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  1. Competencies

    I'm having a bit of a nightmare with competencies and could do with some help. I have the sheet issued by the CoP with the 6 Core Competency headings, then under each one there is about a paragraph of questions/statements. I'll call these the sub-competencies. Personally I have bundles of life experience, Armed Forces, volunteering, charity work, own company etc. Yet I am really struggling to get good quality competency examples. It isn't that I haven't done anything with my life, I'm just struggling with some sort of mental block on how to interpret what they want, I think mainly because nobody talks in the gobbledygook that they do in the sub-competencies. Does anyone have any suggestions or tips that will suddenly make it all make sense, or give me that lightbulb moment. The other thing is, does anybody know how they mark or score a competency example? For example, I do have one scenario now for all the competencies, yet I can't make any of my scenarios hit every single one of the sub-competencies. In fact I don't understand how most people do, unless they bend the truth. So say there is 5 or 6 sub-questions in each competency, if I hit 3 or 4 of them really well can I still 'pass' that competency, or will I fail it unless I address and hit every single point that they mention in the gobbledygook? HELP!
  2. Volunteer policing outside of UK

    Met Police Posse has a good ring to it eh?
  3. How on earth is a prisoner drunk?
  4. A couple of basic questions if i may?

    Thanks. You are correct, it does seem that BTP have a strict no FPN rule on potential applicants. That's a shame. I have directed my question directly to Cheshire Constabulary HR now as if the same rules apply to them i can put this dream to bed now.
  5. I'm planning to apply to either Cheshire Constabulary or BTP later this year as a Special Constable. BTP are holding Recruitment Seminar in April that is an evening event aimed at giving potential candidates an opportunity to ask questions etc. Has anybody been to one of these events, either with BTP, Cheshire Constabulary, or another force? I'm trying to find out what people usually wear to this type of event. Whilst I'm sure there will be people there remembering faces etc, i hope that anybody attending is not actually assessed and therefore the evening will not be too formal. You might think that's a stupid question, but I've changed size and shape since i last wore a suit about 10 years ago, and I'd prefer not to have to for out £100 on a suit for 2 hrs to then find out I'm not going to apply and therefore never need the suit again. Also, i realise sometimes it's important to blend in and not stand out. I'd prefer not to be the only who turns up in a suit, or indeed the only person who doesnt! Second question. In 2009 i received a £80 Fixed Penalty Notice for 'USING DISORDERLY BEHAVIOUR LIKELY TO CAUSE DISTRESS'. Whilst i appreciate it is what it says on the tin, I'd just like to point out on here that i was a SGT in the Armed Forces and one of my junior soldiers had been ejected from a nightclub. I went with him as he was kicking off and i planned to calm him down and put him in a taxi. I had my 'hands full' with him and a bobby on Nightime Economy Patrol took great pleasure in giving us BOTH a FPN. At the time i was quite aggrieved, but my commanding officer laughed it off the next day and that was the last time i ever thought about it until i decided to apply to be a Special. Is this FPN likely to cause me a blanket rejection. If so, would that be at initial application stage, or at vetting? Or is it not as obvious as that and could be force dependant? So to clarify, what do i wear to a Recruitment Seminar, and can i be a Special with an £80 FPN?
  6. 2 Questions: 1) Does anybody know how regularly Cheshire Constabulary recruit for Special Constables? 2) Is anybody aware what the training programme is like in terms of days, weekends, residential etc? I've had my heart set on becoming a Special Constable with BTP, but recently found out all basic training is conducted during the week on 4 separatre residential modules this July in LONDON. Personally I find this ridiculous as for most people this would mean using up their whole holiday entitlement in one go. I run my own business and whilst this means I can be flexible and offer a lot of spare time should I successfully make it as a Special, I cannot afford to take 4 whole weeks out of work. To cap it off, those 4 weeks would need to be in London, as I assume would all interviews and assessments, which for me is not practical and bizarre as I'd be applying for a posting to Crewe in Cheshire. To this end I've started looking at my local force, Cheshire. They currently have an open recruitment campaign albeit only for another 2 weeks. However I can't find anything online saying how the basic training is set out and when it is likely to be for this intake. They have a seminar on tomorrow (Saturday) that I am unable to get to sadly, as this would give me the answers I am looking for. On the advert it says that whilst they will accept applications from individuals who don't attend the seminar, they do recommend attendance prior to applying. At this time i don't feel 100% prepared to apply, take assessments etc, but if they only recruit one intake per year I might be tempted to apply anyway and 'chance it' as I don't really want to wait until next year. Should I ultimately be unsuccessful it would be nothing lost and good preparation for another go next year. If however there is likely to be another recruitment campaign later this year then I would wait and apply then and spend my time between now and then preparing fully. Anybody got any useful advice? To be honest I'm still gutted to find out it looks completely impractical for me to join BTP.
  7. Does anybody know the score with driving responsibilities for BTP Specials?
  8. Hello all, new member here looking for some information. I'm thinking of applying to the BTP Special Constabulary for vacancies they are advertising at Crewe. I have an understanding on the role of a Special Constable from being a Police Cadet and from family friends who have served as regular officers, however my knowledge of the BTP is basic. I've looked at all the open source material I can find via YouTube, Google and the British Transport Police website, but I realise that a lot of this will have been 'glammed up' for the cameras/media. I'm looking for the reality, or any snippets that will help me decide if this is the right path for me, or whether I should go to Cheshire Police who are my local force. Sadly BTP don't seem to do any recruitment seminars where you can go with a list of individual questions like some forces do. I won't try and ask all of them here in one go, but I will try for some general information if I may? I'm looking at Crewe for 2 reasons. Firstly it is the most local station to me, but secondly Crewe is a major hub on the rail network and I thought this might increase the potential for job diversity. Are there any members on here who are serving with BTP either as a Special or a regular officer? Do you get a get a good enough range of 'jobs' to keep things interesting, or is the reality that 90% of time is going to be spent on static duties by a ticket barrier, which to be honest is the only exposure I've had of BTP officers outside of London? If anyone is brave enough to show their hand then be warned I might have quite a few other questions!