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  1. I came across these videos on Youtube last night; they were part of a campaign by the Scottish Police Fed. a few years ago - some of you might even remember it. I've been thinking it through and I can't come up with an obvious answer (apart from the third one - pee/poo myself, hit the red button, spray, baton, pray...) 1. Car Crash, injured person, fuel leaking You arrive at the scene of an RTC. Vehicle is on its side, smoke/steam coming from the engine, and a 'liquid' leaking from the back. 1 injured person inside the car, bleeding from the head; you call it in to ask for help from ambulane/fire, try to reassure the man and see the large puddle of liquid that the car is in (probably fuel?) 2. Fight while protecting an arrestee You and a partner handcuff and arrest a man <Fred> for <apparently, assaulting a woman, Velma>. As you're standing outside with the detainee, a woman <Daphne> runs around the corner and pleads for help - her boyfriend is being assaulted around the corner. Your partner, seeing you have control of Fred, calls it in and asks Daphne to show him the way; you're left outside the pub. At this point, a friend of Velma's <we'll call her Scooby> starts trying to attack Fred, forcing you to get in between them. Your partner then radios urgently asking for help - he's apparently taking a kicking. 3. Partner stabbed, faced with man with a knife You enter a house after being called to a domestic, there's loud music blaring and you can't get the man's attention from behind him. After you turn back from turning the music down, you see your partner stabbed in the throat and the man standing opposite you with a knife. Obviously there are some...interesting...opinions on the Youtube comments. I think these are meant to be set up as Catch-22, damned-if-you-do... situations, but I was hoping that there might be opinions on how people would (hope to) handle these situations? Mod - apologies if this shows up as a double post.