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  1. Volunteer policing outside of UK

    Met Police Posse has a good ring to it eh?
  2. How on earth is a prisoner drunk?
  3. Does anybody know the score with driving responsibilities for BTP Specials?
  4. Hello all, new member here looking for some information. I'm thinking of applying to the BTP Special Constabulary for vacancies they are advertising at Crewe. I have an understanding on the role of a Special Constable from being a Police Cadet and from family friends who have served as regular officers, however my knowledge of the BTP is basic. I've looked at all the open source material I can find via YouTube, Google and the British Transport Police website, but I realise that a lot of this will have been 'glammed up' for the cameras/media. I'm looking for the reality, or any snippets that will help me decide if this is the right path for me, or whether I should go to Cheshire Police who are my local force. Sadly BTP don't seem to do any recruitment seminars where you can go with a list of individual questions like some forces do. I won't try and ask all of them here in one go, but I will try for some general information if I may? I'm looking at Crewe for 2 reasons. Firstly it is the most local station to me, but secondly Crewe is a major hub on the rail network and I thought this might increase the potential for job diversity. Are there any members on here who are serving with BTP either as a Special or a regular officer? Do you get a get a good enough range of 'jobs' to keep things interesting, or is the reality that 90% of time is going to be spent on static duties by a ticket barrier, which to be honest is the only exposure I've had of BTP officers outside of London? If anyone is brave enough to show their hand then be warned I might have quite a few other questions!