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Those who've spent time browsing on the main PoliceSpecials.com site may have found my Day in the Life article, which is basically a composite account of a supposedly "typical" duty when I was a Special.

I thought it'd be interesting though for those people who are thinking of becoming Specials, as well as for serving officers if we had a few more of these. If you would like to join in, please reply to this thread with an account of a real recent duty you've performed. I want realistic accounts here - I am not looking for the most exciting duties ever, because they're not typical. So if you had to spend 3 hours standing in the rain then tell us!

As with all posts on the forum please don't mention names, and be very careful when describing incidents you've attended that you don't give any details which could identify specific people. Finally never post anything confidential or operational here, as you already know.

So we get the full picture start your post with...

Your rank (e.g. Special Constable)

Your length of service (e.g. 3 years)

Your location (e.g. Central Manchester)

Your planned duty hours (e.g. 1700 - 0400)

Please only reply in this thread if you are posting an account - don't comment or answer in here.

Looking forward to reading them!

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Rank: Special Constable

Service: 8 months

Location: Liverpool

Duty: 20:00 - 01:00

Below is an account from one of my latest shifts. Not much interesting to say but still, it's all in a days work for a Special....

I am a tutor at a local nightschool and so couldn't parade until 20:00. This was quite good timing though as I arrived at the station as my regular colleagues were coming off refs and ready to go back on duty. I was a bit anxious as we were all due to finish at 01:00 and so I thought if everybody had locked up, then I would have had nobody to go out with as they would have been at the custody suite. Nonetheless, it wasn't that way.

I arrived in the station in my civi clothes and was met by the regular Sgt. He said "Fantastic - you're in civies! No need to get changed. You're on a plain clothes op!" I was over-the-moon - i'd always wanted to do a plain clothes op.

We jumped in an unmarked car and he briefed me about the 'op.' Basically, I was to sit in a bedroom in a house whose residents had been experiencing racially-aggravated problems. OK, this was not what I expected but I though I'd go with it. Anyway, for the next 5 hours it was so God damn boring. I was looking at a lamppost from the bedroom window, breathing in sync with the snores of one of the house's occupants. No youths about.....nothing sus about. I couldn't believe it - how boring was plain clothes ops.

Nonetheless, as the unmarked car arrived to pick me up 5 hours later, I noticed another car pull up behind it. Two males got out of the car and knocked on a local house....Remember it's 1am. I noticed that the male in the house and one of the males from the car exchanged cash and something else (couldn't see what.) I wrote the VRM down of the vehicle.

As I got in the unmarked car, I asked my colleague if he knew the lads, to which he said he did. The lads were well-known drug dealers in the area and were high up on the chain-of-command.

Anyway, to cut a long story short, nothing came out of the operation apart from an intel report. Let's hope it's useful anyway.

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Here's an account of my recent duty as an example...

Rank: PC, 1 year's service (well, nearly ;))

Tour of duty: 1800 - 0400

Briefing is at 1800 in the station kitchen with the rest of the team and the sergeant, we talk about incidents in the previous night's duty then he hands out the crewings. Officers then tell him if they've got anything that they need time to get on with and he either approves this or agrees some other time to get it done, if we're busy.

We are closely monitored and have individual targets to meet in terms of arrests, detections and process (things like intelligence reports, stop/searches etc). The sergeant keeps a close eye on this and isn't slow to let us know if we're lagging behind!

I'm double crewed in an unmarked vehicle with a much more experienced regular, but I start off by going over to another police station on my tod where I have to drop off an urgent court file, on the way I try to make a quick enquiry with a witness to an incident I am investigating - there's no-one in so I leave a note.

When I get back I pick up my crewmate and we head off to see what we can find. While patrolling a local estate we spot a little hatchback doing a 3 point turn with 5 lads inside. We stop the vehicle and while talking to the driver I spot drugs parapharnalia through the window. We search them and the vehicle, negative but some good intelligence which I submit later.

A few more stop checks of people and vehicles in and around our patrol areas then it's dinner - a super Chinese takeaway which we eat at one of the outlying nicks. Soon as that's done it's into the town centre, as it is by now pub kicking out time and there's loads of drunks about.

Pretty soon we get an urgent call to a nightclub, report of a fight outside - on arrival the police officers there have separated some lads. I go to talk to one who becomes abusive and end up nicking him S.5, so that's us back to the nick.

At custody matey is booked in and is so drunk he's put in a cell to sober up. I crack on with the paperwork which includes putting a crime on the computer and writing my statement. I also do a quick file because we're off on rest days, and if he doesn't want to accept a fixed penalty notice for disorder in the morning he'll be up in court before the end of the week.

While we're doing the paperwork an emergency call comes through on the radio, one of our response units is at an address and all we can hear is screaming and shouting. Control try to get a response but they can't so it's an all units call to the address. We jump in our car and scream down there on blues and twos, arriving with about ten other units. On arrival there's a lot of confusion but no officers are hurt and everyone's accounted for. We secure the scene (some sort of violent disorder with multiple injured parties) and take details from some witnesses - these are handed to the officers who are dealing. Then when it's calmed down sufficiently we head back to the nick.

After completing the paperwork it's back out into the town to see if there's anyone else who needs nicking. Remarkably the rest of the evening passes off fairly quietly, mind you our cells are full now so we are turning a blind eye to some behaviour which might earlier have got people nicked :whistle:

At the end of the shift, as it's the last of our set of nights, those that are up for it head to a local hotel where the night staff very kindly provide us with coffee and cakes... we sit around and chat about the week before heading off home, it's a nice way to end the week.

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Rank: Special Constable

Length of Service: 12 weeks!

Location: Essex

Planned duty hours: 1400-2200

1400: Attended the briefing with my shift, wasn't allocated in a car as there was a possibility I was going to be deployed to another division for some observations. Was asked to help out in the helpdesk/front office until they could confirm.

1430: Told that I wasn't needed and that I would be crewed up with one of the regulars. He needed to clear up some paperwork but would be with me as soon as possible. I continued to check up on e-mails and the briefings from the past week.

1500: Change of plan! An adult female had just been brought in and she needed to be under constant observation.

1520: Female had been booked in and there I was for the next 7.5 hours. I did get a break in between this time though.

I sat just outside the cell with the door open ensuring that I kept a record of everything that happened over the next few hours. Every 15 minutes, take a note that you spoke to the Dp (Detained person), any food or drink was noted. Any Doctors visits (also supervised) any medication given, well just about anything that you or the Dp does as she was in my custody now.

2315: Relieved from post and went home - finally! :whistle:

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Special Con Kev!

This duty was when I had about 6 months in and my planned hours were 1500-0200. It was a Saturday night in my area, Liverpool North.

1500 On duty with another S/Con, mobile vehicle patrol.

1846 Colleague issues non-endorsable FPN for use of a mobile phone whilst driving. Driver was very irate and claimed he wasn't using his mobile phone - he wanted us to check the call register on his phone to prove this. We didn't (lots of people have more than one phone). I warned the driver for section 5 POA due to his foul language. The driver took our collar numbers and said he would see us in court. (He didn't pay OR choose to be dealt with by a court and has since had a visit from the bailiffs, no further police involvement ;)).

1936 Yet another angry driver! I issue an endorsable FPN to a driver for stopping on pelican zig-zags in order to go to the chippy. As I was finishing issuing the ticket, an immediate call came out - a singly-crewed Reg requesting assistance at a domestic incident. I inform the driver that we have to go quickly and ask him to sign the ticket. He refuses and it seems he wants to stand and argue some more. I tell him that it is fine, his signature isnt necessary and hand him the ticket, before making my way back to our vehicle to head off to the immediate (although we can't have blues and two's, control sometimes still ask us to make to immediates as best we can, especially on Sat nights when things are really stretched).

The driver shouts after me, "Pigs, I hope you all get shot tonight".

1941 Arrive at domestic, however is all quiet - singly crewed reg has prisoner tucked up in the cage in the rear of his van. Job well done.

2025 ARREST - called to attend at an ASDA store for a shoplifter. As we enter the security office we groan at the sight of a young lad sitting there (as we start thinking about having to find appropriate adults and verify addresses and things). But a little further investigation reveals the lad had turned 18 the day before - not much of a happy 18th, eh?

Security relate the circumstances of the offenders detention to me (was seen via CCTV to conceal items and attempt to leave the store passing all points of payment without declaring the goods or making any attempt to pay). This is straight theft (s1 Theft Act) and so I caution the lad and ask for a reply - he gave every police officer's favourite reply - "Yes, I did it". He is arrested and I cuff him to the front, as security tell me that he struggled and tried to run from them.

2200 We finally leave the custody suite on the Wirral - for some reason we had been sent there rather than to our closet one, and had to transport the prisoner through the Mersey Tunnel, to the displeasure of the Tunnels Police. Was a good clean job - custody Sgt accepted the charge, and matey boy made a full and frank admission on tape, as well as signing a confession in my PNB. He was bailed to appear at court the following week. God Knows how he got back across the river that night.

0045 Attend at large scale incident in a local licenced premises that is sort of a cross between a night-club and a function room. Reports of 50 16-year-old males an d female fighting inside. We were only round the corner and were the first on scene - even before the reg Sgts and the support group boys turned up!

When we arrived the trouble makers had made off, although there were still a few girls inside sitting around crying. It was one of the worst large-scalers I have ever been to - chairs had their legs bent, glass tables were smashed, as were countless bottles and glasses, and the bar was smashed up good too. I find a doorman in the managers office with several large lacerations to his face - he was glassed by one of the youths. We decide this is much too big a job to be dealt with tonight, so we just "first-aid" it until other officers can deal on Monday morning. We arrange for an ambulance for the doorman, get licencee and the doormans details, and witness details added to the log, and crime it, as well as circulating as many descriptions as we can get. Control leave the log open for the regs to start taking statements on Monday morning :grin:

0315 One hour and 15 mins later than planned, I'm off duty at last... :whistle:

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Rank Regular PC

Length of Service Just over a year

Location Essex

Planned Duty Hours 12.00 - 20.00


12.00: Got in and checked how many prisoners we had in custody as I am one of three officers on our shift on PPT (Prisoner Process Team). Discovered only one that needed dealing with and my colleague had picked it up. So went upstairs and did an advice file to submit to CPS, re: a prisoner bailed to come back in two weeks.

13.00: Took a car out to go and get a witness statement for my colleague dealing with the prisoner.

14.15: Back in station, the rest of my shift started at 1400 and I discover they are very short on shift so I offer to go out on response.

14.15 - 14.50: Let my crew mate get on with some telephone enqiries and I make some of my own. Also manage to eat 5 slices of garlic bread with cheese on from Pizza Hut whilst doing so.

14.50: Report of an incident comes in Ongoing so cannot elaborate. One unit attends her home address several others do an area search for the suspect. We realise from the description we know the suspect and go straight to the home address with one other unit and a dog unit as the suspect uses weapons. Force entry and do a search but no trace. He is later arrested I found out

16.15 Make our way back to station for an appointment when flagged down by member of public saying two males were acting suspiciously in indicated area. We arrived and did a stop check on the males to be told that one had a 'locate trace' on him by another force in connection with a murder. Stayed with males until we got clearance from CID what they wanted us to do.

17.00 Made our way back to station with no arrests made and I had to write a report and FAX it through to the relevant force CID whilst my colleague kept the first of 6 appointments of people coming in to reclaim stolen property and make a statement and sign receipts.

Eat a Kofte Kebab with garlic sauce on.

19.00: Urgent assistance call goes up from one of our shift - practically the whole station tip out and drive to his location. Halfway there we were told the van with the cage would be required for the prisoner so when satisfied other units had arrived we turned back and picked up the van and made our way back to the location and escorted the prisoner back to custody.

20.00: End of duty (on time for once!)

20.30: Trained by Serg on the skills of being a barmaid - opened the bar up and learnt how to pull a pint of Tetley's without it looking like a Mr Whippy :whistle:

23.45 Went home

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Rank SC (NSO)

Length of Service 13 months

Location Staines, North Surrey

Planned Duty Hours 15:00 to 21:00

15:00 Arrive and book on. On my own today so I decide to take out the bike (cant do a driving course for another 5 months and it is quicker to get around than on foot!) Go out to some of my local trouble spots.

15:20 Come across a group of youths hanging around under a flyover - talk to them for a while (I know them all quite well now!!) find out what they are up to, tell them to behave themselves (yeah right!) and leave them to it as they are not causing any problems.

15:30 Go to local park to photograph some graffiti on the walls and obscene messages (with phone numbers if you get what i mean) on the walls of the toilets.

15:50 Urgent call comes out on the radio - male has just threatened some kids with a knife. TPT unit responds to go and see the kids and as I am in the area it is supposed to have happened I go round looking for the male - no result.

16:30 Issue EFPN to driver parked on the zig-zags outside the chip shop, just as I finish that a driver comes towards me on his phone so I pull him over and he gets a FPN. I then leave the town and go back to my area, not much happening at the moment so just kept going round the trouble spots.

18:10 Another group of youths, same road but outside someones house now, with alcohol - seize the alcohol, take all their details on the youth stop check form (the borough administrator uses the info on the form to send letters to their parents). Tell them all to move as we are getting grief from the residents and if we get any more grief from the residents then we will come back and give them some grief (only fair!!).

18:45 In canteen having a break and a call comes out on the radio about youths apparently 'smoking drugs' in the same road again so I offer up to go and sort it as it was probably the same ones as last time. Get there and yes, same lot, so this time I use a bit more persuasion to move them on, "anyone still here in 60 seconds will be taken home to their parents or locked in a cell" At this point I hadn't decided what I would nick them for, but you can always find something, normally they start swearing so s5 will do!! They very quickly split up move off in different directions.

19:00 Getting tired now - hard work all this cycling!!! I call the BST Sgt (Borough Support Team) to see if he needed an extra pair of hands - yes, excellent! Bike goes back and I spend the rest of the shift in the car. Do a few stop checks and issue a few more FPN's.

21:00 For the first time in a long while - I am actually leaving on time!!!!!

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Your rank A/SO

Your length of service 14 months

Your location Peterborough

Your planned duty hours 17:30 till finish

Well last night was Football duty.Briefing at 17:30 then back into town to sort the late commers out with radios CS etc.I'd had to do a round robin to get CS and radios from another station on the way in.

18:15 hit the street with my serial,I'm paired with a new SC whose never done footy before.We deploy in the city and keep an eye on our own supporters local and direct visiting fans to the ground or other pubs.

19:45 deploy to the ground.get reports of racial chanting in the away fans end.Offenders are pointed out and we wait until half time to eject them.We eject one and the others starburst into the crowd.I liaise with the spotters and pass the details.

Post Match. we deploy to the car park, keep the fans segregated and ensure their coachs get away quickly.

we are then stood down.

Kit away and try to get a lift back to area HQ to get my car.(god bless op target mobiles!).

A very brief overview of a footie match in my neck of the woods.

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Your rank Special Constable

Your length of service 7 months

Your location West-Midlands Police

Your planned duty hours friday 22:00 - 04:00 and tuesday 17:00 - 22:00

21:30 i arrive at sector base, check pigeon hole and e-mail i get kitted up for 21:45 briefing.

21:45 everyone sits around the table to view the briefing for tonight lead by the duty sector sgt.

22:00 call sign given and partnered up with a female reg.

22:05 last shift are caught with paper work from earlier incident only the public order van and a breadvan available until they come in.

22:10 breadvan taken by one unit and start uniformed partol

22:15 we decide to take the public order van and goto another sector which is closed for the night and get 2 panda cars.

22:17 immediate comes through person breaking into car with descriptions all units divert to location.

22:19 first unit arrives and advises in direction of offender heading running on foot.

22:20 we stop at awell known cut through very dark alleyway no sign

22:22 we get back in the van drive to another location the offender could be, we drive past him! hard stop myself and another reg get out causually walk upto to him about 100 yards away and he runs like linford christie oh the pain....

We give chase on foot through 3 streets, very hard running with a vest and utility belt on and giving directions over the radio. 3 units from other sectors respond including the dog van. We get round the 3rd street were catching up with the offender. Get round the corner... were has the offender gone? its a main road with a high fence and a stream accross the other side no way did he go down there. run up abit, units stopping left right and centre of me asking were he has gone sgt calls for area to be secured. Its Believed offender is in a garden. The reg i was with advises dog handler to search house to house of 5 gardens in a row. all alleys and roads have a officer located looking down.

22:30 still no sign the dog is picking up somethink but what?

22:35 helicopter requested and on way.

22:45 helicopter arrives and starts scanning the area with its toys many people start gathering and watching.

22:50 helicopter can't find anythink were gutted so close but the offender got away... we'll get them next time :lol:

blinkin heck i'm knackered that was a run and a half with all the kit on :)

23:00 we get back to sector our vehicles are back we get a drink and head back out.

23:15 attend a petrol station after a member of the public rang up complaining their top card didn't get its credit, shop took his money and top up card. We arrive knowing that the caller must contact there phone provider and get the credit that way when credit tops dont work. It appears caller was very aggressive to shop staff and rude to customers, shop staff say they dont have top up card and that he took it with him. I ask control to ring up the caller see if we can come and talk to them, but callers phone is off. It is suggested the caller was drunk at the time so the log is updated and left for tomorrows shift.

23:40 we continue uniformed patrol paying extra attention to areas were intelliegence has asked us to. We also look for stolen and abandoned cars in the usual areas.

23:50 we find an old couple in the heat of passion in a car, in an area known for abandon cars, quick flash of the blues to say hello and were on our way.

00:10 see four young looking people sitting in a new sporty car outside a pub. We decide to check it out. They claim there not allowed in the pub and the brother is working and will finish soon. No problems i do a car check and my partner does stop checks. They actively talk about an incident in another force area bordering ours and show us an orange form issued by the other force. Seems like they have had a bad day were happy there not upto anythink and decide were about to go when, dad arrives :whistle:. He comes running upto me in my face asking what i'm doing i say were about to go there not in any trouble, dad says so your not doing anythink then... my reply is no. He goes bananas shouting typical police never do anythink at which point i'm highly confused and then realise he's talking about the earlier incident... whoops. So i try to inform him that another force is dealing with it not us, and that they should ring up this force and ask for the officers name who is on this form. he goes on and on for ages refusing to listen its now tipping it down with rain a simple stop check has gone from friendly chatting to hostile atmosphere there so much shouting i cant hear the radio calling us, one unit turns up and another is on way. Mum is told the facts and asked to relay to dad when he wants to listen atleast someone is willing to listen to us.

00:35 we go back to the station to create a log incase anythink comes abck to haunt us :D

00:50 were causally driving we come to a round about all most collide with another vehicle which didn't look to the right to give way travelling approx speed 40mph, the reg is fumming turns round and speeds after them. Vehicle pulled and stopped its the old "sorry i dont know why you have pulled me over... oh i remember now at the roundabout i'm sorry" tickect given and rolleckering taken from one very annoyed officer. I'm glad i wasn't sitting in the back ;)

01:00 so we make our way back for the second time when over the radio we hear of a driver speeding and failing to stop for police car. we all follow directions and end up in a street. no one is answering door, no one saw this vehicle pull up and the driver get out and go inside. no officer managed to get the vehicle reg. log made of a possible drink driver trying it on.

01:15 we managed to get back to the station to update control on various events of the evening in detail.

01:40 we check out a car which intelligence suggests is being driven by naughty people.

02:00 book of for refs

03:00 asked to attended a job were allegation of assualt is made couldn't taken statement as the victim has been drinking, crime report taken log and crime number given advisied on the enxt steps

04:00 book off duty home and asleep by 04:30 ;)

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Your rank Special Constable

Your length of service 8 years (nearly 9)

Your location North Division Leicestershire Constabulary

Your planned duty hours A Sunday 0700 - 1600

0630 - Get to the nick and get my kit on.

0700 - Decide to crew up with my usual crew mate (a regular) and brief ourselves and the other crew on the nights events (No Sgt). Hang about and do some paperwork and my PNB for an hour.

0830 - the other crew go to Loughborough to do a hand over file. So we're it for the whole area (about 80sq miles).

0845 - Go and make a brew.

0930 Decide to visit a local garden centre to return some property stolen from them sometime ago. Need to take a quick statement from them aswell.

1015 - Immediate received - Heroin addict had o/d and in cardiac arrest. Swiftly make our way to the car, blue lights, sirens and a trip down a one way route (the other way would have taken too long).

1030 - Arrive on scene, paramedics already working on the guy. I start to take details of everyone in and around the house and begin an incident log due to the circs.

1045 - Paramedics have to give up on the chap. Doctor called out to certify death. Paramedics told to wait at scene as there is some question over cause of death. Sadly the guy was also a local dealer, I'm gutted.

1100 - Advised not to leave house due to forensics. So my crew mate and I, the three paramedics and the covering Sgt are stuck in a rather unpleasant abode staring at a dead person.

1200 - still no sign of the doctor.

1300 - Doctor arrives and tell us he's definitely dead. DCI is on his way as he's not happy with circs around death.

1400 - DCI arrives and investigates the body - decides paramedics can go.

1500 - Finally we can call for the coroner.

1600 - Coroner arrives to take deceased to the mortuary, he's a big chap so I have to help move him.

1630 - Sgt decides to search the house due to the fact that drugs are involved.

1700 - Search team arrives - I'm told to help search as well - lovely.

1730 - After a brief the search commences, all the out buildings first and garden, followed by kitchen, living room and then bedroom. Find some rather strange looking toys and some drugs paraphenalia.

1830 - Search finished, all rubber gloves are carefully collected up. A recent burglary involved an innovative youth re-using some gloves left by a Police officer following a search. The Pc's DNA came back at the scene.

1900 - Back to the nick, finish the paper work and update my PNB. Phone the wife to apologise as we were supposed to be going for a meal.

2000 - Back home at last.

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Force - Leicestershire

Area - The North

Date - Saturday 30/10/2004

Shift - 22 x 0300

2115 - Arrive at the nick early to update my PNB from the night before and meet my new liason Sergeant.

2200 - No Panda's in the back yard, so my crew mate and I have to try to negotiate with two single crews to pair up - they knew it made sense.

2230 - First job to go and look for a local lad who's wanted for theft and burglary. My crew mate from the previous night and I had a brief chase, but lost him because of some perculiar decision making by my regular colleague. Tonights crew mate (Stu) is an old friend of mine, and has been nominated for GDO of the year - it's always fun when we're out.

2245 - We try to be sneaky and walk up the cul-de-sac (as opposed to driving) to see if we can find the youth (he sleeps rough). As luck has it he's watching us from someones bathroom window - but as it happens doesn't realise we can see him. So I makes my way back to the car and cover the back of the property whilst Stu knocks on the front door - another crew arrives to help search the property. You know what they're like - filthy carpets throughout the house, at least two dogs and one of the following exotics animals a parrot, a snake, or a lizard of some kind.

The youth is found under a bed and swiftly escorted to the Police car. He's interviewed regarding the theft & burglary and a few other matters and is bailed with a curfew pending court this week - good result as we've been trying to find him for weeks.

0000 - Back on the patch and it's quite lively, already been some brawls on us and the neighbouring area (we're very rural) has had a serious assault. All in all there's about 4 cars and one Sergeant to cover about 130 sq miles - no problem.

0015 - Back to the nick to drop off the file - it'll be done in the early hours.

0030 it's started. Someone said the Q word. Reports of a fight on Market street - Stu and I pray it's not a replay of what happened last year (100 people fighting in the street, looting, and eight coppers and two specials to deal with it all). Turns out it's hand bags at dawn, a couple of the youths are escorted home for their own good.

0100 it's gone quiet not good, so we pop back to the nick for a brew.

0130 - Back on Market Street to watch some of the creatures emerging from the clubs.

0145 - FIGHT!! Not to horrendous, couple of bloody lips, but as usual no-one saw what happened and no-one wants to talk.

0150 - FIGHT!! Girls vs 1 boy - I have to say very amusing, the boy came off worse and no-one wanted to talk, as we're dealing another call comes out - Ambulance crew under attack after being called to an OD, so as there are enough units, we make our excuses and fly off, along with the fire arms car, to rescue our ambulance friends.

0155 - We arrive, Ambo are fine there's been a scuffle but no-one wants to complain.

0200 - Clocks go back, but all the clubs have helpfully closed on time.

0100 - Confused I still have two hours.

0130 - FAIL TO STOP - Despite Stu's best efforts, there is no way he can keep up with a Subaru. However we may have prevented a computer break, so it's all good.

0200 - Tired and I want to go home, as I know that we'll end up with a DUI at 0255 or something.

0300 - Hurrah!! I can go home on time.

0330 - Zzzzzzzzzzzz

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Rank: Acting Section Officer

Lenth Of Service: 3 and a bit years

Location: Leamington Spa, Warwickshire

Duty: 7am - 7pm

I am a part of the Warwick District ANPR Unit, my duty started at 7am, heres what I got up to.

0700hrs: Briefing which consisted of tea and toast.

0730hrs: Out into the town, team of people consisting of 3 or 4 cars, intercepting vehicle 'pinging/hitting' on the Automatic Number Plate Recognition.

Numerous tickets for No Insurance, No Tax, Producers and stops throughout the day nothing out of the ordinary.

1200hrs: I see a old style custom bike, didn't like the look of the rider, get my colleague to turn round but he has dissapeared! (Suprisingly)

1202hrs: Another member of the team sees the vehicle and trys to stop it.......It Fails......Let the chase begin.....goes out of town in and out of the traffic at speed towards the dual carridgeway, myself and colleague not far behind playing catch-up.

The bike is lost after a few roundabouts and the first car goes towards the dual carridgeway expecting it to go out of the county.

I manage to convince my colleague to take a left turn down a small country lane nr. to a hotel (6th sense I suppose) and tell him to boot it!

Funnily enough who do we come across at now a normal speed thinking he has lost us.... here comes our chance.

The bike sees us and off he goes again, he gets on to the dual carridgeway from another island, I take up the commentary, get the RPU and Helicopter on the way.

We chase the bike to speeds of 115 - 120 mph, after about 5-6 minutes RPU catch us up just before the force boundary, the new Jaguar X-Type goes past us like we're standing still to take up lead vehicle (Yes we are still doing 120mph) my jaw dropped.

The chase goes into Coventry, it soon gets cancelled and we resume back to our area.

1510hrs: Stop on a vehicle, driver is disqualified, my colleague nicks him - Nice one.

1550hrs: Another hit on a vehicle where the vehicle believes to have a clone somewhere in the country, the vehicle (female owner) has 2 burley builders in, suspicions arouse. As I'm in custody another car stops it, but again a short fail top stop at slow speeds and stops nearby.

The officer soon shouts for assistance, I grab the keys and am out the station, get to the scene within a minute to help. There are no problems I search the car and peel off the naff attempt to cover up the chassis no to reveal the real one.... as we thought confirmed stolen vehicle from a Burglary in London now on false plates.....2 in custody ave it!

1930hrs: Only half hour late home!

Not bad for a day shift??

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Your rank Special Constable (Section officer)

Your length of service Twelveish years

Your location Bedford

Your planned duty hours 1900 - 0000

Planned on undertaking some "high vis" patrol on my allocated patch (whilst dodging assorted fireworks etc. etc..!) when about an hour pulled up behind an escort which didn't seem to be able to decide whether to stop,go, or turn right.

in the end, it did all three things, leaving it at an angle across both my lane and the oncoming lane.. hmmm...

Ooops! here we go - it lurches into motion again, continues the turn into the side street whilst mounting the pavement in the process, before comeing to a halt, 2-3 feet from the kerb at another odd angle. I'd like to say that this was as result of my blues.. but I suspect that it was more a case of stopping for a breather before stumbling on... :whistle:

Ok, she was a good "unfit" but I waited for a breath kit anyway (always good to have a a bit of practice) and then she was coming in.

All fine and dandy, apart from her 14 month old lad ;)

Luckily, she had a passenger(!) who offered to look after the lad at his son's. One quick PNC check later to make sure there were no "dubious" markers on him, and that was sorted.. well kinda...

..seperation didn't sit well with the offender...

I ended up contacting her Pastor, collecting him, and his wife, then collecting the child with them.... ;)

I still had to go back and finish dealing with the driver too...

Ah well, I got home at 0300. A job (reasonably) well done, and even a full tank in the panda ;)

Oh - 108 and 101, if anyone's interested.. hic!

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Your rank Special Constable

Your length of service Two Years

Your location West Yorkshire

Your planned duty hours 17:00-03:00 5th November

17:00 All turn up for dutys in PSU gear ready for the night, briefing given for tonights plan of action

18:00 Out on road with colleague, call in at a local park to see if any youths are messing around

18:40 Seized some alcohol (under young persons and alcohol act) off a 16 year old, and his mate aged 17 in total they had 13 bottles of strong beer

19:00-19:45 Patrol local estates looking for young people with fireworks or alcohol

20:15 Asked by section officer to meet up, in vehicle where we answer various calls from assaults to again youths causing trouble.

21:55 Message stating large fight at a public house approximately 150 youths fighting and throwing bottles, told by senior officer to start to move people away so to stop violence.

22:05 ARREST male for drunk and disorderly whilst moving people from scene of the fight a male decided to kick off with me and was arrested :grin: after doing cordon work for about 30 mins off to station.

22:35 in custody and male is eventually brought in due to amount of prisoners he kicks off with officers again and is searched and placed into a cell. Speak to custody sargent who states that i can write a ticket out, but need to do a file incase he turns down the ticket. the only problem is due to him kicking off and being so drunk he wouldn't give his name and had no ID on him told to come back at 03:00 hours to get details.

23:00 back out on streets and again backing-up on jobs all over division, radios going mental with jobs and we back-up at a few.

03:15 arrive back at the station to find-out details of my prisoner at first he would not give me his details until he had a drink and something to eat ;)

04:00 after getting his details i still had to put crime on system and do all the paperwork it's a long night

05:30 still here doing final touches to paperwork just the charges to put on the system :whistle: system crashes ;) (sargent from another team makes me a coffee, i've got them trained you know ;) )

06:15 hand all paperwork and ticket to custody sargent over 7 hours since my arrest and nearly killing the computer when it crashed i get told it's ok.

06:30 Book off radio and get lift home off inspector, a nice big thankyou from inspector for a job well done ;) :D

found out the next day when back on shift the male turned down the ticket and was let out midday

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Special Constable

1 Year

(West Mercia) Worcester City Centre


Got to the nick @ 2050 to get my PPE and book a pool radio out. 'Oh Dear' what a surprise, there are no batteries for me to use (as usual)!...

Spend 30 minutes looking for a battery (which is good. usually 45 mins) and manage to scrounge one off a regular.

Meet up with fellow SC for a mobile foot patrol in city centre to complete my PDP... "Nope!"

New shift Sgt states that Special Constables should not be allowed to crew up together because we are an HEALTH & SAFETY HAZARD and questions whether i have a PDP "BECAUSE IM ONLY A SPECIAL"!

Then told to be split up between with the regulars in the disorder bus, and that under strict instructions of the shift Sgt NOT TO ARREST ANYONE BUT TO JUST GIVE THEM A telling off! (become really annoyed)

A fellow SC is directed by Sgt to transport a prisoner to London. Sgt had to be told that SC's do not have powers outside surounding forces!...

About 0230 stop a drink driver, who is arrested by one of the regulars for positive road side. Passenger gets out and starts mouthing off so my fellow SC gives him his 1st Sec.5 warning. He continues to gob off with some really harsh words and taunts so my colleague arrests him. simple, thats what you think!...

Sgt. tells us to meet him. He then tells us to RELEASE THE PRISONER AND REPORT HIM FOR THE OFFENCE. (really really annoyed)

Get back to the nick and release prisoner. (getting more angry!)

A PC who we are on patrol with states that the Sgt DOESNT WANT SPECIALS DOING PAPERWORK and asks a regular to take on the reporting offence!...

Really bloody angry, and book off duty!.

Just another normal night on shift!... :whistle:

This only happens with one of the shift Sgts! All other shifts and shift Sgt's are really helpful and support what we do. They appreciate what SC's do and are happy to let us work with fellow SC's and PC's.

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Rank: Special Constable

Length of service: 9 months

Location: Grampian - Aberdeen

Planned duty hours: 15:00-01:00

14:45 - Arrived at FHQ, booked out CS and radio, got kitted out and caught up on daily info's on the computer.

15:30 - Duty Sgt informs me that i will be doing a constant supervision :whistle: and that he will try to find a cop who has paperwork to do and take over from me (heard that one before)

22:15 - relieved of my constant supervision by a regular from the nightshift, returned my kit and trudged home feeling totally dejected. :lol:


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Rank: Section Officer

Length of service: 4 years

Location: West Yorkshire

Planned duty hours: 7pm - 3am

7pm: Arrive at Bishopgath - Force Training School with Shazza.

We have been at Killingbeck in Leeds all day doing our Baton and Cuff refresher course, and when we finished at 4pm, we went back to Huddersfield and had 3/4 of a hour at home for showers and changing into PSU kit, then Shazza picked me up at my house, and we went into Huddersfield to pick up another Special at 6pm and set off for Bishopgarth. The other Special is running a little late due to our rubbish local bus service, so me and Shazza get a bit jumpy - we both HATE being late for anything and are always about 30 minutes early for everything. However, we set off 10 minutes later than planned but are still at Bish 25 minutes early!

7.30: Pick up Doggy bags and have briefing with Sgt.

On arrival we are split into teams - some poor PC dares to split me and Shazza up, so we whine until he puts us in the same team. We were promised by the Target Sgt (Target is a force wide initative to fight crime and the fear of crime, and has it's own elite team of Specials - of which me and Shazza are both members) that we could work together, so our whining is justified! :whistle:

Tonight we will be working in the Wakefield area doing Arrest packages and warrants. We have been begged to do this duty by Target, otherwise we would have gone home after Baton and Cuff and gone to bed, but we are both softies who can't say No, so here we are.

I nearly fall asleep during the briefing I am so tired.

On the plus side - the Doggy Bags are alright - Hummous and Salad sandwich, yoghurt, crisps, flapjack, Jaffa Cakes, Bottle of water, and Meat and Potato Pasty. You can't complain.

8.00: Out in the van with 2 other Specials, a Pc driving and 3 PCSOs.

We have 2 arrest packages and 1 warrant.

We go to the first house and the PC and all the PCSOs get out, we are told to stay where we are. We are a bit put out as we were told that there would be PSCOs working but they would be walking in pairs round the area, but we do as we are told. The arrest package relates to a domestic incident and it turns out the male who is wanted has left the family home and the female doesn't know (or care where he is). I am bored and play Pinball on my mobile. I feel like a bit of a spare part.

8.30: We go to the next house. Again, the PSCOs get out and accompany the Pc. We stay where we are and grumble. This time, the person wanted is in. There is no room in the cage as it's full of shields, so the prisoner has to get in the back seated area with us. Luckily he is alright, and I chat to him about X Factor, as he was watching it with his girlfriend when he was arrested. He is wanted for making threats to kill, but tells me it's all been a misunderstanding and tells me about the incident that led to his arrest and shows me his injuries from a fight he had. What a nice chap.

9.00: We take the prisoner to Wakefield cells. The PCSOs disappear to their office, the Pc takes the prisoner in, and we are left on our own. We manage to get into the Police Station and make a cup of coffee. I knock my coffee over and spend 5 minutes clearing up! We all go back outside and hang about in the yard. We are not happy about how the duty is going, as we haven't actually done anything yet, although I have got a high score on Pinball by now.

9.45: The Pc who was working with us goes home sick, so another steps in. We van up and go somewhere in Wakefield, again with the PCSOs. At some point we swop drivers and the new Pc turns to the back and asks who is MOE trained. Me and Shazza look at each other and say "We are". We are told to get ready, so we have to rummage about in the pitch black for our bags, and then find our helmets and gloves. One of the PCSOs pushes the enforcer towards us, and it's a 15kg one. Both me and Shazza did our training with the lighter 12kg one, so we whisper to each other "****! It's a 15kg one!" "You'll have to do it" "OK, if I get tired, you can finish the job" "Well, do 3 strikes and change"

We decide that I'll start and after 3 strikes, if the door is not open, we'll change and Shazza can take over for 3 strikes, and so on. The Pc tells us the door is half glass and half wood, and should open easily. We psych ourselves up and when we get to the house, all the PSCOs and the 2 Specials run out, with me and Shazza following on behind. When I get to the door, the PSCOs are gathered round it, so I ask them to move back, as if I hit the glass, it'll shatter everywhere, and I have a helmet and PSU gear on, and they don't, and I don't want them to get hurt. The Pc knocks on the door. By now, the adreneline is pumping and I am in position with the enforcer, (which is not as heavy as I was expecting so my muscles must have got a bit stronger). My heart is banging in my chest, as this will be the first time I have put a door in 'in real life'............the door opens and a scruffy looking bloke says "Bloody Hell, the Police are here again!" and lets us in. I stand back, dejected and the PCSOs storm in and start to search the house. Me and Shazza go back to the van, put the enforcer back and take off our helmets. We are thoroughly fed up by now, as well as tired. We shut the van up and go into the house to help with the search. Nothing is found and the house is a tip, scruffy and smelly. The couple are well known for having large amounts of cannabis in the house, but on this occassion, they don't have any. We get back in the van and head back to Wakefield nick.

10.30: Back at Wakefield and we are told that everything has been done. The Pc we are with says it's meal time, and he and the PSCOs disappear again. I am curious to know what we'll be doing from now until 3am, when we are supposed to finish. By now, a few of the other Specials are back too and the rumour is that the Sgt in charge wants us to do foot patrol around the Town Centre. Shazza and me go mental and ask the Pc we were with if it's OK if we finish, as we've been on since 7.30am to get to Leeds for Baton Training, and we were told we would not under any circumstances be doing Foot Patrol. We ask to be taken back up the road to Bishopgarth and say we are off home. Somebody pipes up that Foot Patrol was not mentioned in the briefing, we were told we'd be doing warrants all night, and if they want people round the Town centre, why don't they use the 20+ PCSOs they have, who are working till 2am anyway. This doesn't (understandably) go down very well and there is much tutting, slamming of doors and snide comments from Pcs and the Sgt looks like he is ready to kill somebody, preferably a Special Constable. There is much muttering and moaning from everybody and there is generally a bad feeling in the air. I think there has been a breakdown in communication somewhere and what the Sgt expected us to do hasn't been told to us at any point. Somebody says they will never work in Wakefield again, so obviously people are annoyed.

10.45: On our way home to sunny Huddersfield, a journey that takes 30 mins and is 30 mins of moaning and swearing. By this time I am absolutely knackered, it's been a busy day and I just want my bed. Me and Shazza have a laugh about the MOE situation, as it was funny really I suppose.

11.30: Bed at last. As Arkwright used to say, it's been a funny old day.

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RANK section officer

SERVICE 16 years

LOCATION rhos nr wrexham n.wales

DUTY HRS 6pm til 3am

i am a section officer working a big area lots of villages joining one another also a very large rural section.anyway tonight i have got a new special with me who has never done a late shift before

6pm on duty have a look at email and anything that is happening,greet new special we get kitted up and go out in a marked gp car.

7pm call to backup a domestic got there all is ok resume

7.30pm get my new mate to do his first pnc check..a little nervous but he did ok

8pm follow a few of the local boy racers around do a few spot checks on them just to get the new one talking to the public ..he still feels a bit daft in his uniform

8.30 get called to back up fire service to a shed fire they think it is arson we get there to a hail of flames.the sheds are used to keep wheelie bins in and some kids have got in and set them alight but have done a runner...no description of anything

so fire service put the fire out and we arrange for the council to come out to repair any damage

9.15 stop a few one light cars and have a sniff if we can smell any alcohol...nothing

10pm refs for half an hour....i need my coffee to stay functioning !!!!!

10.40pm back on patrol its gone dead

12 midnight sitting at some traffic lights on red when we here a loud thud at the side of the police car we both think someone has thrown a stone at us so we spin around and have a look....nothing...kids!

12.15 called back to the traffic lights to assist in an arrest...got there another gp is there and the armed response car...jesus whats happening here..it turns out that what we thought were kids throwing stones at our car was in fact a drunk male shooting at us with a pellet gun...someone passing saw him and phoned up if the pellet had hit our windscreen it could of had us

12.45am by now my new one is getting tired so i suggest we finish at one he agrees...i spin the car around in a small lane just of the main road as i did so a subaru goes past at a rip roaring speed as its a 30 zone i decide to try to catch up we could just see him he also had no back lights whatsoever...how do i catch a subaru in a ford focus...my only hope was a set of traffic lights he was heading for as i got near the lights i could see them turn to red and the subarus brake lights come on.....YES just got a the back of him as it turned to green...blues on and pull over..driver gets out and explains that he knows about the back lights..and then i smelt it ..alcohol..have you had a drink sir i ask...yes came the reply..tested him...arrested him...back to station....failed machine test...done

3am back to our section station did all the paperwork the sec5

3.30 home to bed

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Force - Leicestershire

Rank - SC

Area - Ashby de la Zouch

Service - 9 yrs (nearly)

Duty - 16 x 23

Date 28/11/2004

1545 - Arrive at the nick, told to get me sh!t together we'd got to go deal with a serious assault. Great I thought, a bit statement taking.

The assault happened at 0120, the early shift hadn't taken statement, done a handover, interviewed arrested blokes. Lazy b@$tards.

16.20 Arrive a Loughborough nick, only to be told that the officer who should have had all of this done and dusted by now he decided she wants to sit in on the interviews. Yours truly gets elbowed into touch.

1700 - First interview done, i've been hanging round the block chatting to the custody Sergeant - Lazy WPC decides to tell me and my crew mate to hurry up, as she wants to play volley ball. Cheeky $%^&*^.

1800 - Second interview done - By this time I'm p!ssed off, I've been hanging round for two hours and done nothing.

1900 - Finger print and DNA both suspects, the aggrieved has been in the Derby royal infirmary since last night and has had 8 hrs of surgery to reconstruct his face. Nice.

1945 - paperwork, we stay a Loughborough to do this, I bump into a few specials and have a chat.

2130 - Head back to Ashby, I'm fed up as my time has been wasted.

2200 - Arrive back at nick, with a very apologetic crew mate who had, at the begining of the shift, stated I would definitely be coming into the interviews. Go home early and sulking, fed up with this.

Not working for a couple of weeks now, I know they're short staffed, but if they want to waste my time they can realise how much of an asset i can be when I'm not there.

Removed an expletive - Andy

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Force - Cleveland

Rank - SC

Area - Middlesbrough

Service - 1 yr (nearly)

Duty - 1900 x 0100

Date 16/12/2004

1830 - Arrive at the nick, get dressed ready for parading on. Collect Airwave and CS. Check crew list to see which regular I am crewed with. Go to parade room log on PC and check emails.

1900 - Briefing

1930 - Deploy mobile patrol (response) Out less than 10 mins when we receive a call to attend a Domestic. Blues & twos go on. Arrive at premises to deal with domestic argument. Female appears to be high on drugs making accusations that her partner had taken her money which he obviously denies. Advice given male requested to leave premises and stay the night in alternative accommodation. On the way out of the house I step in a big pile of dog pooh which had been skulking on the hallway carpet lying in wait for me...How come I never saw it on the way in.. :lol:

1950 - Receive a call to return to nick alternative tasking. Inspector asks if I wouldn't mind doing a foot patrol in the town centre with the other SC that is on duty, as tonight is the first late shopping night before Xmas and they have already had reports of shoplifters. I agree and after washing off dog pooh, deploy on foot until 2200hrs. The town is very busy with shoppers and the 2 hours go very quickly.

2150 - Return to nick and arrange to meet up with original crew mate and resume mobile patrol.

2230 - Report of a Burglary. Attend to take crime report. Premesis broken into whilst occupant out for the evening. Occupant returns home to find her house broken into. Laptop stolen along with a stack of DVD's. The premises was alarmed but the alarm did not go off until the Occupant returned home... :whistle:

2330 - Break in progress. Zero priority - "full speed ahead" arrive 10 mins later (not bad from the otherside of town! ;) Report of 3 youths making off from premesis) Call for Air support. Area search conducted, 1 x youth detained by other callsign 2 other youths on moped give the supporting callsigns the slip... ;) Return to premesis to take statement and crime report. Get guided tour of posh renevated farm house going to be used for special needs children.

0030 - Return to nick for meal break. Complete DV report and stop check forms. Hand in radio and CS run for home.

0200 - :););) :D ;)

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Force - Staffordshire

Rank - SC

Area - Newcastle-under-Lyme

Service - 1 year and couple of months

Duty - 1900 - 0300

Date - Saturday 12/04

1830- Arrive at station get kit from locker, see that bar has fallen down all kit that was hanging up now all over the place :whistle: . Get radio and book on duty.

1900- Colleague arrives books on, I want to torch paperwork sitting in tray.

1930- SGT sends out to Chesterton Intel stating there might be a fight between two gangs of kids. Nothing happens :lol: .

2050- Go to address to deliver court warning no answer on knocking leave note.

2110- return to Chesterton resume patrol.

2130- Back at nick for brew.

2150- Immediate Response Break in Progress, about 1000 metres away TA everything appears in order speak to female sitting nearby, turns out she might be a spotter for a dealer luckily colleague gets details while I attempt to climb gate to check rear of premises.

2220- Priority, Assault on female. again only 500 metres from where we are TA other patrol speaks to IP we stop offender. Lock offender up for assault, turns out he hit her with a toffee hammer. Whilst in custody IP gives two different names and then runs away from patrols.

2300- Out of custody do relevant paperwork.

2340- Back out on patrol about to go to area we where suppose to be patrolling when assistance call comes over air, same road as previous break call came in for. Again only about 1000 metres away. Offender fleeing from police see male running with one bobby running across dual carriageway and dog handler running after offender. Drive along side stop colleague jumps out and tries to restrain male with no success, myself and dog handler restrain him other bobby arrives and locks him up for assault and section 4. In custody for two hours.

0150- High St get statements interrupted halfway through assistance call. Run to vehicle and drive back to the same road again only 50 metres this time. Search for possibly offenders of an serious assault no luck. Find two males in alley one extremely well known to us other never seen before. Dog Handler uses his powers of persuasion to shut well known male up as being a total W*****.

0245- Make it finally to area we where supposed to patrol for 10 mins.

0250- Back at nick to do statements. Colleague runs off as soon as he can.

0425- finish only a hour and twenty five minutes late.

0430- Book of duty, put radio back. Place kit in locker fix bar, falls down again, kick locker in sheer frustration helmet on top falls of and hits me on the head. Give up go home and sleep.

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Force - Humberside

Rank - SC

Area - East Yorkshire

Service - Zero ! - My first duty.

Duty - 1800-0200

Date - 30/12/04

1800 - Arrive at the station and meet the SO. Spend a while looking around for a pool Airwave terminal as my personal issue one hasn't arrived. Give up. Decide to raid various cupboards and get stocked up on paperwork. Get tour of station.

1840 - Head off with SO in unmarked car to divisional HQ to collect CS. Wait ages while chap on front desk finishes his phone calls, then wait until custody Sgt. has finished dealing with prisoner. Get CS and head back to my LPT.

2015 - Another Special arrives and we head off in the unmarked car to pick up a marked vehicle from a neighbouring station. Commence mobile patrol.

Speak to some youths in a neighbouring town, who are hanging around a bus stop. One is drinking but throws it in the bin as we approach.

We go to a few lay-bys that are known for dogging - surprisingly enough there are a load of cars parked up, which suddenly drive off when they see the police car.

Speak to petrol station staff who advises us that there has been a suspicious vehicle near to the adjacent garden centre. He has a partial index and direction of travel but that's it. Do quick area search and find nothing - all is well.

A very quiet night. Everyone must have been saving themselves for New Year's Eve night.

0110 - Park outside a shop that keeps being ram-raided. Stay here for about 30 mins. (I later find out that it has been ram-raided again, about 2 hrs after we left.)

0140 - On the way back to the nick, I do a PNC on a vehicle in front that has no bumper. We stop the car and speak to the driver, who admits no insurance and no tax. The car has not yet been registered in his name. His details are a bit suss and it turns out they are false.

0217 - Go home - an hour's drive. By the time I let the dog out and had a drink, I got to bed at 0345 hrs.

An uneventful first shift but at least I got to know my way round and how to fill in a PNB !

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Special Constable

length of service; 2 months

Your location; Fife

Your planned duty hours 17:00 - 00:00


Call at home from local police station with the words—There’s been a murder ( a la Taggart fashion!) can you come out?


Sign out CS spray, kit on, find a battery for the radio, check a statement.


Attend briefing with rest of shift; 3 Locus protections, 1 outstanding murder suspect (2 already in custody), 1 Misper (missing person), 3 house break-ins, various other calls to do.

Tasked to assist a female PC in Golf 12 (car two which is the 2nd response vehicle)


Attend a reported call to persons acting suspiciously at local primary school.


Take statement regarding a young woman reported as missing.

Undertake preliminary investigations into her possible whereabouts.


Visit a pensioner whose house had been broken into and ransacked that day. Take statements from two persons and get scenes of crimes investigators to attend.


Meal break


Locus protection. Standing out in the falling snow in a dark and muddy back garden - Ah the glamour of the job!


Back on mobile patrol with a new partner in Golf 14. Vehicle checks and general mobile patrol, touring around giving a visible presence in all the local towns in our area.


Call to assist Paramedics at an attempted suicide. Full ‘blues and twos’ getting to the locus on icy and un-gritted roads - the constipation has cleared up now.


Back-up Golf 11 on a 999 shout to a violent drunk who is kicking a car. Suspect detained and conveyed to police station where I need to help take out 3 body piercings (mmh lovely) fingerprinting, DNA samples, search and put in cell.


Now the paperwork– luckily only a small amount compared with the regulars.


Head home very sleepy

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Duty for a few days ago ... the most variation so I thought it worthwhile posting on here. :D

Force: MPS

Rank: Special Constable

Service:2 Years

Planned Duty:17.00 - 03.00

1615-1630 Get home from my full-time job and have a quick shower and get down to the station.

1645Arrive at station (not too much traffic today... thats a result) and I get kit, uniform etc.

1700Briefing - I am partnered with an old mate of mine who is a reg. We are given an IRV - not bad as we'll be doing both S response calls and I response.

1720First incident of the day - a report of a shoplifter. Upon arrival, security have detained the offender who does not appear to be attempting escape, and was apparantly seen putting a can of coke and a mars bar in his bag. Search for Stolen Goods finds nothing. CCTV not covering that area. Suspect denies it. No evidence - NFA; although I suspect he did do it.

1740 -Back on mobile patrol.

1745- Go to follow up claims of a group of youths hanging around suspiciously in a quiet cul-de-sac. Upon arrival, no youths present, no obvious offences committed.

1800 Abandoned 999 call - About 3 minutes away. Child heard screaming down the phone then line went dead. Engaged when operator returned call. Full Blues and Two's to the scene. Other units also attendning. We arrive and a man answers the door. We explain the situation and ask to come in. We cancel back up at this point. The child is sitting next to mother on sofa watching tweenies :grin:. The gentlemen is extremely apologetic and explains that the son had a tantrum after not being allowed to speak to grandma on the telephone, and obviously 'tried to ring her back.' We advise on how to prevent this happening again, and satisfied that there's nothing wrong we leave. I should add that the no answer when the call was returned was due to the child leaving the phone of the hook.

1840 Back on patrol, paying careful attention to areas as requested looking for stolen vehicles and Anti-Social Behaviour.

App. 1900Arrest - 5 youths hanging around outside a house (therefore residential area). Appear to be drinking alcohol. We approach and question on what they are doing etc. They are quite evasive and simply say 'waiting.' When we ask what they are waiting for, one replies : "None of your f******g business." Clearly he is drunk. He is warned that he will be arrested if he doesn't calm down immediately. We say that unfortunately, they will have to move on as they can't continue drinking the alcohol in the street. This is when the same man becomes agressive and kicks my colleague hard. I arrest him for assaulting a police officer and being drunk & disorderly. The other 'drinkers' leave and the arrested person is cuffed and put in the back of the car while we wait for a van to transport him (takes 20 mins :whistle:). When we arrive at the station, he is booked in but the sergeant drops the charge for assaulting police :D and continues on D&D only.


2230Finally, we get out of the station, and back on patrol again. Vehicle which was clearly speeding comes travelling towards us, and we can see the sudden braking of the driver when he sees the car. We turn round and have to accelerate to catch up with him. He is pulled over and we do checks on him and the vehicle. My colleague inspects the car while I talk to the driver about his speed and dangerous driving. We discover that one brake light is in fact not working. We advise him and ask him to come to the station within x days etc...

2315 Urgent Assistance Call received from another unit who on one of our council estates. We attend with blues and twos and upon arrival we join 3 other units who are already on scene. We see that there are at least 25 males fighting throwing bricks, bottles etc. at each other. Control are informed that we will be needing a carrier with officers dispatched immediately. The carrier arrives within 15 minutes and we intervene. (Riot Gear obviously.) At this point, most of the people disperse and we are left with just 2 or 3 males fighting each other. Other officers make arrests on those people. Pleasing for me - no arrests and I've still got a full can of CS.

0100Attend to a house where a woman has made a 999 call saying her ex-boyfriend is trying to break into her house. I CALL response. Blues and twos and we arrive and restrain the male who is very violent, and drunk. He is arrest for BoB (Breach of Bail.) He was previously arrested for criminal damage to her car and house. We take him to station and sergeant gladly puts it through this time. Placed in cell.

0245 No point going back out now, unless a major incident or urgent assistance call comes through. Catch up on any outstanding paperwork, go on the PC and onto PS.COM ;) and reflect on the shifts events with my reg partner who said it was a good shift.

0300 :lol: I'm actually getting off duty on time for once. Miracle.


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Probably the most interesting shift I have done for a few months.

Force: Northamptonshire

Rank: Special Constable

Service:1 Year

Planned Duty:18.00 - 03.00

18.00 - On duty at Station

18.15 - In a General Duties Vehicle crewed with another Special who has about 2.5 years service.

19.00 - Called to an abandoned Pub to investigate reports of people on the premises. Building had been broken into but no-one was present.

19.45 - Silent 999 call, attended address, Young child had been playing with the phone. Advice given.

22.30 - Refreshment break

23.00 - Stopped vehicle near to town centre, The occupants had been verbally abusing passers by. Section 5 warning given and Dispersal order invoked banning them from the town centre for 24 hours.

23.50 - A man was reporting that his daughter had been abducted while he was talking to her and dragged down an alleyway. Area searched no one found another mobile found her in town a while later she had apparently had an arguement with dad and had gone home. He was drunk and his mind played tricks on him.

00.10 - Arguement in the street. Both parties pointed in different directions and asked to go on their way.

01.50 - Possible D.I.C stopped vehicle for speeding and the driver was holding a can of beer. Called a traffic mobile with a breath kit and They took a sample of breath. The driver was just over the limit and was arrested by my colleague. When he arrived at the custody block he had dropped back below the limit and was realeased with a stern warning.

02.30 - Another arguement in the street. Same result as the previous one.

03.00 - In the station completing paperwork

03.30 - Off home :whistle:

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