioed up to the ACR that we was mealing and I bought a sandwich from a small cafe behind the Corn Exchange (I bought a Chicken & Avocado) I personally reccommend it, it is really nice food and friendly service and you know they can't spit in the food or anything as they prepare it all in front of you.

So after we had mealed it got even more interesting we collected a Probationer SC that had come in specifically to do a tour with me and my colleauge, we agreed to work with a 30 ft gap so it didn't appear that we was a gang of officers working together and we could take it in turns trying to get the probationer doing 117's

Just after leaving the Millgarth I caught a person urinating in a dark alley so when I stopped them, they denied doing it so I suggested that they button up there fly before denying the act, so after eventual questioning I ran a check on the person and low and behold I got a golden Egg there was more markers on this person than I have ever known to be on a person: Weapons, Drugs, Going Equipped, Violence against the Police & Medical Conditions considered a threat to officer safety.
I could only assume this to be HIV or other.......
So after further questioning it turned out they were not even from Leeds but another area of the UK, thankfully there was nothing outstanding for them and following a quick search of the prisoner THEY calmed down somewhat after I just chatted to them about life in general, they actually seemed to be trying to sort the life out a bit, so I wished them the best of luck and warned them that there behavior was unacceptable in Leeds and I suggested that they return to the part of the country expediatley and not risk getting arrested in Leeds, suprisingly they said ok and went for the bus (I thought I must have this hypnotic effect on people 2 in 2 days to go home straight away).

So we decided to carry on patrolling and my partner was tied up with the probationer so I was just stopping everyone I could find, we searched a couple of shady areas in the darker side of the city all we found was used condoms......

As we was returning back into the main part of the city I notice a person attempting to conceal alchol under there jacker so I decided they was worth stopping. when I stopped them and pointed out that where they actually was located within the city currently they were not obliged to conceal alchol, but it was best not to get caught in the central city with it.

As a courtesy I decided to run both of them and low and behold I got the Golden Egg not once but twice in one evening, one of the people in the pair was a PPO (Persistent, Prolific Offender) and had tons of Markers so my 117 changed to a Sect 1 looking for equipment for going equipped and drugs but they was out on a social evening for a trip to macky'd with there partner.

So it was back to foot patrol as usual and I had only walked 50 yards when I got three people from the red light area who were trying to ply there wares in another area, so they were given a warning and told to move or they would be arrested for it.
As we was checking some veichles on the bottom of Briggate I was called to a urgent call to a person begging for change for some food on Briggate, when we arrived I spotted the person, and carried out the checks as normal procedure, but as the person had Drugs markers I made the probationer search the person as they had it nice and easy doing 117 checks down in the darker side of Leeds it was to become a bit tougher and I knew that the person that he was goanna search was going to be a bit difficult but we would be on hand to support them as necessary.
When he started the search he made a couple of errors but we quickly assisted him and put him on the right track but it turned into a job really well done for his first attempt, I anticipate that he his goanna be a really good SC in the city, that is after my colleauge who was with me stopped trying to poach him for Rothwell.

Well after this was finalise as a job I gave the Beggar a warning that he was to leave the city immediately and that I would arrest him if we caught him in the city again and he was also warned about the errors of begging in the city centre......

Well after that it only left me with about 30 mins to just have a wonder around the city centre and meet up with another team of Specials, as it appeared for that shift it was specials mainly covering the area on Foot and the NPT were freed to deal with other things so we was given praise from the Sgt on Duty....

We then decided to head into the nick to process our intelligence forms for the Sgt and then I got to head home for the rest of the evening and have a cold beer.

So for this posting as it has taken me bloody ages to write so you better appreciate it today.....

Thank for listening to me drivel on.....

As a tribute to a great comedian my final words from this posting are:

Goodnight from Me & Goodnight from Him.

Ronnie Barker OBE (25/09/29 - 04/10/2005)

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Posted 08 October 2005 - 08:02 AM

Hi All

I aint been out on duty for a few days because I have been tied up with work.

But I have to post about what happend to me last night in my supermarket, I got a lock up straight into my lap, a person came into my shop a couple of times during the day who we have suspected of stealing for a while, well yesterday they came in and one of my staff pointed them out to me as I have never seen this particular person and low and behold it is none other than a person that is splashed all over the police station wall and is wanted for numerous items on PNC and a FTA (Fail to Appear) Warrant as well.

So I got mysen a good lock up while I was at work, I hit the 3x9's and they came and picked them up and a pat on the back for me.

I couldn't belive my eyes when they were just stood there, I was somewhat suprised they would be in the area that I was because I refuse to look at the area were I work because I would end up locking up half of my customers for numerous diffrent items and I can argue that you are only supposed to look at the systems that are relevant to your work as necessasary.

Other than that I have had a pretty slow week tied up in meetings after meetings getting ready for Christmas we have managed to buy all our christmas presents already so that is out of the way.

I am going to Bishopgarth tommorow as some new SC's have there Attestation and I asked my SLO if I could get involved with the new starters, The reason been when I was attested I only ever saw supervision then I was thrown in at the deep end.
So I think that as a good idea that at there Attestation there should be someone there from there local station and not necessarily there supervision perhaps so they dont have to be on formality all the time they will be very nervous as it is and they can talk to somebody who is off equal status and it gives us chance to set the wheels in motion for there first tour.

I know as I have been told before that it is really the job of the SO's and SSO's but it doesnt really matter who does it as long as the people are not left on there own to figure it out and if I can spare a couple of hours of my time then great all the more.

Anyway I have a massive hangover after drinking whiskey last night so I am going to go and nurse my head and drink plenty of coffee.

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Posted 11 October 2005 - 08:16 AM

Well good morning all

I thought that I better put up a new posting today so I wont forget you all......

Yesterday I was on a training evening at Morley, we covered subjects relating to vehicle seizure and Alchol Licencing.

It is somewhat strange as I have had to look at licencing from both ends of the spectrum due to me been a licencee as well as a Special Constable.

After trying to figure out seizing a vehicle I think that I will try and avoid confiscating vehicles if at all possible in the future, but that would stop me doing ANPR 'o' well I better get used to using these damn forms.......

I also got to do the induction for 2 more new probationers who were attested on Sunday, I got to attend there attestation so they had someone from there division there to support there swearing in.

It was a really good day and a couple of good officers joined the force, so I wish them all the luck in the future....

I then did a self breifing and spent a couple of hours at millgarth with them and arranging there shifts for them for the front desk, god it was strange seeing myself back in March doing the same thing.

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Posted 12 October 2005 - 08:13 AM

Just a top up to let you know what is happening.....

I am going out on Foot Patrol for the day with another SC in the City centre doing some person checks and visit the hotspot areas.

Should have a relativley quite day but should get some fun out of it, hopefully will be able to keep you informed as to what happens and update you on Friday.

Other than that I had a visit at work form the IIP (Investors in People Award) and my store passed with flying colours the inspection the Person was really impressed with the headway I had made into training and it benefiting the staff for the future and how by our investment it pleases the store compliment as well.

On top of all that praise I also got my Stocktake result wich gave me a surplus of around £800 on a ration of 0.13% were my target to lose was 2.4% so that as given me a massive saving in the branch.

Well I dont want to bore you all with figures so I am going to work now, but I can only look forward to tommorow..... :whistle:

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Posted 14 October 2005 - 09:50 AM

Well Good morning are we all sitting comfortably..............

I will begin.

I booked on shift at 1pm at Leeds City centre I started to self Brief, when I spoke to the inspector about last weeks evening out with the Specials and probationers, I got a pat on the back and a thanks for the assistance, which is great to be appreciated now and again.

After I had self briefed I got all my kit together ready to start the shift after I had made a few phone calls to arrange a meeting on Sunday with some probationers.

My Partner turned up for duty at around 2pm, we tried to sort out an issue with his PC access and the computer suite told us no it's not fixed yet lol.

Eventually we finally got out on Patrol we started going around all the hotspots within the city centre just doing 117 person checks, when we was called to respond to an immediate in the city centre assisting a PCSO as there was a gathering of youths outside the small Bus Station attempting to complete a Happy Slapping incident, upon our arrival it turned out that that it was just a group of kids messing around so they were all given a stern warning about there behavior in the city and sent on there merry way.

Unfortunately as I turned around to the pure shock on my face I found my colleauge talking to a person who I had, had a previous encounter were they are known to be very violent.
It turned out they were asking my colleauge to section them as they were likely to self harm by the days end, I informed the ACR and requested guidance on this issue, as there was currently a outstanding CPS/ Supervision investigation with the person and there run in with me on a previous occassion they also stated that htey had a complaint against me and I still wanted to show empathy and still deal with the situation in a professional manner, as I took the lead from my colleauge I was not prepared to arrest the person under the MHA s136 but I was prepared to walk them to the hospital were they could be examined by a Doctor and a decision could be made from there.

Once we arrived at the Hospital they appeared to still be argumentative but under the influence of alchol I asked supervision to attend and offer guidance, when they arrived I explained the fact of both my previous knowledge of this person and the current events and how I had still thought it necessary to escort them to the hospital as we had an obligation if I was not going to section them to take them to a place of safety.

(I just want to add that based on the knowledge and information I had at the time Supervision were outstanding, they never undermined or overruled my decision but provided the guidance and support required to complete the process)

Once we had had the discussion with supervision I informed the person that they would received the necessary support from were they were and we had carried out our obligation to bring them to a place of safety.

They then said ok and we left after informing security that they was there and should anything arise that they should inform the police immediately.

After we had left the hospital we went to another job that needed updating for the computer and low and behold we got a radio message that the person stated had indeed been forcibly restrained at the hospital and a unit was required to goto the hospital and assist in the detention and restraining of the person, Unfortunately we did not have a vehicle to allow us to get to the hospital, so supervision turned out to deal with the person at the hospital.

We then decided to try and get one of my colleauges competencies signed off by dealing with a FPN and we decided to call at a regular spot were vehicles are parking all the time on a known taxi rank, which falls into causing a unnecessary obstruction category, Unfortunately the general public that drive vehicles decided not to park there during the day.

We decided that it was time to meal, so we called at a well known local supermarket in Leeds and just as we were walking through the checkout the Manager managed to flag us down and request that we speak to a person that they had detained on the shop floor with a basket of pre packed meat and felt that they may attempt to steal the goods.

Following us checking the person out they had form as long as my arm for similar offences but the well known supermarket decided on no further action and just gave them a banning letter, excluding them from the supermarket.

So we decided to meal and get a rest period before we were called out again.

We decided to return to the station so I could collect my torch as we were entering the station some children gained our attention towards a vehicle were some ducks lay on the back shelf that were obviously dead and they felt very sorry for them and they thought that it was illegal, Unfortunately I had to explain to the kids about the differences between Poaching, Purchasing & game laws and the person with the ducks can aquire them by several means and it was not illegal to be in posession of the game but can be illegal how it is obtained.

(In saying that if it had been Rabbits then I would have locked them up and thrown away the key as I have a pet rabbit called Noel.....)

As we decided to call at a well known local area frequented by local prostitutes, (what absolutely Gobsmacked us was that there was non there.)
We did start chatting to a group of people in the area who were known local villains, they were sat drinking LAMBRINI I called them villains with style, they said to me afterwards that it was nice to chat to a F*****g copper that could have a larf, I replied don't worry I will be nice as long as you behave, the fact that I was absolutely crapping myself as they each told me what they had been in prison for :

1 x Hitting a guy over the head with an hammer for sleeping with his missus
2 x Armed Robber
1 x Actual Bodily Harm
1 x Attempted Murder

I then realised that I was near a prison probation hostel ( I cannot state for obvious reasons, they are starting a new and I still belive they should be given the benefit of the doubt) I had to admit that I couldn't stop taking the mickey at the fact they were drinking Lambrini and not white lighting, they said it was on special offer and they were taking advantage of the promotion. (I couldn't stop laughing) they ended up having a larf and I like to view perhaps it might at least tell them that not all officer want to get to a situation were they have to lock them up and are prepared to communicate with them.

(It amazed me with the fact that I most probably got more out of them than any interview would in the space of 5 minutes(

Following this we decided to head back up into the city as nothing was happening in the area.

When we got back up into the city we carried on walking for a bit, calling on local small shops at the top end of town and just saying hi, in the community spirit of things I like to think that it does a world of good when the Police are stopping to talk to them and give a visible presence that we are still out there on foot patrol.

We eventually managed to make our way up to the top end of Leeds, when as we were passing a famous nightclub we got a person consuming alchol so we stopped them in the street, they wouldn't have it so we gave them 30 seconds to finish it or they were goanna be locked up for breach of the peace, they finally relented and finished there drink we then advised them to leave the city or they would again be locked up.

We eventually managed to move them on and we carried on, on our foot patrol when as we reached the bottom of the city centre we responded to an immediate at the top end of Leeds we informed the ACR that we suspect that we had just had dealings with the person and we would respond, we was backed up by the FSU.
Upon our arrival we found one and the same person kicking off in the area causing a disturbance and swearing all over the place, they were instantly warned about there behavior they decided to continue so they was arrested for D & D that is when it all kicked off as usual.
(it amazes me how you become complacent and know when you are going to have to use violent restraint when dealing with a prisoner)

We immediately took the person to the floor and I managed to double stack the cuffs in the rear non compliant position.

We eventually tried to get the person in the van and they wouldn't have it, so they had to be placed in backwards to prevent them using there legs to stop them blocking the entrance and after forced persuasion was used but they lost and they were transported to the Bridewell.

(I have to add that it amazes me how when somebody in Drink kicks off that everyone in the police station within the occasions that I have had to deal with this situation remains calm and professional and still treat the prisoner with care and professionalism even when there parental heritage is being brought into question amongst other names they are being called.)

Well we then had to prepare the crime pack including use of force forms, both myself and the other SC that was with me managed to do everything with just a little guidance from the PRU Sgt (Prisoner Reception Unit) on what evidence we had to gather to make the crime file up we managed to complete it within two hours from start to finish, I didn't think that there was any major problem as the prisoner was not going anywhere anyway because they was that drunk.

When we finally finished we managed to get on our way pretty quickly, but on the route back to the Millgarth we had to pass the place were people are always parking on a taxi rank and low and behold as I usually find I found a car parked on the taxi rank so my colleauge issued a FPN and managed to complete a big chunk of there competencies within one shift.

Ok if you managed to read this really quickly I dont want to speak to you as my fingers are aching and I am goanna need a week to recover from all the typing that I had to do to tell you what happened on my shift, also I am goanna go and just walk the beat with the blinkers on so if I dont see any crime I dont have to tell you about it

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Posted 17 October 2005 - 09:01 AM

Good morning all

This is just a top up ot let you know what is happening at the moment.

I spent some time with some new probationers on Sunday at Millgarth helping them with there HLP which I hasten to add they are doing brilliant at it.

I plan to go out on either wed or thursday on Patrol I dont know if there is going to be an operation planned yet so I am waiting and seeing what is on offer.

Then I will be able to update you if I plan anything extra for the day.

See you all later


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Posted 18 October 2005 - 08:46 AM

I have an awful cold today.....

Just reading some really good postings and topics on here a lot recently nice to see that it has picked up again for everyone.

I have a love of Art and photograpy so I thought I would add a photo of a bridge end that I took recently in Southport, hope you like it.

Attached File  DSC01849_1.JPG   103.74KB   66 downloads

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Posted 21 October 2005 - 09:14 AM

Ok time for update....

Yesterday I was out on a operation in a part of Leeds with 5 other specials, the operation was exclusively specials and created by Specials with full operational orders.

It was a mate of mine in the SC that asked me to get involved so I had to say yes as he as helped me in the past.

We started out in Leeds area doing foot Patrol stopping kids in the area who are gathering in groups of more than 2 I managed to issue a total of 8 Dispersal orders in a space of 5 mins, we were jumping on and off buses all day checking anybody we suspect may be causing a nuisance, we stopped one person on a bus and they was both smoking and had alchol in there possession so following questioning with the person it turned out they was lying about there age and following a couple of checks it turned out they was ok, they just thought we was going to arrest them for smoking on the bus.

Unfortunately the bus had managed to drop us off a distance from our operational orders, so we informed the Supervisor that we was making our way back on foot or a bus if one turned up for us.

Enroute we stumbled across a RTA and all people had exchanged details but one person complained of a severe headache so an ambulance was called to the scene and traffic division was called out to do the report but by the time they got there the person had signed a refusal for treatment or transportation to hospital form.
The traffic division arranged for the vehicle to be removed by a towing company on behalf of the person, all we had to do was sit and wait for the tow truck.

Thankfully we only had to wait about 10 mins.

When the tow truck arrived we left the scene and got on our merry way, as we passed a community hall we noticed a car that had blue lights on the bonnet so they was told to disconnect them or face prosecution, unbelievably they disconnected them......

We eventually managed to catch a bus to get us back into our operation area and carried on doing a neighborhood walk in the surrounding district. when supervision decided that the operation should be wound down I got an immediate call to respond to in close vicinity to where I was stood, I took the graded call with my partner which was kids throwing stones and fireworks at a property.
When we finally found the house as per usual the kids had long gone and we had no signs of Alarm, harassment or Distress or Criminal Damage at the property so the log was dealt with in accordance to procedures.

We then returned back to start base were we was de-briefed by supervision and we gave over all the information about the dispersal orders.

I then spent sometime showing some SC probationers on how to complete intelligence forms and there Pocket Note Books.

I finally managed to get away at around 11pm last night so I was fairly tired and in need of sleep.

I have a training night on Monday and I don't know which day I am out on Patrol but I know I have a really good couple of weeks coming up as I have a few operations planned for my undivided attention.

He hehehehe.....

Speak to you all soon

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Posted 26 October 2005 - 07:59 AM

Well would you belive it I was unable to make it to the training night because I had to spend the evening with some EU Ministers.

Fortunatley I am going on duty today and I should be able to update you later today.

Biggest Clanger of the week for me::::

Me : "Good evening Sir, how are you?"
Response : "Fine thank you, and you?"
Me : Good sir, were are you from may I ask?"
Response : "Estonia" (I think he said)
Me : "Are you another politician like these, enjoying all this free food?"
Response: "No I am the Director General of the EU"
Me : "O' really do you enjoy it"
Response "It has it's moments"
Me: "thank you sir, for spending a moment at my Fair Trade Display"
Response : "thank you, I am going to go and enjoy some of the FREE food on offer"
Response: "Goodbye"
Me: "Bye"

"I realise that I have put my foot in it and I run and hide"

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Posted 27 October 2005 - 08:42 AM

Well good Morning everyone.

Tour : 11.00 x 23.00
Location: City & Holbeck
Task : Response

Well it started of as a pretty easy day, was called to a property in the city full of students due to an assault taking place the previous evening and we had to clarify that all parties were ok and no injuries had taken place.

Then as we was walking back to the central station on foot we was getting absolutely wet with the pouring rain, we got to a regular place were people park there vehicles illegally so they are issued with a FPN (Causing a unecessary obstruction) one managed to turn up before I started the ticket so they was given a stern warning about the parking areas in Leeds City centre, the second driver turned up after I had written the ticket so I confirmed it was there vehicle then I handed them the ticket.

As we were walking through the city centre we stopped some people in a robbery hotspot and they had enough warning markers to keep the DIU in a job for a year, so they had to be searched and told to leave the area immediately or risk being arrested under s5 as they were being abusive over being stopped and checked / searched all the time, my answer was plain and simple " Stay out of trouble and it will not happen" period.

We then returned to the station as the weather was getting worse and worse, by then I had received a message from another special that they hadn't been out for ages, so I said well get your backside into the nick and we will sort something out for you, five minutes later I called him back and told him to come in, in plain clothes, he spent a brilliant day out with the regs doing a plain clothes job......

When I finally arrived at the city I stumbled across about 5 other SC's who had come into the city for a tour so I decided to move across to Holbeck for a bit of a change.

I was paired almost immediately with a reg doing response calls in Holbeck we got an assault that had happened a few days previous that required recording, following the interview with the person/s concerned it was regraded as a s47 assault but would more than likely get regraded to a s39 common assault but the s47 gave us the power to go and arrest the other person for assault and lock them up immediately.

We had to break off from the interview half way through to an immediate graded call that was taking place across the road from us were a local supermarket was attempting to detain three known shoplifters who were stealing beers by the case from the store and were currently wanted on warrant for a previous theft, unfortunately when we got there the people had done a runner from the supermarket, so we performed an area search to no avail as per annoying bloody norm.

When we returned to the station we was redirected to another immediate and the lock up was transferred to another officer to complete, so we gave them the details and location of the person/s to be arrested.

We was then called to a sighting of people on a construction site moving things, they was seen by the security CCTV when we got there there was no one in the compound and no sign of forced entry, so the building was left secure and we resumed our patrol.

We then got called to a breakin at a house were the persons inside had been assaulted and a child abducted, when we got there it turned out to be a little too sensitive for me to publish on this site so I am afraid I cannot publish the details.

Once this job was complete we had to deal with an arrest for the above but to my suprise we managed to turn the arrest around and complete within 2 hours which amazed me.

Ok that is just about it, I managed to meal and scoff a KFC which I really enjoyed lol.

I will be out next tuesday and Thursday next week hopefully......

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