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Policy for under 16's

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The Police Specials (PS) Forum is intended for use by persons aged 16 years and above. Persons under that age may participate, subject to the conditions set out below.


By using this forum, you are assumed to have read and agreed to these conditions. If you are under age, and do not agree to these conditions, you must cease using the forum immediately.

On registering, a user who is under age must contact the Police Specials Team to confirm their age.

The user agrees that they will immediately make a parent or guardian aware that they have registered with PS, and a parent or guardian should confirm to the Police Specials Team that they are content for the user to participate. This confirmation must include a contact name and telephone number for the parent or guardian. The contact information will not typically be used unless we are uncomfortable with the details provided.

The user may not display any private e-mail address, website or any social media identity on PS.

The forum's Personal Messenger ("PM") and email features will be disabled for under-aged users.

The user is not permitted to have any "offline" contact with any other forum user through PS. Any attempt or invitation to engage in such activity must be reported to the Police Specials Team immediately.

Anyone found acting contrary to the above will be suspended from the forum indefinitely.

The PS Team should be contacted by raising a support ticket - please do not post in an open forum!


If anyone has any questions or concerns about this policy, please feel free to PM/email a member of the Police Specials Team.

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